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  1. I was diagnosed celiac just over a year ago and have been gluten free ever since. Recent follow up endoscopy showed significant healing of my gut. I've had virtually no GI symptoms (but that also wasn't my biggest symptom when diagnosed). The one thing that has gotten worse is my fatigue. I...
  2. I am in the same boat--just wondered if original poster was able to find an answer here.
  3. Our 3 year old is in the same boat. Trying to decide if endoscopy is necessary. Waiting for call back from GI doc. Hope your daughter is doing better!
  4. I am doing the same thing for November. I am not sure what still triggers some symptoms for me, but I am starting to think tomatoes are a big culprit. Let's encourage each other.
  5. Thank you so much for responding. I am in tears today because I was just starting to notice some subtle differences and feeling better. Today, not so much. I guess it will be two steps forward, two steps back but I am committed to getting well. It's hard to explain this to others. Thanks so much...
  6. I woke up this morning feeling terrible after a week of progressively feeling better off gluten (I was diagnosed via endoscopy last Friday). Last night, against my better judgment, I ate out at a restaurant where I specifically mentioned I had celiac and needed to eat gluten free. The staff pointed...