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  1. Thank you all for your thoughts and assistance. I'm more hopeful knowing there are supportive people out here!
  2. We were on a trip out of town for a family wedding (eating out a couple times when necessary) when this second round started so that's what is leading me to think it is DH or something resulting from cross contamination. My initial biopsy was taken from the rash area. Although my dermatologist knew...
  3. I suppose it's possible? But I'm not sure it's shingles since it went away (mostly) and has now reappeared in different places? I don't know much about shingles either... I'm sort of at a stop point on which doctor to actually see and trust. It seems most I've seen aren't well-versed in Celiac Disease...
  4. I was originally diagnosed with celiac disease by my neurologist who ran more intensive blood work than anyone had previously. After seeing a GI and having an endoscopy completed I was told that I've had celiac for a long time based on the results. I started the gluten free diet in March. Recently...