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  1. I am not sure but it does look like u are on the right track. At least those numbers are not increasing?
  2. For me, TTG IgA went down fast. But Anti Gliadin slower. Keep at it on the diet. I am starting to see some improvements in my muscular pains only after a few months.
  3. Ok just went for another round of testing. Gliadin igA finally at all time lowest. So it went from 55--50---47---70-----40. Is at a 40 now.70 is an anomaly? Anti ttg igA---42---20---36----20---17---14. 36 also an anomaly? this recent test includes dgp... iga...
  4. ANTI-ENDOMYSIAL is positive? Hmm why would the doctor stop there and not refer you to a gastro? He/She should...
  5. oh ok. Then u need to press on and have the correct celiac bloodwork done. And if positive start the gluten-free diet as soon as possible. good luck!
  6. Not sure if this post is alive. You had chicken rice and it was non gluten-free? You had the plain chicken or roasted chicken. Roasted chicken normally has soy sauce. The rice, normally doesnt.
  7. Yea this is weird but real. Now just a little bit of gluten, unintentional one can elevate the antigliadin levels, whereas anti TTG igA remains low.Is really confusing sometimes. I think TTG correlates with level of intestinal damage? Antigliadin...is very sensitve...and alot countries dont offer...
  8. Yes i just find the final 70 value for the antigliadin to be weird because it is even higher than the initial value when i was eating like noodle and bread everyday before the first testing. So even if i have some cross contamination, it shouldnt be higher than original value? And then...
  9. Yes my doctor just say maybe still hve some gluten in diet. My TTG igA went 42--20--36--20--17. The rise to 36 midway was weird. But maybe I was testing them too closely spaced.Below 20 is negative The gliadin is the old gliadin test, not the demidated one. It went 55-50-...
  10. Hi, See if any experts here can help. My test result in May 2016 was Total igA normal anti ttg igA 42 (20 is cutoff) anti gliadin igA 55 (20 cutoff) I didnt choose to have a biopsy so I just went gluten-free I took repeated test about 50 days apart and the anti...
  11. So how are you feeling right now? What symptoms were you having before all this? Hope u are getting better
  12. do u have stomachache? do u get the runs? Mine is also half half sometimes still. Other than that, no other symptoms for gastro. chronic fatigue cleared in one month. though i still struggle w muscle aches. in any case, sibo will improve along w the gluten-free diet.
  13. I took 2 months for my gastro conditions to go normal. i used to have loose stools 4 days out of 7 in a week. After gluten-free, the frequency decreases. Now my stools look normal and seldom I have diarrhea. That is 2 months on. I think it takes time. work with your doctor...
  14. So what number did it start with initially for your ttg iga. Mine is 42 to start with, went down to 20 in a month then not sure up to 36, then 20, and after 4 months a 17, which is negative according to me lab (20 above is positive)