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  1. I cannot use products with hydrolyzed wheat protein. I have to read all cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners labels to make sure that they do not contain this. I have tried these products and paid a price for it so I just avoid them.
  2. I had really bad iron deficient anemia and full blown osteoporosis when I was diagnosed with Celiacs via a biopsy. Staying on a gluten free diet will help solve your problem. I know that being in College it is hard to make the correct Diet choices but you must do it. At the time I was diagnosed, I worked on a college campus and ate in the student cafeteria. Ask questions about food wherever you go. Look at it like an ongoing research project and you are the subject that you are experimenting with. It gets easier as you learn to read labels and go online to look at menus before going out to eat. Don’t go with the flow even though you are being pressured to do so; chart you own gluten-free path. Your true friends will go with you. Getting back to your original question about iron infusions, my daughter, who has been tested numerous times for celiac and has always been negative, has iron deficient anemia. She has had 3 iron infusions. Before you go down this path, have your doctor run a blood test to see if you are producing iron in your blood. This was my daughter’s problem as she had was not producing iron. When the hematologist did a bone biopsy, they found that she had no iron in her bone marrow. There are several types of iron infusions and a hematologist will decide which one to use. This was not cancer but a blood disease/disorder. She is now on the road to recovery. Ask your doctor if your blood is producing iron. If your not producing iron, iron supplements will not be effective. They will also test for other dificency such as vitamin D. Good luck on your journey and do your research! You are not alone.
  3. Vixen Mum


    I eat oatmeal and granola made with certified gluten free oats. I have to be careful of those that are labeled just gluten free or organic oats on the label as I have had adverse reactions. I also eat Rice and Corn Chex. If I am traveling, I can usually find them in grocery stores even in small towns. Took Chex cereal with me when I had to evacuate for hurricane.
  4. Pure maple syrup is always good. Be careful if you have to go sugar free with additives.
  5. I have celiacs and have paid the price with a gluten reaction for using cosmetics and shampoos and conditioner with wheat or hydrolyzed wheat protein. I would not recommend this.
  6. I have eaten Cheerios 4 different times, enjoyed the taste, but had a reaction every time. I gave them the benefit of doubt hoping that they were perfecting their gluten removal process. Unfortunately, I will not be trying Cheerios again in the future as I do not want to deal with the reaction. I will continue to pay for and eat certified gluten free oats and not have a reaction.