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  1. Yup me too all day cramps and pain all over in my back and legs I know exactly what you mean. It keeps me up most night can only get like a few hours of sleep docs don't know whats wrong. Maybe you'll get some help? Good luck
  2. My GI just asks questions about what I've been eating and how I'm feeling and when my symptoms flare up. He also feels around my stomach and back. And I wasn't diganosed with celiac at first my blood came back find I had to get an endoscopy and sorry yours didn't go so well last time you went....
  3. I'm trying to figure it out too I feel cramping and pain everyday and heartburn I know how you feel but doctors don't know what it is. It sucks I know. Getting another scope soon hopefully maybe you could go back to your GI and ask for another endoscopy?
  4. I worked at mcdonalds for a few years and a wendy's I never had any issues working there. But I've heard some celiac's get sick from the smell of food. Are you maybe putting your hands near your mouth or bite your finger nails after touching this food? I know even if I have just a drop of gluten...
  5. Been having some more pain lately doctor thought it was a UTI she supposedly tested my urine saying there was blood and white blood cells and she gave me some pills called Macrobid only to get a phone call today telling me that I'm clean and that I don't have urinary tract infection. This has giving...
  6. Yup I've got them for as long as I can remember I don't know if it's celiac or what. I don't know if your male or feamale but I notice during my period I get them more.
  7. Not sure if it has to do with my celiac or not, their so painful I have three of them in my mouth now, burning it hurts. Not really sure the cause of them, anyone else get them?