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  1. Thanks for that. Will get her tested for deficiencies. I did take her to a naturopath and get her on a bunch of vitamins, but she never was tested via bloods, so will get on to that, thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply. I will get her retested. She hasn't had any gluten for a year and is very good at not eating it, but had some cake that night. It's so hard because the Dr who did the biopsy said there wasn't any damage so she can't be classed as Coeliacs. She had ten samples taken, but...
  3. Thank you for your informative reply. Yes I think you are right in that she is still getting dome cross contamination exposure through chopping boards, condiments etc. I will get her bloods redone to see if her levels have dropped and do a gluten challenge again. We all are on a whole foods diet...
  4. Hi wondering if someone could help. my daughter has mildly raised TTG levels and the gliadine levels, she has one Coeliacs gene, but her biopsy came back negative. We have kept her off gluten (and low dairy) for nearly a year to see if her symptoms improved. They haven't. But I don't know if...
  5. Thanks. Am going to get a copy of her biopsy results on Monday, and go to the GP and discuss any further testing required.
  6. So my daughter's biopsy came back negative. Which is great. However, I'm now wondering does that mean something else is wrong causing her to have elevated markers. I know that biopsy's aren't always correct due to them not being able to test all the intestine (they took 6 samples), however, I guess...
  7. Hi just got my daughters gene test results back from the nurse but not sure what it means. She said 1 part of the HLA tested positive (I'm not sure which part - will request a copy of the results tomorrow). Her other readings are below. Dr is going to refer to pediatrics to see if she should get...
  8. Oh and look into GAPs diet. So awesome for gut healing. You can get the book and do it yourself or find a gaps practitioner
  9. Wow you've been through a lot. So great you've found a reason though. A woman I know was 45 before she was diagnosed so yes it is possible. Such a freaky disease
  10. Hi my daughter had had two blood tests showing positive results and my Dr referred her to get a biopsy. However the pediatrics now want her to get a gene test. Is this normal procedure? It seemed her bloods were pretty conclusive that she had it. Thoughts much appreciated.
  11. She had blood tests and are waiting on a biopsy. These were her test results - so I'm guessing they are anti-body tests?: Gliadin peptide - 17.2 tTG IgA AB - 15.4 IGA - 0.7 Endomysial antidoies - positive.
  12. My daughter has just been diagnosed and her symptoms are relatively minor, in that she doesn’t get major stomach pains etc (just sometimes feels a bit yucky and the odd throw up once very few months), but her main symptoms are she can get constipated and also has low weight and height gain. ...
  13. Hiya, my daughter has just had a month on gluten and had her 2nd test results, so would love to get your advice on whether you think she actually has celiacs. Her doctor said she is convinced she does, so we have now been referred to a paediatrician to get a biopsy. So if any of you clever people...
  14. Hi, have seen some stuff about gene testing for celiacs online - is this something worth doing, and can anyone suggest a reputable company to go through (and takes samples from overseas - we're in New Zealand). thanks, Melissa