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  1. Welcome sys! You get the medal for bravery!

    My husband was on Bozo in Chicago, too .... Maybe you met him Tom, I'll have to ask if he was on the scooter race episode!

    Susan, don't get fake boobs! My sister did .... had problems and had to have them taken out and left her even smaller .... stupid enough to have it done again years later .... same problem .... I think she'll be left concave this time .... is there such a thing as a -A cup?

  2. but I'm shy by nature and that just doesnt go away so easily.

    No, it doesn't. I used to be shy and made a conscious decision to overcome it and it took months. Now I've so completely overcome it that when I told a friend of mine who I have known for about 10 years that I was very shy, he burst out laughing! LOL Then he asked Adam if I was shy when we met, and he said yes .... that was when I was still working on overcoming it (when we met).


    I am so glad you are doing so well. In what ways, specifically are you doing better, or is it more generalized? Will you have to do maintenance?

    Symptoms are gone. I will have random symptoms, like right now I have this pseudo-sinus infection. My sinuses feel infected, but the mucus is not yellow .... I think that it might be a healing reaction as sinus infections are something I've had frequently. But my normal Lyme symptoms are gone.

    Once per month for two days I get a little fatigued. I am currently treating babesia and erlichia (started today), so hopefully once I get the coinfections treated I will no longer have flares at all. I am thinking that my insomnia probably won't go away until I treat bart as it got a lot better when I was treating bart previously (on abx).

    Do you think I should plateau with Dr. H before I go, or is it advantageous to go at any point during treatment? If you could do it all again, would you forego the anti-biotics and go straight to photon therapy? What is Dr. H's feeling about the therapy, if anything?

    Dr. H doesn't know enough about it to formulate an opinion on it. I would have skipped abx and gone straight for photons if I had known about them. Those who went and who had more issues than I did are having to treat more viruses, metals, etc. than I am, but everyone who went really seems to be happy with it.

    my fibro is still very bad as are sleep issues and morning symptoms. I have had the Lyme for so, so long, i feel like it needs a JOLT. :lol:

    Fibro was a big symptom for me. Until it went away, I don't think I realized how bad it was.

    Is one type of Lyme patient a better candidate for photon treatment than another?

    I don't believe so. I think that someone who has a multitude of issues won't see the dramatic results I did in only three weeks, but I think that in the end it would work for anyone.

    And one more question - how do I find the people who are going in the spring?



    There is a thread on Lymenet where people talk about going. Search Lymenet for Bionic 880 and I'm sure that thread will come up. I'd use that to find out who is going.

    haha....thats funny! :lol:

    I know that he's seen me without a baseball hat because for LED treatments I had to be as plain as could be...no belts, hats, jewelery or make-up. I think I was wearing my hair up though...in a ponytail...so its true that he's probably never seen my hair down.

    Maybe he just said hair down .... I remember him mentioning caps, but maybe it was most of the time, but hair always up .... dunno.

  3. Carla....yeah....count me in as far as the jealousy goes!!

    ...and if you dont have to deal with symptoms from shyness then I'm even MORE jealous. :P

    Do you think there is a treatment to help me with this?? :lol:

    I am definitely NOT shy! I talk to everyone everywhere I go .... pumping gas, grocery store line, etc.

    I also feel better with a baseball hat on because it apply's constant pressure at the temples.

    I showed Scott your picture on here and he said he had never seen your hair down, that you always wore a baseball cap. :lol:

    I'd say I'm at 85-90% right now.


    I have some pain in my canine tooth root. It might be in my sinus. I used to get sinus infections, so I'm thinking it could be my body going back and revisiting old problems. At least I'm hoping that is what it is because I don't want to have to get major dental work done. The tooth itself doesn't hurt, just by my nose.

    It's giving me a little fatigue, I don't know why. The photon treatment did this when I was in Germany - made me tired, but not Lymie. I guess time will tell. I see the dentist this week.

  4. I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

    By the way, how is Carla doing?

    I would love to go to Germany, and would like to go sooner than later, but I need to get a bit stronger. Maybe in the spring.

    I'm doing great! It's unbelievable the difference the photon treatment has made.

    If you want to go in the spring, you might make your appt. soon. I know there are several who want to go over there.

  5. Wow, Rachel, I don't blame you for worrying about mold!!! Yikes. Glad the brownies were okay. Sorry about the friend leaving. :(

    Hopefully, soon, you will be able to go to Germany. :D

    Good news about the photon treatments for the family Carla.

    It is good news. I'm SO happy to be able to be using something natural. All those pharmaceuticals totally went against my grain .... I've been into natural and homeopathics for years .... got a reputation amongst family and friends as the health wacko. But, I saw no other way out when I got so sick.

    Today is my regular monthly flare up. I'm not bad at all. I can feel a little extra fatigue and heaviness (if that makes sense), but no pain meds are needed as it doesn't really hurt. I would blame it all on the cold, but the cold was worse yesterday and I felt better. I don't have the overwhelming fatigue and disconnect that I felt before .... I didn't just lie around all day like I used to.

    BTW, Select Comfort picked up my bed today. Looks like I'll be getting a credit. Wooohooo!

  6. Wow, Sherry, what a mess! That's a lot to go through especially with hubby out of town.

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm doing fine. I have a cold, but am doing pretty well considering.

    My kids and hubby are treating with the photons. Hubby had nothing .... except he feels like he has more energy. Three of the kids have used it and they all had symptoms flare up at varying levels. The youngest started first .... she knows how to program it, etc, so she does it all on her own ... she seems to have more energy ... she was always mopey, you could tell something was wrong. If the photons didn't work, I was going to make her an appt with my LLMD, but they seem to be working for her. :)

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