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  1. I was born Toulon, and have relatives in France, and they have been raving about ces boulangeries and begging us to visit again soon. We have plans for the fall, so we are continuing our research. Many thanks for this article and for the wonderful and informative responses!
  2. I was diagnosed in 2016 with Coeliac Disease, and I know well the frustrations of eating away from home. Even going to the spa was a challenge, as they often offer snacks and drinks whilst having services such as manicures. Sadly, I found that gluten is in many cosmetic items too - and I am sensitive...
  3. There are some vitamin supplements that contain gluten - for example, what was once my favourite multi-vitamin (One-a-Day VitaCraves Gummies with Omega-3 and DHA). Fortunately, they state - right on the back label - "contains wheat." I think the lesson is: always check the label on everything...
  4. I'm going to try chunking up some rice cakes to make a great recipe I found for chocolate-peppermint treats. I thought of that on my own, but it just didn't sound right, but the idea of using the food processor to make them the right size sounds hopeful. Even though this thread is six years old,...
  5. Hi! I feel so happy to find these postings about pumpkin...it's getting such lovely fall weather and I would hate to miss having some pumpkin pudding, pie, or bread. This is my first autumn as a diagnosed Coeliac, and so it's all a bit new to me...but I am undaunted! I will experiment with some recipes...
  6. Hi, WinterSong. What a lovely screen name! I don't know if what I have to share will be at all useful to you, but I often get areas of what is known as seborrheic dermatitis on my face and neck. They are common in front of my ears and around the chin - as well as in the folds near the nose and...
  7. My doctor required me to continue eating gluten before the endoscopy for biopsy. She did say I could let up "a little" to ease some of the terrible pain I was having, but wanted me to eat gluten-containing foods every day until the biopsy. As it turned out, they were able to get me in quickly, so...