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  1. Hello, Around the end of October I was diagnosed with Celiac after the GI doc did an endoscopy and found evidence of flattened villi. So I have been gluten-free since then. However just before Christmas, I had a follow up with the GI dr and he said my biopsies came back negative for Celiac?...
  2. I think my coffee might have gluten in it? It's weird. I purchased Private Selection ground vanilla flavored coffee from my local Kroger a little while back. It was alright the first couple times but the most recent 2 times it gave me immediate diarrhea unlike anything I have experienced with other...
  3. Thanks kareng! I had heard about cheese being an issue for a bit but completely forgot about it.
  4. I'm iffy on MM. I think I may have experienced some cc after getting their gluten-free pizza tonight, but thinking back to when I have eaten there pre-diagnosis and I remember feeling ill after eating their normal pizza too. I wonder if there's something else they put in it that's making me ill....
  5. It's officially been 1 week since my celiac dx via endoscopy. How long until I will be able to tell if I have been glutened? I had a gluten free pizza this evening from a reputable restaurant that uses separate cooking area, utensils, pans, etc. to make their gluten-free fare. However, I got pretty...
  6. Okay, thanks! I am 24 but my husband and I don't plan on having kids. However, the more I thought about it, the more I think I should get one for my brother's sake. Especially after my doctor's office called this evening to say my bloodwork tested positive for Celiac. Guess I will be on this forum...
  7. Hello, This is going off of this post below, but mine is a bit of a particular case. I just went to see a new doctor (internist) this afternoon about GI issues and treating my hypothyroidism. I had already thought the GI/thyroid issues might have something to do with gluten, especially since...