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  1. For me, the rash is rather handy. It serves as an indicator that I have exposed myself to gluten. With about 1 teaspoon of wheat based product ( bread etc ) I will come out in a rash somewhere within about six hours or so, and it will be itchy for about 24 hours then disappear. It gets worse the more gluten I consume. But looking on the bright side, it lets me know if I have encountered a "hidden source" of gluten, which is good. Rather this rash than the consequences of prolonged exposure from a hidden source.
  2. I would be very careful here, and mindful of long-term damage not short-term symptoms. I had no immediate symptoms, when I consumed gluten. The first I knew about it was when I developed an intestinal ulcer. So take care here. Just because people may not react immediately to gluten does not mean there there is no damage occurring. Rather it may well be just be silently accumulating like it did with me. I think people should go on the assumption that it IS accumulating, until proven otherwise, or you may end up with a totally messed up intestine like me!
  3. I have never been diagnosed officially as having Celiacs, because the blood test failed to show anything, but I can tell you most certainly I do have it! My symptoms are textbook. Unfortunately because the blood test didn't work I did considerable damage to my intestines before I realised what was wrong and changed my diet..which immediately changed everything for the good. I would recommend going on a gluten free diet for at least two weeks, it may well tell you far more than any blood test.
  4. I would be concerned about possible long term damage rather than short term symptoms. Not everyone gets a response within hours of eating gluten. I certainly didn't. Even at the peak of trouble for me it took many weeks for things to change not hours. Certainly it's feasible in my mind that symptoms could take months when in the early stages.
  5. I used to get frequent intestinal pains due to gluten and the way it worked was always the same. The consumption of gluten eventually resulted in intestinal ulcers which can be in all sorts of strange places, but in my case they were very specific point pains. Twinges are a pre-cursor, a sharp stabbing pain is an ulcer. I gather that some people, though, report no pain at all, but for me the ulcer was very painful, and noticeable by how precisely located it was ~ I could point to exactly where it is within an inch. Peoples intestines ( large and small ) are everywhere (!) so damage from gluten
  6. It's certainly the way it worked for me. I first showed minor signs of sensitivity to gluten some 15 years or so before it really took off. In my case the very first sign was a mild Iron deficiency that just wouldn't go away. I would strongly advise you follow the advice of the last poster though because when it really took off with me I nearly died. I guess the problem with mine was that no one thought to link together the symptoms that slowly appeared one by one over the years, and by the time they did it was almost too late, so if you have an inkling, follow up on it.
  7. Do what I did. Lie. Lol. I passed the initial blood test. I was at a much more advanced stage than you, in that I was suffering very bad abdominal pains and had already had several intestinal ulcers - to name just a few of the symptoms. On the suggestion of one doctor ( who, rightly or wrongly said that the test was somewhat unreliable ) I gave up eating gluten and within 2 weeks most of my major symptoms had gone and within a few months many more had disappeared. But because I had passed the blood test my immediate family simply didn't believe me, even though I was 100% sure that gluten
  8. Gluten damaged my intestines pretty badly in several places. Those places are now very, very sensitive to acidic food. I am pretty much constantly in pain, but its minor compared to the horrible pain I get if I start eating gluten.
  9. People seem to be very different. I get abdominal pains for about two weeks after I have eaten gluten which slowly fade to nothing. Some symptoms remained indefinitely, they have never gone away.
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