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  1. Well again I had trouble tonight I guess no more oranges it's high in salicylates I read from someone's web site. I also have visted alot of those sites that are listed and as well I hae problems with sinusis. I have also inchy skin didn't realize the salicylates in shampoo and so on I will have to get better procucts I always used head and shoulders. I live in CT where there is alot of health food stores around. I was born in Prince Edward Island Canada where there seems to be alot more awareness there and alot to choose from. It's hard to go out to a resturant you have to ask alot of questions.
  2. I am glad I found this forum I thaught I was going nuts trying to figure out what I am allergic to. I have sensitivity to Gluten and Dairy and Msg products. Still having problems with my Bowelas well. Having joint pain and having x-rays not showing anything. My joint paint is so bad at times I can not get out of my chair I lost 35 punds inthe last two years and just recently gianed some back this may be do to Salicylates Sensitivity. I never tested positive for anything so I am going to try this diet soon have to waite till payday so I can afford a lot of tese organic meets and fish and so on. Has anyone found a mouthwash with out Salicylates. I had a major reaction twice this past week the dentist gave me this medicated mouth wash didn't realize that it contained alcohol. I had a craving for sugar and salt If I am sensitivie Salicylates it would explaing a lot ot things i can't eat tomatoes, pinnaple, grapes., apples, apple cider. Would this be in Heinz organic kethup. I don't eat red meat, so I use alot of lamb which taste good too. Also eat a lot of salmon wwhich i didn't know about the color addivate in them. I will have to switch my whoe diet around again it's fustrating not to eat the foods you once loved. Did you say Cocoa is high in Salicylates even orgaic. My doctor thinks it's fiber mylaga too I'm on Amitryiline and Tramodol to help with multiple systems. Is there anything for breackfast that is Salicylate free. This is why I have a lot of mood swing too. It also doesn't help when you have been in three car acidents. Money is tight until I get my settlement this month than I will be able to try new things.
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