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  1. And you look like that?! WOWZA!! I'm not eating tomorrow <_<:P

    Haha! It's the pilates .... and the fact that I lost so much weight back when I was sick!

    I resemble that remark - never takes longer than 23 :unsure::lol: Hello CarlaB. You've been gone so long I'm new too. but not THAT new - these guys have scrubbed me up pretty good :lol: The reason it never takes longer than 23 is cos I'm usually Down Under and cleaning up the board when these other guys are layabeds.

    Yes, but 15 minutes is too much on this thread!!! And you weren't here to moderate in the 23 hour range!!

    Welcome back, Carla.

    Watch out psillies, phlash phloods or other phluid events originating in Ohio are likely in the near phuture. ;)

    Oh no, it's been a drought here .....

  2. If you can dig up your Western Blot, please post what positive bands you have.

    Your CD57 is low. That usually is because of Lyme. I don't know a whole lot about it because my doctor didn't do it, but I know that the range given is even low, I believe they look for above 200. The complicating factor is that it doesn't take into account coinfections at all.

    I got better to a certain extent with my LLMD. I had ups and downs. I had times I would be 90% functional, then I'd be 40% functional. That was an improvement from where I started, which was mostly bedridden, I'd say 15%. I decided to try something different and went to Germany and that is what got me better.

    I also did things on my own, like parasite treatment and detoxification.

    Of course your adrenals would be fatigued!!! Mine certainly were! Chronic infection does that to you. It's good to support your adrenals, but it's a bandaid, you have to fix the underlying cause, which is infection.

    I have read the Body Ecology Diet. I incorporated some of the principles, but my gut was already mostly healed when I read it a couple months ago. I still have some minor gut issues, but mostly I'm doing well. That is the last thing to really heal, likely because it was the first thing to sustain damage.

  3. Here is fine .... I'll also see if I can figure out how to turn my PM's back on so I can tell you about my doctor. I did fly to NY and after 20 months I stopped treatment with him to try an alternative treatment in Germany. I went to Germany for 3 weeks, then continued the treatment and tons of detox for 9 more months, then I was totally well. I actually was better from Lyme when I left Germany, and felt 50% better, but still had babesia and bartonella. Those are now gone, too.

    There are many good Lyme doctors (not enough though). I don't know about yours personally, but don't take that to mean anything as I don't know much about very many of them.

    There is also a lot of good information on lyme net . org (no spaces)

    Have you tried to get disability? I know many with Lyme get disability. If you have celiac disease, you might try to get it from that angle because Lyme is not highly recognized, as you are finding out.

  4. Hi, someone told me that this thread had become active again. I'll update you on where I am now .....

    I went through Lyme treatment that you can read about at my blog sixgoofykids.blogspot.com .... start back at Oct. 2008 for the full story.

    Today I am completely well. At one point we thought I had celiac disease, ended up I was gluten intolerant, but it was triggered by Lyme and parasites. Once I got well, I can eat gluten again. If I had celiac disease, as many with Lyme do since Lyme can trigger celiac, then I would still need to be gluten free.

    I'll be checking in on the forum periodically .....

  5. if only it was that easy. I am actually cleaning out clothes and shoes which I have not worn in a year or more....if I didn't wear them in that long chances are I'll never wear them. I am donating them to my coworker who loves getting new clothes. We do this in my office all the time, swap clothes to each other when the time comes. The remaining will go to salvation army.

    Save stuff you absolutely love .... it will come in style again. No, I'm not a packrat, I do the same you are, but I save an article here and there .... someday it's "vintage" .... my kids would kill for some of my vintage stuff .... oh yeah, they just take it, LOL (earrings and such).

  6. Morning Sillies!!

    Well the final walk through went great. We measured the new rooms for furniture. Now don't get me wrong but I knew how big the house was but seeing the mesaurements really set in how big they really were. Our living room is 17ftx32ft. All the bedrooms are 16ft long and various widths, the smallest room being 16x13. So we got room.

    So now all I have to do is get there!!!!!

    So you don't really have the clean your closets then .... just put the stuff in boxes and move it to your new closets!

  7. Ok, hope you weren't eating and reading :lol: ...but HAD to share ;)

    I was .... but it takes more than that to gross me out. :) I hope his nail grows back quickly.

    I was so easily bruised before I got better that I lost a toenail last summer due to bruising .... and the worst part is, I don't even know how I got the bruise! I didn't even know it was there till I removed my toenail polish and saw it!

    Have I not mentioned I'm being transferred to Indy? :lol:

    Uh, I missed this ... are you serious? (I ask on the silly thread, ROFL!)

    Are everybody's blue googlers gender-specific hygiene or just mine? :huh:

    Just you. Is someone trying to tell you something? ;)

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