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  1. "If is gonna come out, it will the first time you use it" will absoulutely give me comfort. The nurse in me is too focused on cross contamination. I am thinking if I put a pan or pen in a shelf or drawer that has gluten in or on it then I will need to reclean the entire shelf or drawer and all items in it and worse never know the source. It is really helpful to hear from folk that have immediate reactions because they know cross contamination realistically. Thanks
  2. Thanks for responding. I decided you are absolutely right that I just need to get rid of them anyway. I was going to throw away most of my quality pots and pans because all of them over the years have scratches or even some pitting in them? I am trying to understand the concept related to scratches on kitchen items. Do I consider if the item is nonporous (like aluminum/stainless pans or pyrex glass) and assume I can clean those even if they have scratches with good scrubs? And only worry about scratches on porous items like cutting boards, tuber ware or plastics? Also throw out juicer which has plastic and mesh strainer mounted on the motor in which possibly glutenous substances were used in it before or graters? (I understand sifters and colander). I have a large kitchen drawer filled with clips, pens, pencils, rubber bands, scotch tape etc etc. When they say deglutenize your kitchen, does that mean throwing out things that could have been contaminated by my dirty gluten free hands in prior life? I already have eczema on hands and don't want to have to wash hands after I touch anything pre diagnosis. But am mostly focusing on kitchen and bathrooms. Or am I being crazy? I am asymptomatic so I will not know when I have exposed myself. Sorry, I hope to pay it forward to newbies one day but right now I am going crazy trying to be compliant and it is the above type of questions that are driving me NUTS! Thanks
  3. I would eat gluten throughout the day while drinking my coffee pre diagnosis. So exchange from my mouth to the rim of the cup. Some of my cups have areas no longer glazed or with scratches on them on that rim. Wondering if those are small areas that gluten could hide and be difficult to clean because porous (due to scratches or deglazed areas). Still working on that initial clean out of old gluten contamination in kitchen items.
  4. I just noticed my favorite coffee mugs which are probably glazed porcelain or possibly glazed ceramic are showing wear along the rim surface (where you place your lips). Can they be washed well or is this a source of cross contamination? I haven't noticed this topic anywhere. I read not to use steel wool on porcelain or glass in other threads. Is this because the steel wool with scratch glass and make it then not useable? (I already used steel wool on glass pyrex because it did have scratches already). Folks talk about throwing out wood, plastic, and teflon that is scratched but what about glass or porcelain (like my coffee mugs)? I also read that if you used flavored coffee in your Keurig machine pre diagnosis, it could be cross contaminated. Since it is plastic essentially, does that mean throw out? How would I clean it? Still trying to get all gluten out of kitchen and new at this. Thanks
  5. I will never forget the kindness of his time (GFinDC), just as you remembered some of his words. Thanks for giving me a chuckle. I have the hubby thing squared away....."Unless you too are gluten free, due to cross contamination, we can't have sex." Of course he is clueless and actually believes me. Hence, HE HAS CHOSEN to go gluten free!:):) Of course I will tell him the truth AFTER we get the gluten out of this house and he discovers I have learned to cook better than I ever did pre gluten---hoping he will still then choose to go gluten free with me! Our kids are grown and gone so a gluten free home is my goal...time will tell if he ultimately cooperates!
  6. Thanks for responding. Being asymptomatic, I want to be as responsible about cleaning as possible up front. Boy this can bring out almost an OCD attitude! Never heard any talk about vacuum cleaners but this could be a source to spread gluten all over the house I would think. The Oral B electric toothbrush has plastic and rubber on handle so probably has been exposed to gluten from hands or mouth. I have exchanged head and for now will wash hands after each use. Should I assume cleaning your hands from gluten exposure means a simple wash with soap and water? The list of questions seems to be building! It is nice to see that you have been a member since 2007 (a pro) and yet are still taking time to help out the newbies. Thanks again.
  7. Reference the knives, most of them have wood or a black type of plastic for the handle. With plastic handle, isn't rule of thumb to throw out all plastic especially if it is textured at all?
  8. New with celiac, cleaning kitchen. Love this site but a few questions: Do you throw away knives that have the hard black plastic type handle? It is not a smooth handle so is treated like all plastic in kitchen? What is the blade has minor scratch? Don't know if the I have to give up expensive carving knives. Do all serrated knives go? (I have seen both yes and no on this) Aluminum or stainless pots that have some scratches? Pressure cooker with some scratches? Can a bread machine really be cleaned? Mine is new and used twice. Our vacuum cleaner has plastic filter and dirt holder (versus a filter bag). It is a Dyson. Is this a form of cross contamination I should worry about? What about plastic pitchers that don't seem scratched? Should I assume all plastic has at some point in time been exposed at least on the outside to gluten from hands or sitting on gluttened countertop so should throw out ALL PLASTIC items? What about the plastic electric tooth brushes? I am sure i have done baking at some point in time and then went and brushed my teeth contaminating the grip site of the toothbrush. I know I have lots of questions and tried to find these answers unsuccessfully. I would really appreciate some guidance. I am also asymptomatic so if I do this cleaning wrong, i can go a long time not knowing i am getting glutened. If you are asymptomatic, how often is typical for blood testing to help? Thanks to the kind souls in advance who take the time to help me out here.!