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  1. Pocah

    DH...or not?

    For me, the rash is rather handy. It serves as an indicator that I have exposed myself to gluten. With about 1 teaspoon...
  2. I would be very careful here, and mindful of long-term damage not short-term symptoms. I had no immediate symptoms, when...
  3. I have never been diagnosed officially as having Celiacs, because the blood test failed to show anything, but I can tell...
  4. I would be concerned about possible long term damage rather than short term symptoms. Not everyone gets a response within...
  5. I used to get frequent intestinal pains due to gluten and the way it worked was always the same. The consumption of gluten...
  6. It's certainly the way it worked for me. I first showed minor signs of sensitivity to gluten some 15 years or so before...
  7. Do what I did. Lie. Lol. I passed the initial blood test. I was at a much more advanced stage than you, in that...
  8. Pocah

    constant tummy aches

    Gluten damaged my intestines pretty badly in several places. Those places are now very, very sensitive to acidic food...
  9. Pocah

    How long to recover?

    People seem to be very different. I get abdominal pains for about two weeks after I have eaten gluten which slowly fade...