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  1. Hello everyone I have a question about alcohol. I have a bachelorette coming up in two weeks and though I'm not much of a drinker I'd like to indulge in a few. I never liked beer so I'm safe there, but I'm also not a wine person either. I'm wondering what types of drinks I could order in the bar...
  2. Thanks for the comment about the chai. I had one the other day and felt sick but maybe there was some kind of cc. Glad to to know I should be okay to try them again. I've read the ingrediants a bunch of time but always wonder if im missing something
  3. Thanks for the reply. I've done a full cut over the last week and plan to continue. I will give it a try down the line to see how it makes me feel and make the decision then however I'm convinced it's already working. I've had psoriasis for years with no clear up despite the topicals and yet in one...
  4. Hello. I know this post is many years old- i checked the date, but wanted to chime in and maybe get it rolling again. I'm only one week in but OMG sugar I need it all day every day; I haven't had cravings like this before. I keep a stash of gluten-free cookies in my drawer at work. I don't know if...
  5. Hello All, I've been following this site for the past week as I have recently stopped eating all gluten as I'm confused it's the root of my problems. A celiac test was done but I was cleared, so I decided to do the elimination diet. I've been off for one week and honestly have already noticed...