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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi gang - Lauren and I met up at the Baltimore walk and did our 3 miles for Celiac!! It was a beautiful day - and there were gluten-free treats for all afterwords. It was touching to see 800+ people in the same place that understood the Celiac issue. My one comment to the planners will be that they needed more bathrooms. Too funny to plan an event for 'potty addicts' and not have enough for emergencies. Everyone in line was making sure that the person behind them was having an 'emergency'. Thanks so much for all of your support; caring donations of kind words to us and dollars to further the research that will help so many in the future!!
  3. Thanks to all of you for supporting the team. Maybe next year we can get a Celiac.com team together!!
  4. I'm ready to go. 5 months ago, I was in the hospital; today, I wish the walk was longer!!
  5. Wow, the title on this one sure grabbed my attention. I must be really hungry cuz I actually thought you might be hinting that they had new DONUTS!!
  6. It's a get it on your hands / face, get it in your mouth situation. Thorough washing would work, but then you leave your hands uncovered. And then you touch your body and then your mouth and then you don't need sunscreen because you are in the bathroom. lol
  7. It's the American cuisine guidelines written in Spanish. The Mexican card is the mexican cuisine written in Spanish and English.
  8. That looks yummy. I'll let you know if I get that far. Thanks.
  9. Mostly because my son does not enjoy the gluten-free crust or the missing sugar. I thought since the original wouldn't do, I'd switch altogether so he wouldn't feel like he was having to settle for something less on his birthday. He is not on the specialties list. Thanks for the ideas. I'm headed over to Delphi to check out the list.
  10. I have used cider with good result for both beef and pork. It can be sweet and needs to be used with the appropriate seasonings though. My DH, who thinks everything benefits from having beer as an ingredient, even liked it.
  11. Robix - Saporo, which is brewed using rice, is not safe. Do a search to get a lot of info on the product.
  12. I use them for anything I would have put between two slices of bread. Today I put one in the microwave for 30 seconds with a little shredded cheese on top and when it was done, added a gluten-free hot dog and a little mustard. Yesterday was leftover corn, guacamole, cheese, lettuce and pico de gallo. Anything and everything for me! Just in moderation...
  13. Okay gang, I'm counting on you to help me out! My family is getting together to celebrate my son's first teenage birthday (holy smokes, I'm getting old ). We want to have a dessert that everyone can enjoy. Once upon a day, my son's very favorite apple pie would have been the centerpiece. Unfortunately, that is no longer good for all or even most of us. So I'm hoping the more experienced group mind can help me come up with a fantabulous dessert that everyone can share. Is there such a thing? Any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance for all the good thoughts you always share.
  14. Woohoo!! I got to page 19. And learned so much along the way. Thanks to all for the input on this topic. I had few external symptoms, however my intestinal damage is quite extensive as shown on the capsule study films. Not sure which side of the fence I would eventually land on, but for now I will be firmly gluten free.
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