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  1. I have not read this whole thread, but numbness in half the face is a classic Lyme symptom.
  2. The symptom list is the second post on the first page.
  3. I was going to mention that both garlic and onions have anti-fungal properties. If you have a problem with candida, then they can make you feel bad. Rachel's answer was more complete.
  4. Could you possibly be sensitive to soy? Maybe you're just sensitive to the hydrogenated oils and other ingredients ... if you're used to eating healthy, some of these artificial ingredients might cause some kind of a reaction.
  5. If it has trace amounts, a celiac should not take it. I have gluten intolerance as a secondary condition to another disease and my gluten intolerance is diminishing greatly as I am healing ... I will continue to take it, but a celiac should not. The unique thing about VSL#3 is the high number...
  6. That would explain it. Here's the website with ingredient listings for the US. http://www.vsl3.com/VSL3/order.asp
  7. Hmm, that's interesting. Sounds like a the allergen warning they use when something is made in a facility that processes wheat .... my box does not say that, neither does the insert, so that must be new. You might call them and ask. A few months ago when I did they told me it was okay.
  8. I called the company, and it's gluten-free. I never noticed that comment on the insert .... are you using the packets? Both the flavored and unflavored are gluten-free.
  9. Be sure you ask your pharmacist if it's okay if you take milk with the abx because some kinds bind with the milk and become ineffective. Take some strong probiotics ... yogurt is good, but it doesn't have the same strength as a strong probiotic. Be sure you either take your probiotic one hour...
  10. I eat things made on shared equipment. I watch for a reaction ... and if something causes a reaction, I don't eat it anymore. I know some people don't want to do it that way, which is fine. This method wouldn't work for someone who didn't react to small amounts of gluten. Nesquick said...
  11. Right now, don't worry about how bad a disease is ... worry about finding out what's wrong! You have had some good advice here ... get started with testing. Three different diseases have been mentioned -- celiac, crohns, and lyme. For celiac, the first step is a simple blood test. The second...
  12. It could be celiac disease. It could be Lyme Disease. The symptoms of the two are almost the same. I would ask the doctor to start testing you and if he won't, I'd find another doctor! The celiac test is a simple blood test ... he should be willing to do it for you. And, no, you're not a...
  13. I don't know about your fiance, but I kind of like that from my man. My hubby is the same way. It's nice seeing a man showing that kind of tenderness and care for his love.
  14. I just wanted to add, these supplements will need to be continued all month and it will take some time to see a change. They won't help with the immediate pain you are experiencing today.