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  1. Hi,

    I'm new to this board and I'm happy to see there so much support and information from it!

    I have a question, if anyone would happen to know it.

    My sister has had peripheral neuropathy (burning/tingling/vibration in hands/feet and other places) for ~2years, and recently, she did the Igenex test.

    Here were the results:


    31 ++

    41 IND

    83-93 IND

    Rest negative


    30 +

    39 IND

    41 ++

    Rest negative

    CD57 Count: 37

    The above doesn't classify as a true positive, but I was wondering if people had some thoughts/insight into the above results?


    With symptoms I would bet a lyme doctor would give a diagnosis based on this test. It's a clinical diagnosis. Bands 30 and 31 can actually be retested to clarify whether it's positive from Lyme or from cross-reactivity.

    This is a very interesting thread. I've been gluten free for almost five years (self diagnosed) and staying off gluten seems to improve my immune system. Two years ago I was tested for lyme disease, and the test was negative, so I was happy (not knowing anything about how difficult it is to test for lyme disease). But my doctor did notice a very low IgM value, and several other tests later still showing IgM deficiency.

    As I understand it, an IgM deficiency can be an indication of an autoimmune disease, so I suggested to my doctor, that he did a celiac test. A couple of months ago I prepared for the test doing a four weeks gluten challenge. My ttg blood test was negative, but my symptoms suggested a non celiac gluten sensitivity. Good to know, and easy for me to return to my gluten free diet. But my symptoms would not go away again, and they got worse after a tick bite. I did not get the bullseye rash, but symptoms were felt while the tick was sucking blood from my leg. I have almost always lived in a high risk area, and have had hundreds of tick bites before this one. The ELISA test for lyme disease is now positive.

    The interesting thought is, did I get lyme disease because gluten had weakened my immune system, or am I gluten intolerant because I have lyme disease? I am currently doing a three weeks doxycycline treatment, and if it helps, I am willing to try to eat gluten again.

    I would bet gluten sentivity as a result of Lyme. Once I treated Lyme, my gluten sensitivity went away.

  2. So where did Noah keep the woodpeckers on his ark?

    Great question!!

    I have a beautiful cockatoo. I should have name him "Houdini". We broke a couple of the ceramic bowls, so I bought new ones. Same thing but plastic.

    Well, he figured out how to get the plastic bowls out of the place where they go, then how to take off the hook holding the part of the cage closed where the bowl goes, then how to take off the whole section of cage off after the hook was removed, so that he can get out.

    I think I finally outsmarted that bird .... I put bottle lids underneath the bowls so he can't lift them up at an angle to get them out.

    So I'm wondering, how did he keep any of the birds on the arc at all? They surely only stayed there if they wanted to!!

  3. The Lyme can be a trigger for the celiac just like any stressor can.

    Mainstream medicine will only treat Lyme for a month, but often it requires longer treatment. Also, it's considered remission when you are feeling better, so if you're feeling bad now, you may need more Lyme treatment. Testing won't show if the disease is active or not, only exposure, so unfortunately, there isn't a blood test that can show you whether your Lyme is active again.

    There are herbs you can take if you don't care to go back on antibiotic treatment, which is hard on the gut, especially since you're already fighting celiac.

    Interestingly, I was first thought to have celiac disease. Then the testing came out negative, but I had improvement on the gluten-free diet. Then the improvement stopped and I backslid. Eventually I discovered I had Lyme Disease and with treatment the gluten intolerance went away ..... that wouldn't happen with celiac. It's just interesting.

    I still cook a lot of gluten-free meals .... after two years of no gluten, it becomes habit and I find I like them better.

  4. I, of course, drink so rarely that even the lightest of drinks would put me under the table. :rolleyes::unsure:

    I've recently tried to drink again .... all tries, no matter how little, it keeps me up all night. If I drink too much (like 2 1/2 glasses of wine), then I am not only awake, but feel bad. Not sure if one glass of wine is worth no sleep .....

    We just had pancakes and bacon for dinner....

    Good idea! Hubby just made me brunch!! Waffles and eggs!

  5. Thank you very much. I've been perusing that site. A lot of this makes sense. I can relate to so many of the symptoms on here. Although so many of these symptoms are the same for so many different things, I feel like this may be shedding a bit more light on what I'm going thru. Honestly, I kinda scares me, but I can't really ignore it any longer.

    We talked over there .... I don't use that name here or this name there ... :)

    You may want to look into parasites, too. When the body gets weakened, you get opportunistic infections that healthy people can fight off. That is probably why so many systemic diseases have the same/similar symptoms.