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  1. I found the Schar brand pizza crust. It’s not bad at all. A lot of other crusts I’ve tried are dry and crunch like I’m eating a cracker. This has a bread feel and it’s egg free. My kids love it. I think it’s about $7 for 2 decent s...
  2. Hands down Schar bread and pizza crust too! We are all also allergic to eggs so the Schar is the best
  3. Aveeno is made with oatmeal, oatmeal can contain gluten because of processing.
  4. So when my babies had the terrible, horrible, nothing helps diaper rash I learned that just plain corn starch is the way to go. Go to the baking part of the store and buy the regular corn starch for $2. My oldest had it so bad he would...
  5. I am so sorry, this part sucks a lot but it does get better. When I found out i couldn't eat the way I was used to, it was horrible. I went through a period of grieving but it did get better. You'll find foods that you may like better and...