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  1. Thank you for all of the suggestions and information. I will see a lot of the symptoms that I have that I didn't mention listed caused by lack of certain enzymes. I have blood tests every 3 months. That is when I noticed my cholesterol, etc. not in check. I eat too many carbohydrates because it causes less diarrhea than a lot of vegetables. But in talking to 3 of my sisters they are already on medication for the problem. One has Celiacs the other has Sjorgrens which I also have. I'm concerned about the Crohns. When the doctor did my DNA test it came back with Celiacs and Crohns. I don't have those symptoms to date but you never know what's around the corner. Thank you for your time and I wish you the best you can be. Linda
  2. I am interested in your comments about losing your memory. I have Celiacs and IBS, etc. Very difficult to eat a healthy diet. One goes against the other. The past year I have noticed a marked difference in my memory and was very concerned about it because my mother had Alzheimer's. I had a brain scan but that is not the problem at least it doesn't show up on the MRI. All of my blood enzymes are way out of line for my size and I'm thinking it's the diet and inability to do extensive exercise. I have back issues, and nerve issues in my spine (one spinal fusion and probably another on the horizon). Three of my siblings have Celiacs and other auto immune diseases. They can destroy your body. The brain fog is really a concern for me right now. I have just retired because I felt that I wasn't as sharp as I needed to be to handle the job requirements I had been doing for 30 years. It's just gotten worse. I understand just a little what you're going thru. I don't have a gallbladder and no oily greasy foods for me either. They just don't digest at all. I can't eat salads or any type of greens in my diet because of the IBS. Do you know of any type of enzymes that help with that issue. lfortson
  3. Following a gallbladder surgery, I could not get my digestive system back to normal. After several months of constant diarrhea, I went to see the gastro dr. and told her my problems. I also mentioned that I had a sister, brother and nephew with Celiacs. She said, "I'm almost sure that's the problem". I, like you, did not want to go back to eating gluten so I did the gene test but it was not positive. I learned it is not always an exact test. It came back with Crohns which so far I have no symptoms. The Endoscopy indicated Hpylori, CDiff, and one other bacteria. After I took all the meds to clear my body of these bacterias, I was still having some symptons of diarrhea and found that I thought I was clear of all gluten but I had a long way to go. Throwing away a wooden cutting board my dad had given me, lipstick, lipgloss, makeup, handcream, plastics in the kitchen, pans that had a scratch, any item in the pantry that had any of the items with starch that may have gluten and the list goes on and on. I'm still reading labels but I definately can tell a difference as I have eliminated more items that I had no idea were harmful. This website has been a life-saver for me. Thank You so much for your wealth of information. Linda Fortson
  4. I am looking for the same answer. I find in a list that is printed "Gluten Free Drugs" Imodium Complete is listed as Gluten Free but I found Imodium Multi-Symptom Relief instead of Complete. I have IBS also and I would like to find the answer to this so I don't have to purchase Gas-X, as well. This covers all the symptoms of IBS.
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