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  1. Thanks Fundog and squirming itch! I'll check out the Costo protein powder. I do watch my iodine and ice packs are the only thing that gives me relief. One of the worst things is lack of sleep from the itching and changing out ice packs. I'm a zombie hermit these days and I hate it. I can't get anything done because I'm exhausted or having an itch fit and have to lie down with ice packs, especially after work. Have a good week!
  2. Does anyone know of a meal replacement drink that is free of gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, corn, rice, nuts and avocados? I'm trying to do an elimination diet to see what exactly makes the rash worse. I'm not a big meat eater and just can't eat anymore meat or chicken so I thought if I could drink a protein shake or two a day I would be able to make it through. I've been gluten-free for 7 months, gluten-free house, gluten-free personal products but still have the rash all over my body. I did remove all gluten-free products likes pasta, breads, crackers and it is helping a bit but it doesn't leave me much to eat.
  3. Thank you squirmingitch. I think my rash is starting to get better with the extra doxy. I'm about 50% less itchy! So far my stomach is ok as long as I take them with a meal. I'm leaving for vacation today (Ireland!) so I'm hoping I can find food that doesn't give me a reaction. I'm traveling with a group so I won't have a lot of options. I bought some individual servings of quinoa with artichoke or mango/jalapeno that I can throw in my bag to eat if needed. They're gluten free and don't need to be heated. Thank you and everyone else so much for your invaluable advice. It gives me hope. Cheers!
  4. Hello - I'm glad you're finding some relief! And I hope it's continuing with your new treatment. I am undiagnosed DH suffering like crazy. It looks and behaves like everything described here. Three dermatologists, incorrect biopsies and strictly gluten-free (including body products and make up) for five months and low iodine I even made my household gluten-free but I'm still itching like crazy. Can't sleep, sores all over and now my face is itching. I'm having a hard time functioning and am not able to take care of my children and house like I used to. I have been on 100mg doxy twice a day for 18 days, started dapsone cream 3 weeks ago and the sores seems to be healing a little but I still itch like crazy. How long did it take for you to get relieve when you doubled the dose of doxy? I was on dapsone 100 mg but within two weeks I had methomoglobinemia. My lips turned purple, I became pale and couldn't walk very far without sitting down. All the tests prior to taking dapsone came back fine so I think I may have been on too high of a dose. One doctor prescribed amitriptyline which made me anxious, increased my insomnia, I couldn't think straight and it didn't even help the itch. Anyway, I'm leaving on a big trip to Ireland in 4 days and dreading it because I'm so miserable. Any suggestions? Should I try doubling my dozy? Try a lower dose of dapsone like 25mg? Doctors aren't much help. One wanted to "bind" my legs with cloth after putting cream on the legs, one wants me to eat gluten and try the biopsy again. No thanks to either.
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