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  1. Constipation

    Hi, Try having her drink a glass of warm water. As warm as she can tolerate at least once a day. It’s an old trick that nurses use when patients have problems using the restroom. Best of luck
  2. Drinks at the bars?

    Anything using Tito’s vodka. Most places carry it so it’s my daughters go to drink. Also Angry Orchard cider is a good choice. She often brings her own when it’s applicable. Better safe than sick.
  3. Advil is not Gluten Free because it is subject to cross contamination. According to the company, "Advil Liqui-Gels and Advil Migraine contain a wheatderivative, and are not gluten-free." It's not clear whether regular Advil and/or AdvilFilm-Coated products are produced in the same facility, which would subject them to gluten cross-contamination.Aug 31, 2017
  4. Hi, My 24 year old was diagnosed with Celiac Disease just about 4 years ago. She began having a hard time swallowing food and experiencing lots of acid so she had an Endoscopy last year and was positive for EoE. She had another allergy test done just after and found out she is also allergic to yeast. So we add that to her list of things she can’t eat along with shrimp and sesame seeds. We found a great allergist since she has asthma and horrible sinus allergies who was able to work with her GI doctor. Together they have her on a few different medications that seem to be really helping. She still has some dairy, like cheese on her tacos, but not much and stays away from yeast almost entirely. So being a Celiac definitely intertwines with other health issues. Keeping a food diary will be a big help in pin pointing what triggers your EoE. Once you get a final diagnosis there are wonderful people on this forum to help guide you through this wonderful journey of living with Celiac Disease. Good luck ☺️
  5. My daughter has Celiac Disease and received a Sunbeam bread machine with the Gluten Free feature. She has used it many times over the past couple of years. The bread smells wonderful and it tastes amazing. No complaints here! 😊
  6. Hey CoolSam, Your symptoms sound very familiar. My daughter gained the freshman 15 in college and basically could eat non stop. Being a soccer player she had a healthy appetite. Then one day she got food poisoning and that started a downhill spiral of health issues. Chronic diarrhea and brain fog. Her anxiety was off the charts. Stomache pain that would have her curled up in a ball with a heating pad. She had a colonoscopy, endoscopy (for acid) and lots of blood work. They even did a stool sample and everything came back negative. She had bad acid and lost almost 25 pounds. Finally someone suggested getting tested and her GI doctor said, I can't believe I didn't do it sooner' and yup she tested positive for Celiac Disease. Fast forward 3 years and she is Gluten Free and gained most of her weight back. This is hard at your age but the sooner you know the better you will feel. Not overnight but usually within 6 months to a year as it differs for everyone. You are not alone. 😊 Welcome to the forum!
  7. Hi, My daughter has no issues with Angry Orchard and she is a very sensitive Celiac. Smith Forge Hard Cider comes in cans and is also very good. She stays away from all the Gluten Free beer just because she is not 100% confident that is safe. Tito's vodka is also safe for Celiacs. I have seen and tasted it at the Gluten Free Expos. Welcome to the forum 😊
  8. Hello Celina, You mentioned that you are living at home because it is more convenient. I admire that you are going to nursing school but maybe you might want to consider moving out so you can better control what you are eating. Being in school is stressful, worring over every meal is even more stressful. Anxiety alone is tough on your body and can increase your stomach acid which can lead to more symptoms. I'm sure your family loves you but is a little overwhelmed with your dietary restrictions. I agree with GFinDC that you need to take control of your diet and environment. Cross contamination is real, especially to those who have Celiac Disease or Gluten sensitivity and many families struggle with this. So give your family some time. Welcome to the forum!
  9. Hi, Well first see how they feel about Celiac Disease. You will need to trust your gut on this one. How many patients has he or she diagnosed via biopsy. Are they still treating them. What is their experiences with their Celiac patients. Have they attended any seminars or worked any doctors who treat other Celiacs? My daughter has had two endoscopic procedures without any problems. One was prior to her diagnosis to check her esophagus and one was two years later for EoE. I searched for weeks and looked at yelp and read every patient review. But in the end it was who she trusted. We went to many Doctors as did most people in the forum before we found one. Best of luck & welcome to the forum 👍🏻
  10. Just Diagnosed

    Hi Weekendwarrior, Ahhh now that you know you have Celiac Disease you can bet that your wife and kids will be happy to have their Dad feeling better. It will be a struggle at first but knowing is the first step. Everyone has given great advice especially bringing your own food whenever you can. It takes the worry out of wondering if you will get sick from cross contamination. Your friends will silently thank you because you have made their life easier by wondering if you will be able to eat whatever they are serving. Make sure you have a Gluten Free kitchen and a space just for you. I bought my daughter bright colored knives, silverware and dishes. Just so there isn't any confusion. Throw out plastic containers and get your own cutting board. Something that can go into the dishwasher. When she is home I buy butter and things she can eat and write her name on them. She has her own toaster and pizza pan. These steps seem like a lot but in the long run they will help with cross contamination and keep you feeling better. Welcome to the forum!
  11. My daughter is Celiac and super sensitive to most makeup but she uses No 7 which you can find at most Targets. It's kinda pricey but she doesn't breakout. She is also allergic yeast & sesame seeds so we are extremely careful to read the ingredients. When her face, neck and chest start to break out we know she was exposed to something. It's the first sign. Some say it's not enough to make a difference but with her it is. She also uses Cetaphil for her face cleanser. Lush products are 100% natural and she uses their lotion and lip scrubs without any problems. Welcome to the forum 😊
  12. Hi Mrsfunkway, I might suggest getting tested for EOE. It's a biopsy done by your GI doctor. If you test positive then it basically involves eliminating 6 major allergies, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts/tree nuts and seafood (fish/shellfish) from your diet. My daughter has Celiac Disease and is allergic to wheat, yeast, shrimp and sesame seeds. Her acid was so bad that she was afraid to eat. After her EoE diagnosis she has cutback on most of her dairy (almond milk is a good alternative) and eggs. She does take a Gerd medicine that was prescribed by her allergist 20 minutes twice a day prior to eating. It seems to be helping and she has been trying to increase her niacin as that helps with burping. The EOE is was a shock but yeast seems to be the hardest thing to remove from her diet. It's more of a trial and error process and keeping a food diary or log is extremely helpful in pin pointing what triggers your acid. Welcome to the forum 😊
  13. A Christmas Story about GLUTEN

    Honestly if it was me I wouldn't go for dinner as it's not worth the anxiety or drama that your family seems to inspire. Instead opt for coming for desert and bringing your own special GlutenFree dish. My ex-husband brought over store bought cookies in a can and our Celiac daughter said, 'you know I can't eat those' and he responded yeah but I brought them anyway. So I just took them to work the next day for my co-workers. It wasn't the first time and won't be the last time this has happened. Just smile and move on. You need to do what's best for you.
  14. Hi Llkj, You don't mention anything about seeing a Dr or getting tested for Celiac Disease. Going gluten-free is not a diet. For those with celiac disease it is a means of survival. Without a proper diagnosis you will need to start eating gluten again before you can be tested to get accurate results. For some eating 3-4 small meals throughout the day is much easier to digest. Possibly try almond or soy milk or as it could be you are lactose intolerant. Best of luck and welcome to the forum.
  15. Hi Bekka, Yes other allergies to food that you are not aware of need to be ruled out. My daughter is Celiac and is allergic to wheat, shrimp, yeast and seaseme seeds. All of these came apparent when she was still sick after going gluten-free. A simple blood test from your GI doctor should help. Once she eliminated these from her diet her overall health improved. Welcome to the forum