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  1. I just went over and looked at your symptoms .... the salad thing was the same for me. I could eat no raw food, not fruit or veggies. In fact, at my worst, everything went through the blender or I got terrible cramps. I was digesting little. I am getting better with raw foods because I have worked on rebuilding the good bacteria in my gut now that the bad stuff and parasites are gone, but I still get cramps if I eat too much salad .... I stick to side salads, it can't be a meal. Other than that, I'm symptom-free .... I came a long way from being bedridden/housebound.

  2. Yes!! I landed on Celiac.com because my symptoms looked so much like celiac disease!! I had terrible gut symptoms and was severely reactive to gluten. Some people with Lyme have their celiac triggered by the tick bite, so they end up with both.

    If you go to "www. Lyme net . org" (take out the spaces) there is a section of that forum where you can ask for a referral.

    After treatment my gut is now pretty much healed and I am no longer sensitive to gluten, though I don't eat as much flour as I used to, I mostly stick to sprouted grains now.

  3. Rachelle!! ...I also LOVE the yoga and pilates.

    I can't get ENOUGH of it!!..... and the way I see it, it's maintenance for all the high impact cardio.

    I'm finally getting enough pilates, LOL!! I take four classes per week, but I teach about 10 hours, so I'm there 14 hours per week. For a while there a bunch of teachers were gone and I was teaching 15-18 hours per week, I was getting too much pilates then!! I get sore from teaching, too, but not as much as when I take a class.

    ...7.00am 8 mile run tomorrow anyone??.....see yer there wink.gifrolleyes.gif

    Uh, no thanks. Lyme destroyed my joints, no running for me!!!!

  4. Tonight is 25 miles on the bike, 20 minutes of hula-hooping (10 min in each direction) and 20 min of Ashtanga yoga just to stretch out and loosen up to get ready for my 90 min session tomorrow. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!! :rolleyes: But I should have at least 2 hours of Netflix DVDs to watch to keep me occupied ;)

    Wow! That's a lot!!! I just do four hours of pilates a week. ;)

  5. Well, my past two days have been phun .... my daughter stayed home with a stomach bug yesterday, she got sick the day before .... I was lucky enough to catch it from her, but not soon enuf to get a sub for teaching pilateeess. Fortunately, my wonderful daughter (after a slight guilt trip from her phather) showed up to teach my third class.

    Felt horrible still this morning, but got my hair cut, and well, that fixed everything, just a little tired now. :)

    So, no phull day like Jess!!! But I get to teach for three hours tomorrow morning. :D

  6. I HAD fibromyalgia, very badly, all but one point. Took Lyrica for sleep, couldn't sleep without it. Fibro is simply a set of symptoms with no known cause. I would encourage you to keep searching for the underlying cause of your symptoms. Something causes fibro, it doesn't just happen. Mine was a bacterial cause. I treated the bacteria and managed the pain. After treating the underlying cause, the fibromyalgia went away. I haven't had it for about two years now. It took months to wean off the Lyrica though because I had become reliant on it for sleep, the pain was gone, but I couldn't sleep without it.

    My chronic fatigue is also gone. Same thing, a syndrome with no known cause.

    Keep searching for answers. Don't just settle in on pain management. Good luck! I remember being where you are about 5 years ago.

  7. Georgie, I took Humaworm, which kills parasites - bacterial and others. It helped immensely.

    I also took oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, Nutramedix enula, coconut oil, plant tannins, etc. at various times.

    I ate a lot of cultured (not pasteurized is important) foods like kefir, kombucha, and fermented veggies/sauerkraut.

    I took HCL when I ate to help digest. Sometimes the pathogens in our guts can be from low stomach acid, which also makes food hard to digest.

    I avoided sugar and simple carbs. I ate plenty of carbs, just avoided things like white rice, etc.

    I took VSL#3, a probiotic with 450 billion organisms, also Theralac and Ultra Flora, to rebuild the gut with good bacteria.

    I still do much of this stuff, but at this point, after a three years of this, my gut seems to be healed. If I eat too many raw veggies at a meal though, or combine a lot of different types of foods, I still need the HCL.

  8. What's the treatment for Lyme? I've already had several kinds of antibiotics for various other things (keflex, flagyl, doxycyline, and trimethoprin) and multiple courses including long term low doses. This started after I got out of hospital when I was on trimethoprin, the first symptoms I had sound like viral encephalitis before it suddenly turned into what I have now.

    Long term antibiotics. It took me three years to get better. Did you see any changes on antibiotics? I mean either good or bad .... some people just start feeling better slowly, others have herxheimer reactions where they feel worse before they feel better.

    I think most, if not all, of us with chronic health problems have several issues that are wrong - parasites, bacteria, fungus, hormonal, etc. All these other things take advantage of the fact that our health is compromised.

    Bacterial overgrowth in the intestines of the bad kind of bacteria can also wreak havoc and cause systematic symptoms. I had klebsiella and citrobacter along with horrible parasites. It took me years to fix my gut issues of those problems. Low stomach acid also makes it hard to digest food. I still have to supplement HCL on occasion.

  9. Yes, Ohio's ticks don't have Lyme either. That's basically the party-line almost everywhere. Many, many MS patients have Lyme as an underlying cause. You are right, any systemic illness can look similar. In my Lyme doc's differential diagnosis, he even tests for celiac disease because the two can be so similar. In fact, at first they thought I had celiac and the doctor was shocked that I did not. I went three more years before I got a Lyme Diagnosis and was bedridden by then.

    I'm not saying you have it, I just wouldn't rule it out without looking into it first.

  10. Ok, phlip=flip. You now have 9,999 posts, which means you are about to "phlip" over to a big number. This can result in phluids (fluids--see the pattern here?) possibly wreaking havoc either on you, or even another psilly.

    Oh yes, I totally forgot about this!!!!

    Ckarluh, when all else fails, just sound things out fo-net-ick-lee. OK, that doesn't always work cuz we like to use a lot of "silent" letters. You should see what we do with Tom's Ghtohmn's name . . . even though he doesn't visit us much any more.

    But I remember this!!!

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