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  1. lauderdalehawk44

    Support Group In Florida

    im from South Florida the Fort Lauderdale area , and don't know of any but if you find any let me know. Good luck to both of you. It can be a little difficult at first but not so bad once you the get the hang of the diet.
  2. lauderdalehawk44


    I had a feeling it would be that way. If you were in before Im sure they would deal with it. Im still not going to give up on the possibilty
  3. lauderdalehawk44


    Damn I was worried about that. I had looked around and found info on meals and stuff saying they offered a variety from like meatloaf to salads and stuff like that but I would be worried about the MRE's(meals ready to eat) which would be a gamble. I'll have to try and ask a recruiter. I heard that their is exceptions to a lot of things so maybe I can get a doc's note saying I can handle the physical just not the meals
  4. lauderdalehawk44


    I was looking into maybe getting into the reserves after I finish college and was wondering if having celiac disease will keep me out of the service specificly the air force ? Thanks.
  5. lauderdalehawk44

    Stem Cell

    I was just wondering with all this talk about stem cell research to cure sickness and dieseases has anybody heard about if we could be helped with stem cell research?
  6. lauderdalehawk44

    Fragrances For Men

    looking to buy some more cologne formyself but havent bought or really worn much since being diagnosed anybody know of any colognes that dont bother the skin and are gluten-free ?
  7. lauderdalehawk44

    High Liver Enzymes

    p.s. good to hear your daughter is doing good. After i was diagnosed my aunt had my cousin tested and found she has it as well and she's about your daughters age so good thing for both of them
  8. lauderdalehawk44

    High Liver Enzymes

    I actually passed out in school one day and in the ER they drew blood whole nine yards and the only thing they found was high liver enzymes. Few months later i was always having stomach pain so went to a new doctor did cat scan and blood work and blood work came back as me showing celiac sprue in the blood. I asked him about my liver enzymes and he said that he was not 100% sure but it could have been the celiac disease all along. Don't know if that helps lol
  9. I was wondering if listerine pocket packs ya know those little like tape looking things listerine has are gluten free not that i got bad breath but ya never know when you need to fresh up
  10. I was diagnosed with celiac disease about a month ago and have been on the gluten free diet since, when I spoke to my aunt up north she told me my cousin had been gasey and bloated and wasnt gaining any weight. She decided to have her tested and found out she also has celiac disease. Now all my relatives are getting tested. I have a younger brother and hope he doesnt have celiac disease but if he does it will be nice to know he could lead a healthy life because he caught it early. Have your family do a blood test symptoms or not.
  11. lauderdalehawk44

    Safe Restaurants

    I love eatting at Wendys and now that I have celiac disease I had to switch my eatting habbits a bit now I get the spring salad, baked potato, and fries. Question is I didnt see fries on the gluten free list anybody have any problems with the fries from Wendy's ?
  12. lauderdalehawk44

    How Can I Gain Weight?

    Hey thanks for the response , yeah I thought I was the only one that was having a problem gaining weight all I have seen so far is things about loosing it. I have a question what are digestive enzyme foods ? As far as eatting more meals I bascily do that already I eat and snack non stop all the time lol it just doesnt seam to be going anyplace I have only been on the gluten-free for about 3 weeks but I thought I would have put on more weight than I already have. Do you know of any performance weight gainers that are gluten-free ( like what athletes and bodybuilders use) Thanks again for the response good luck to all!!!
  13. lauderdalehawk44

    Celiac Or Sprue

    Thats basicly what I thought but my step mother asked me the difference and wasnt really sure if there was one
  14. I was wondering what the difference between having celiac disease is and having sprue? Is it the same thing or what ?