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  1. Well everyone is different, so everyone has different reactions and in different levels of severity. I can tell you how the elimination challenge worked for me, and confirmed my suspicion of a gluten sensitivity: I did the challenge for three weeks, officially. Now my primary problem is major horrible skin-- my dermatologist said it was eczema, but I've never seen eczema look like this-- anyway, I had gone one full week avoiding wheat and gluten. I offered some pretzels to my grand nephew, and without thinking, I popped one in my own mouth. I said "oops" to myself, but since it was so small and I really didn't expect to get a conclusive result anyway, I promptly forgot about it. The next day I suddenly broke out in hives all over, even on top of the lesions I already had! I went crazy trying to figure out what I had eaten to cause such a severe reaction. Remember, I had forgotten about the pretzel, lol. In addition, I was taking an antibiotic for cellulitis at that time, and despite assurances that it was gluten free, I discontinued taking it, just in case I was allergic to the antibiotic. So I continued the elimination for two more weeks, and on the day of the challenge I ate a bowl of spaghetti. Within six hours I was once again covered in hives, and extremely miserable. At the time, this challenge was only to rule out a wheat allergy-- and given the hives, I may indeed be allergic to wheat specifically. But later I noticed that even consuming barley, though I don't break out, I get "itchy and twitchy." Constantly scratching in random places and can't sit still. It took awhile, but I finally realized I was also reacting to barley as well as wheat. So now I've committed myself to going entirely gluten free. It's just not worth the trouble. Even my family is behind me-- they are tired of watching me itch and scratch constantly, and they go to heroic measures to prevent me from eating gluten, bless their hearts! I guess I'm "lucky" to have an obvious symptom like horrible skin, instead of something more vague, like feeling tired. Just a feeling of general malaise is a lot more difficult to pin down. Good luck with your challenge, I hope you get some answers!
  2. That was a lot of bread/carbs in one day. Do you normally eat that much bread/pasta/carbs in one day? I have chronic loose stools, but if I carbo-load like that I will firm up quite a bit. And the excessive sugars in the carbs will make feel icky and off balance. Or maybe you were just having a little tummy bug at the same time? What I would do is go off gluten again for two more weeks, then try again, but in a much smaller portion-- a cereal bar, perhaps. And then see.
  3. AWOL and anyone else who grows fresh herbs, you can preserve your crop to use over the winter. When you harvest your herbs, rinse the off, pat them dry with a paper towel, then tie them in small bundles and hang them to dry for a few days. If you don't have room to hang dry, or if the plant stalks are such that don't tie well, spread them on paper plates or newspaper, parchment, butcher paper, etc.,and cover with paper towel, leave on a bookcase or other shelf, anywhere you can fit for about three days. Each day check your herbs, turn them over so they can dry evenly. Once try, you can crush them and put them into their own little spice jars. Glass is best, but plastic will do if that's all you have. If you want them more finely ground, you can grind them up in a small handheld coffee spice grinder. You can also freeze your fresh herbs in ice cube trays or small freezer containers, with water or broth.
  4. Wow. The more I read other people's stories, the more convinced I become that I've had celiac disease-- in the very earliest stages-- since 2003, and just "slipped through the crack" despite extensive testing to rule out anything and everything. About the only test I did NOT have at that time was an endoscopy. :/
  5. Hi all, this is mostly a research/curiosity question. In my perusal of this forum, I've seen several people mention having a colonoscopy in conjunction with celiac testing, and this got me curious. Do those of you with either celiac disease or non celiac gluten sensitivity tend to have a higher occurrence of colon polyps? Is there anyone under 50 years of age with gluten issues and colon polyps? And if so, has living gluten free helped to decrease the number of polyps found in subsequent scopes?
  6. I realize this is an old thread, but this tidbit of info might help someone: one cup of all purpose wheat flour is equal to 140 grams (yep, a kitchen scale is very helpful in gluten free baking) of all purpose gluten free flour. So if I'm using a recipe specified for gluten free, I go by whatever it says, cup for cup, or ounce for ounce. If I'm using a recipe using wheat, I use my scale and weigh out 140 grams of gluten free flour per cup of all purpose wheat flour called for.
  7. You know, it's funny- People on dog forums are poop experts, but people still have a hard time talking about poop on people forums, lol.
  8. Hi, and welcome. People are really nice and helpful here. I didn't get a positive diagnosis for celiac, but I too have some very strong suspicions/evidence that gluten, especially wheat, is not doing me any favors. I have been fighting "eczema" for sixteen years continuously. It mostly stayed confined to my feet and ankles until a year ago, when it spread to my legs and arms. I began to suspect a food allergy, so I did an elimination challenge. End of challenge, I broke out in hives on top of the already existing "eczema!" I repeated the challenge, same result. I finally decided I am never eating wheat-- or gluten- again. There ain't nothing delicious enough to be worth the misery I'm in right now, lol. And every time my family eats something glutinous in front of me, I just keep reminding myself of that, while I'm poring on the Caladryl lotion. So I guess all that to say you're not alone! You'll find this forum to be a nice source of moral support.
  9. Have you been tested for lupus by chance? You're right, that positive ANA is an indicator for possible autoimmune/inflammatory diseases. It wouldn't hurt to ask for an SLE blood test. You don't have to be on gluten for it. Regardless, attacking the problem holistically with diet and herbs is a good approach, and certainly can't hurt. Herbs that support liver and kidney function (dandelion and burdock) wouldn't hurt either. A healthy liver and kidneys are vital to calming down an overactive immune system.
  10. What??? No,no,no. If you are in the US then insurance companies can no longer deny care based on pre-existing conditions, nor can they enforce a waiting period for care. That's one of the things Obama signed into law when he started the Affordable Healthcare Act. Do some investigating and contest it.
  11. I don't have a mill "yet" so I've been using a food processor. That might be a better option for your softer, oily mediums like nuts. There are a lot of instructional videos and blogs out there. That's how I learned I could use my food processor. To get my rice a bit finer, I sift it and run it back through several times. Even with a mill, using a sifter would be a good idea and help you get a finer grind.
  12. I will do that, thank you. I use plain baking soda as my " soap" and I've found it to be very nice and soothing. Soaking in soda/epsom salts baths is nice too. Yep, I've decided to ditch all gluten. My mother is coming to visit, so I'm going to give the rest of my barley impregnated flour blend to her, and make a new one for me. She is interested in trying new grains. It's nice to find a place of moral support, knowing I'm not alone, even without an official diagnosis. Thank you.
  13. Hi Squirmy, the biopsy was done correctly. I actually offended my dermatologist by asking him if he knew how to do it, if he had ever seen dh, lol. Then he told me that he had trained at the Mayo Clinic, and that yes, he has "seen all kinds of weird, rare, and bizarre" skin disorders and diseases. I softened up our relationship by explaining about this site. He actually took two specimens, one from a lesion itself, and one from a clear spot next to that lesion. He said the clear spot was for the antibody test, and the lesion spot was for basic pathology. Which is not a bad idea, actually. Part of the issue, I'm afraid, is the timing. 1) I had been scratching, uncontrollably. 2) I had resorted to topical steroids, and had been on antibiotics to help with the cellulitis 3) I had been gluten free for three weeks, per the suggestion of my NP (I had suggested a possible food allergy, and she suggested I pick a suspect-- she surprised me by mentioning wheat was among the top five food allergens!-- and avoid that one ingredient for three weeks, then eat some and see what happens) I finished the challenge, and the result was swift and severe. I told my hubby I would "never eat wheat on purpose again," lol. I saw my NP the next day (a Monday), and she agreed I should see the dermatologist ASAP, while my skin was "still yelling and screaming." The dermatologist fit me in for my biopsy on Friday. On Tuesday, in preparation for the biopsy, I tried to eat a bunch more stuff with wheat in in, but it made me so miserable I gave up. He had a hard time finding a fresh spot, it having been four days since I ate wheat. In the end, the pathology report just showed "very dry, itchy skin," and no antibodies. He actually suggested I reintroduce wheat back into my diet, in very small amounts. I actually did that recently, accidentally. It was not good. I was FINALLY starting to get better, I had stopped itching for the most part, and I only had nasty skin in three places--- and now my arms and legs are covered in a horrible itchy rash again. celiac disease or not, I just know I react to wheat, and I will not eat it on purpose ever again. I don't need a diagnosis. I may at some point in the future see an allergist, though.
  14. Hi, thank you for your reply! When I started the wheat elimination challenge, per my NPs suggestion, I went gluten free, mostly because it is simpler. After my skin biopsy results came back negative, I started adding barley to my recipes, and later rye. I am starting to wonder about the barley though. (Rye is really difficult to work with, so I don't use it much) If I eat more than two servings of homemade barley bread I start to get more itchy. And it gives me gas. Since I grind the flour myself, I am going to go back to being gluten free as soon as I use up the rest of this batch of flour I've custom blended.. I was getting better, my skin was clearing up, and then I got remiss about reading labels. Come to find out, I was eating a small amount of wheat several days in a row. I am having a really bad flare right now, it is so discouraging. When my sister was diagnosed, she woke up in the night with symptoms of a heart attack. She went to the ER, and the ECG was going crazy. Eventually they decided she was not having a heart attack, but they didn't know why her heart was doing that either. Finally one very astute nurse ordered tests for celiac disease with the rest of the blood work, and it came back positive. Needless to say, my sister was very surprised! She had no other symptoms, she had never even heard of celiac disease. It was only after she went gluten free, now if she eats gluten she will have some digestive upset, but mostly her symptoms are more to do with her autonomic functions.
  15. Hi, I've been lurking for a couple of months and finally decided to sign up. I don't actually have celiac disease, or at least I've tested negative on two tests. I do have a serious problem with eczema, which is triggered/aggravated by wheat. I am absolutely certain wheat is a factor, at least, and so is my nurse practitioner. And since there are no support groups or forums for folks with wheat sensitivities, I decided to come here. My sister does have celiac disease, another sister is deathly allergic to nuts, another has a lot of environmental allergies, and I have thyroid disease. I've been learning how to bake all over again, using grains I've never tried before and omitting wheat. For those of you with DH, I can truly relate and empathize! My brain rewards me for scratching, and it is so hard to stop! I've already had cellulitis once. Anyway, I'm rambling. I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.
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