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  1. Paula, sorry, don't know the answer to that question.

    Rachel, if I treat with the blood, it takes care of it all ... that's what he told me ... but you don't want to at the beginning because it's too much all at once.

    He uses the biotensor .... but I didn't get one, I prefer ART or some kind of muscle testing .... I don't like the "spiritual" aspect of the biotensor, I'm just not comfortable with that, seems to Oija to me ....

  2. Welcome back Carla!! We missed you. :)

    I'm glad you're feeling good....thats GREAT to hear. Are you going to continue treating yourself now?

    Thanks. :) I missed you guys, too.

    I have a couple more Lyme treatments to do to finish what Dr. W wanted me to do. Then I'll treat something else ... maybe mold? I want to treat as much as I can before I use my own blood. :) Then I use my blood at 25% strength of the light.

    My family has noticed a difference in me and they've only seen me with the jet lag .... 6 hour time difference, plus I was up for 24 hours yesterday after only 3 hours of sleep the night before. I slept 10 hours last night, and hope to sleep tonight without an alarm .... this morning I had to get up.

  3. Sherry, I don't know what the maximum treatment is or if there is one. I would guess four weeks would be adequate. I will have 8 treatments total (according to what he wants me to do).

    Nora, thanks for the info. We aren't consuming the treatments at all, but what you're saying makes sense.

    I just got ART. :D

    Tested negative for Lyme. Positive for babesia, erlichia, and bartonella. Banderol is good for the bart.

    My liver is stressed, but likes parsley and burbur. My body also likes coffee enemas, LOL.

    I tested okay for gluten and dairy, YAY!

    Everything he said was stuff I "knew" by intuition .... I guess I kinda know what's going on as nothing went against what I thought, like, I like Zeolite, but charcoal does nothing for me ... the only surprise was I like chlorella but have a slight allergy to it.

    He didn't have all his stuff, so couldn't do a complete test, but it was helpful nonetheless.

    I tested negative for aspergillus, and positive for black mold, but he wasn't totally comfortable with that because it was by memory ..... Dr. K said it could be done that way. It also showed that it was from the bed and no where else.

    So, very interesting. Oh, he has a lot of virus nosodes and I tested negative for all of them.

  4. Nora, do you mean the nosodes? The bacterial vials and Lyme nosodes were only taped to our solar plexus, we did not consume them.

    We were using strong stuff to aid detox .... that is why I think people who are very sick really need to come here so that they receive the appropriate detox IV's. Three weeks to clear most of the Lyme has to cause a lot of toxins!

  5. Do you have to avoid EMF's the majority of the time you're there...or just for a period of time following the treatment? Here at my mom's we unplugged the computer for 24 hours after my LED treatments....but it was only once a week for 24 hours that we had to do that. EMF's would also reverse the LED treatments.

    He doesn't say we have to avoid the computer, just the wireless. The computer where we are is wired and we have our wireless turned off. We don't spend a lot of time on the computer .... but we all are checking our email, etc. a couple times per day.

  6. Carla, how far is Heidelberg from Dr. W.? Is it close or did you travel? My friend lives 2 hours from Heidelberg. :)

    I believe it took us about an hour to get to Heidelberg .... you might Google how far he is from Pforzheim .... plus, if you get the treatment, you want to be away from wireless internet as those who stayed in a hotel that had it had treatment failures. The EMF's reverse the photons.

  7. It seems like Dr. W. is saying the same thing as Dr. K and many of the other doctors......the Lyme is where the metals are. Lyme and mercury go hand-in-hand.

    Where did you here this? Just curious. He hasn't talked at all about metals to me. I guess he mentioned to someone else here that Americans have more of a problem with them than Germans, but I haven't heard him say more than that.

    edit - ah, I see, Scott's blog. :)

  8. Thanks, it is awesome!!!

    My air hunger is flaring a little today. My flare up is due in a couple days and I always have a flare of air hunger prior to the flare up. Since babs hasn't been treated, the air hunger is no surprise, but it will be interesting to see if anything else flares. I might have other coinfections, so it won't necessarily be Lyme if it does, but it will be interesting to see nonetheless. :)

    I'm still feeling good!

  9. Carla, I am wondering if the borrelia load is decreased enough whether you might easily fight off the co-infections??

    I'm wondering that, too. :)

    If I were to judge my day by what I can do, I'd be about 100%. If I take into account symptoms, then about 85%. I'm doing really well ... it doesn't hold me back anymore .... and I am more consistent ... before I'd have one day I spent the whole day in bed, then the next I'd feel fine ... now it's the same every day.

  10. It must be like LymeNET central over at those apartments! How FUN is that! :lol:

    It IS like that! LOL! But now there are a lot of computer users all sharing one connection! :lol:

    I did tell him that my friend Carla was over there....but I dont think I mentioned your LN username. Thats cute that he gave you a hug once he found out who you were. :)

    Yeah, it was funny! I've emailed with him before, so I guess he didn't know who the heck he was emailing, LOL!

    Carla.....but did you KNOW that me and Little also have the SAME doctors!! How cool is that! :D

    Thanks for "introducing" us. Its nice to share experiences....we do have alot in common....AND we have the SAME doctors....oh did I mention that part already??!! :P

    Well, I knew you were in the same area seeing the same type of doctor, but I wasn't sure it was the same one .... I certainly expected that they were though. :) I kept telling her about this thread and that you were just like her, couldn't eat anything. :D

    No problem in the emoticons ..... everyone saw them in my original post. :D


    Im so glad you are doing so great. When do you come back?

    Saturday. :D

    I'm feeling good still. I'm not totally symptom-free, but I'm clearly doing better. I think I need to address coinfections, but maybe I just need time to heal ... after all, people take a couple weeks sometimes to heal with the flu, so it's bound to take time to get back to normal. The Lyme fatigue is mostly gone, but I'll have hypoglycemic problems sometimes .... also a few aches, but not enough for painkillers like before I came.

  11. Rachel, my blog is the same as Scott's but with my LN screen name at the beginning. :)

    Myspace is with my LN screen name as well.

    If my new doctor has a hard time opening things up maybe this will be my next step. :)

    Anyway, S. is leaving for Germany tomorrow so you will meet him very soon. :)

    This was the last post I read when I saw how much I missed, LOL.

    I'm trying not to stay on the computer too long even though it's not wireless. :) We've also been very busy if you've seen myspace. :D

    I'm feeling really good. I don't feel the burden of the Lyme anymore, but still feel there is healing to do. If I compare it to the flu ..... if a healthy person gets the flu, after the flu is gone they have a couple days of healing. Well, for me it's going to be more than a couple days! Plus, I think I still need to address coinfections.

    Overall though, I'm feeling really good more consistently. Previously I would have to be on heavy abx to supress the Lyme this much, so this is excellent!

    I met S last night! Nice guy. :) I told him I knew you, Rachel and he said you were a friend of his. I said that we knew each other for over two years but had never met.

    I was sitting in the hall loading pics onto myspace when he got here .... I introduced myself as Carla and he shook my hand, but when I told him my LN screen name, I got a hug. :)

    LITTLE!!!!! Welcome!!! I miss you! :( I'm so glad you started posting here, I knew you'd have a lot in common with Rachel.

  12. Rachel, I hope the other doc can help you figure out how to start detoxing better.

    Its really exciting that you are improving, Carla. Do you understand any more what the photons are doing to the cells? You mentioned to help them recognize the lyme. How does that work I wonder?


    The Lyme bacteria has frequencies so your body picks up on that even though the Lyme inside the body may be in hiding as mentioned by Rachel.

    The photons give the cells energy .... that's a simplistic explanation .... but it has a complicated process the photons do to help the cells on a cellular level. If you go to LN and the Bionic 880 thread, GiGi has posted there about how it works (p. 14 or 15). I can't do a better explanation than hers.

    I can say, this treatment is extremely powerful. I think it would help even those with disturbed detoxification because it helps your own cells and your own cells do the killing. They don't do the work any faster than your body can handle (from my experience). That is why there is not really a herx. You do feel the healing, but it's not herxy ... not like you've killed off more than you can eliminate. This treatment is giving energy back to the body so the body can care for itself .... totally different methodology than drugs or even herbs.

  13. Mftnchn has been giving great answers. :)

    Tommy, I recommend (I'm not doctor ;) ) that you start on one med at a time and wait at least a few days to see how you react to it before you start the next. You are on a powerful, aggressive combo, which is great, but give yourself time to ease into it. I had to take Prilosec with the doxy .... doryx is another form of doxy that is easier on the stomach, so if you have trouble, you might ask to try it. Take doxy with a meal, not just a small snack.

    STAY OUT OF THE SUN!!! I got sunburned through my car windows while driving!!! It's good that it's getting darker out, it's an easier time to take doxy. I had to wear gloves to drive, #30 and I'd still get sunburned through the car windows on my hands.

    I'm glad both of you discovered this and have started treatment. :)

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