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  1. I cannot use products with hydrolyzed wheat protein. I have to read all cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners labels to make sure that they do not contain this. I have tried these products and paid a price for it so I just avoid them.
  2. I had really bad iron deficient anemia and full blown osteoporosis when I was diagnosed with Celiacs via a biopsy. Staying on a gluten free diet will help solve your problem. I know that being in College it is hard to make the correct Diet choices but you must do it. At the time I was diagnosed,...
  3. I eat oatmeal and granola made with certified gluten free oats. I have to be careful of those that are labeled just gluten free or organic oats on the label as I have had adverse reactions. I also eat Rice and Corn Chex. If I am traveling, I can usually find them in grocery stores even in small...
  4. Pure maple syrup is always good. Be careful if you have to go sugar free with additives.
  5. I have celiacs and have paid the price with a gluten reaction for using cosmetics and shampoos and conditioner with wheat or hydrolyzed wheat protein. I would not recommend this.
  6. I have eaten Cheerios 4 different times, enjoyed the taste, but had a reaction every time. I gave them the benefit of doubt hoping that they were perfecting their gluten removal process. Unfortunately, I will not be trying Cheerios again in the future as I do not want to deal with the reaction...