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  1. Hi Guys Just a wee Update. Got The blood tests on Wednesday, Went very well didnt faint haha Just waiting till Tuesday for results. My medication the doctor gave me has helped me alot with symptoms. I have been told im severally Anxious.. Last night had Diarrhea but bloody mucas but Im almost certain the bloody mucas was from pushing too hard.. I have decided if I get Bloody Mucas in stool again, I will go straight to the doctors. Im going there later to pick up a prescription so I will tell them about Last Night .. Thank you all so much for your amazing support Have a Nice Day Peace, Love Micheal x
  2. I have to get blood tests done next wednesday. My auntie has told me the same as the doctor that if it was something that would kill me.. I would have already been dead. I feel your right about the stress, I have began trying to relax alot more and already I feel alot better.
  3. So You had symptoms in your teens and got it diagnosed in your 40s?? So is that a good sign that Im not dying? lol
  4. Hi, I am 19 years old and have been experiencing symptoms from I was 12 or 13.. It all Started with a clear like Mucas, then after a while I started noticing that My stool would Become different, I have not had blood in my stool as far as I know but I do tend to get mucas mixed with my stool somethimes. I lived with these symptoms without going to the doctor as I thought it might be apart of pubirty. Then When I was 17 I took the very wrong decision to type my symptoms into google and the first thing that popped up was Bowel Cancer. I automatically panicked and organized an appointment with my doctor. He asked me a few questions and done a recital examination, He then told me he believed it might be IBD but give me no real information other than I would need blood tests and multiple tests at the hospital. I went for my bloods the next day and a week later found out everything was normal bar my liver which was just below normal but the nurse said it was common for my age (17 at the time) to have a low liver. I was finally called to the hospital to get more tests done, Including More blood tests and the doctor felt my stomach and assured me I wasnt dying. I was later called for the camera to be put up But I refused and decided to live without medication. For the last two years I was treating my Symptoms like they where IBS, Noticing that certain foods upset me and others didn't. Recently I woke up and went to the toilet and green diarrhoea with blood on the tissue paper (Caused from an anal prolapse from pushing to hard). I went straight to the doctors as I thought I might have left it too late. After talking to my doctor she was Shocked that I have been living with suspected IBD without medication and told me that 7 years of Crohns Without medication would leave me a lot worse than what I was, she said I would have had A lot more Symptoms and would have been extremely ill. She now Suspects it might be IBS after all instead of the initial IBD a different doctor had told me I had Two years prior. She also suspects it might be Celiac. I am going for blood tests next week which I am so scared of because I am afraid I have left it too late. I have began eating Gluten Free things and Drinking Almond Milk instead of regular Milk and I am now trying a new diet for the week. Has anyone else had an experience like mine. and is 7 years too late. Im not Underweight but I am at the Low end of Normal. 10 Stone. Im not pale as far as I know haha. Thanks
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