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  1. Tommy and Cici, congratulations on finding an answer .... you are now on your way to being well. :) I see Rachel and Andrea have answered your questions well. I agree that band 34 is specific for Lyme. IgG CAN but does NOT always indicate a past infection. If you have symptoms, it definitely indicated CURRENT infection. I was IgG positive myself, and clearly have Lyme. I tell you this so you don't accept someone saying you used to have it .... you have proof that you were exposed, and any symptoms indicate you are sick.

    CiCi, there are many manifestations of Lyme. I'm in Germany with 5 other Lymies, and we all five have different presentations.

  2. Hi, I did not read the whole thread or whole posts ... I'm in Germany for Lyme treatment so have limited time on the computer.

    My fibro and CFS are being cured with the Lyme. I also had mold exposure that triggered the Lyme.

    A very high percentage of ticks .... something like 70% .... have the bacteria plus loads of other bacteria. I have Lyme, babesia, and bartonella from my tick bites.

    Lyme is epidemic. I would suspect it in anyone with CFS, fibro, ALS, MS, Parkinsons ... anything which causes symptoms of unknown origin. The thing is, they need to look for the root cause for people to get better .... many times it is Lyme.

    My Lyme treatment in Germany is going GREAT! I am one week into the three week treatment and feel close to well. There are 5 others staying in the same guest house I am and all are seeing improvement, though those who are extremely ill are improving more slowly than I am.

    I hope, Castor, that you get some answers. I agree, it sounds like Lyme could be the root of your health issues. Remember, Lyme never comes alone ... there are also metals, mold, and other toxicities to consider. I HIGHLY recommend www.biotoxin.info .... look at their webcasts.

  3. Hi everyone! I'm in Germany and it's going very well. I'm sure you can see from the blog. Feel free to give the blog address to whoever wants it, I just don't want the screen name to come up here on a Google search. :)

    It's going very well. There are three other Americans staying in the guest house who are also being treated. It's truly amazing how this works. One young girl who is 14 had no feeling ... not even hunger, etc. You could stick a pin in her and she couldn't feel it ... all from Lyme. Her feeling has come back since we've been here.

    I'm feeling good. Not great yet, but good. The pain is greatly reduced. I've been going on long walks every day. It's truly beautiful here.

    I was having trouble with internet access, but they installed one now for guests to use. I won't be reading at all, so you can PM or email me if you have something to say, I just thought I'd pop in. :)

    Hope you're all doing well.

    Oh, I was just glancing at the 10 recent posts .... I went into the local catholic church and asked a lady when mass was .... I asked in German and totally forgot I'd not understand the answer, ROFL. That's in my blog.

    Unfortunately, I stopped listening to the tapes when I started feeling so bad from the mold. I couldn't focus, so stopped. I felt comfortable at the train station and airport because the limited amount I had learned had to do with transportation, I just wish I had gotten to the part about restaurants, LOL!

  4. Hi everyone! I'm leaving tomorrow! I sent out an email with the link to the blog to some of you .... but I think I missed most of you. If you didn't get it (I KNOW I didn't get it to everyone, it's late and I'm tired), please ask someone else on the thread for it. I don't like to use my LN screen name here because this thread comes up so easily in searches. ;)

    I will have limited computer access, so that's why I say ask someone else on the thread. :)

  5. Hi all, short on time, didn't read it all .....

    I know my phone won't work over there ..... I'll buy a phone there, that's what my daughter did. It was very reasonable.

    I haven't set up my blog, ROFL. :ph34r: I'll for sure let you know. I plan on copying whatever I blog to my myspace .... so I think you all have that. I think I'll put it somewhere else, too, since I have so many family pics at myspace ....

  6. Tell them you have a disease that means you need a special diet. They provide refrigerators for people who need medications, so you should at least be able to get a portable refrigerator. I've done that at a hotel that did not normally have refrigerators in the rooms.

    Downtown Indy is a great place. You will be able to find places to eat. Be sure you walk to the Circle if you have nice weather. :)

  7. Just browsing through. So I am quite tired. Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so I made her a birthday dinner. There are three birthday's back to back. Mine was the 3rd, the 8th my mom's and the 15th my brothers. So I made dinner last night for ten.

    I made pizza, calzones and rigattoni. I was in the kithchen for 7 hours straight. Will I ever do that again? :wacko: Maybe in like 5 years. So yeah, I ate lots of bad food. I also made a homemade German Chocolate Cake. My mom is a senior now. DISCOUNTS!!!

    Has anyone seen Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

    You didn't invite US??? OMGOSH, I would have LOVED that dinner!!!!! I've got to go cook dinner, only 5 tonight. :) We're having enchiladas.

    Rachel, you'd have to ask GiGi, but I believe the Bioinic 880 takes care of that. She'd be better able to explain why .... and she has been talking with Dr. K about the machine, so she'd have his perspective, too.

    There is a guy going while I'm there, but not with us, he gets there later, who has the no detox gene, so he might be a good gauge on how well you'd do, whereas, I'm totally different. He sees Kassandra's doctors, including one who does some kind of energetic or muscle testing.

    Sherry, when I was little, my grandparents on both sides did a lot of traveling. They would buy me dolls from every country they went to. I ended up with a collection of over 100 dolls, mostly foreign. Anyway, one of my favorites is the one from Thailand. :) The dolls are small, wearing traditional attire of the various countries. Adam thought the collection was so cool that we have it on display. They are pretty neat.

  8. I stuffed the turkey with rice bread stuffing and no one even noticed that it was different. :) I'm no longer gluten-free (I don't have celiac and the gluten intolerance was a symptom of another disease, so it's resolved) .... but I still made my stuffing with the rice bread last year. In fact, aside from the green bean casserole, everything was naturally gluten-free.

  9. I am buying a machine and bringing it back. I don't know if you can just have it sent here. I know someone who tried and ended up having to send it back and pick it up while she was in Germany.

    Sherry, it's not that expensive. The medical part will be around $2000, it would be $3000 at the most, but you and I aren't severe cases (anymore). This is the guest house - http://www.gaestehausklein-dobel.de/ The other cost is the plane ticket. Considering the cost of ongoing treatment that we have all been paying for it seems reasonable to me.

    April, oriental rugs dyed with vegetable dye are great. :) My orientals were expensive, but they still look brand new and some are 10 years old. They are made with wool. But you would have to figure out flooring still. Our house had the thin strips, but our house is 92 years old, so the floors weren't salvageable. But, I learned that the narrow strips that matched our floors, though we did not get them, are available, but are thinner flooring than the wider strips, so it's not often used. I bet a good flooring company would have your narrow strips. :)

  10. No offense Carla but if it works I'd go to Germany.... :P

    I got a good enough reason to wanna travel much farther than Ohio. :D

    No offense taken. ;) I can't believe you're still here ... I'd be in Germany already if I were you!!!

    I think it's probably just as expensive to travel in the states as to go to Germany anyway .... I think the treatment is rather reasonable.

  11. It does?? :huh:

    Well, that's been my experience! :lol: :lol:

    Yeah, twice a week is how much I wash mine .... it's long and curly .... it usually looks better on days I don't wash it and don't brush it, rofl! I'll get compliments on it when it's nice and dirty! No wonder all my friends are on the internet!


    Do you have room in your suitcase for me lol


    No, but I guess if this works, I'll be meeting many of you here in Ohio. :D I talked to Adam about getting a guest room set up over at the office house ..... as Kassandra can tell you, the study at our house isn't very private ... and our house isn't very quiet with so many people living here, not that it would bother you paula!

    Also something really interested re babesia perhaps. The constant hot flashes and miserable nights stopped this round of Zithromax. Kinda suggest it might not be hormonal, right? I switch off on Sunday to Enula.

    Sounds like it might not be. Have you been tested for Artemesia? Maybe you could take that with both the Enula and Zithromax to constantly be treating Babs. Dr. Zhang's artemisia, according to Dr. Zhang, can be used as a stand alone treatment for babs (though most LLMD's say to use it with something else, but Dr. Zhang's has other things in it).

    My monthly flare up is starting. I have had air hunger all day. I didn't think I would have one since I'm off meds.

  12. haha.....hairspray is definately a priority. :D

    I use Finesse....its gotta be unscented....it works really well. Its one of the few things that I was using BEFORE I got sick and didnt have to switch. Some of the other hairsprays totally kill me. :rolleyes:

    One thing I had to do without was mousse. I used to use it to "scrunch" my hair when I got out of the shower. I reacted to all of them because of the fragrances. :(

    I finally found one a couple months ago that is totally unscented....I was SO excited and even MORE excited when I used it and had no reaction. YAY! :)

    Well, you guys can't use it (has gluten) .... but I use Pureology shampoo and conditioner. There's also a spray styling gel. You know how if you clean your carpet with a carpet cleaner how that spot attracts dirt forever? Well that's what most shampoo does with your hair. This Pureology does not, so I only need to wash my hair about twice per week! Good thing because it's $25 per bottle ... but you use a tiny, tiny bit and don't wash it every day, so it ends up working out.

    But for hairspray I use either Bedhead or Garnier Fructis. :) Can't justify expensive hairspray, LOL.

  13. Cool....you will like him.....he's really nice. :)

    Tell him I said "hello"....its been awhile since I've talked to him.

    I will. I won't see him till the 27th ... our treatments just overlap a little. I meet another guy, too, who is also from CA. I doubt you know him though.

    There's another amazing post on the Bionic 880 by a woman whose two very sick kids (college age) made amazing progress over there. They both had to drop out of school .... now they're both functional again. I am SO hopeful. If I get rid of the Lyme, then I shouldn't be so sensitive to mold, metals, etc. I'm also excited to get back and help Chloe and my younger daughter who I suspect has Lyme.

  14. Yes, this is one of the first symptoms I had. I seem to be revisiting it exactly as it was the first time around. Other symptoms have come and gone .... like my TMJ pain was really bad a couple days, now not at all. That's why I think it may be related to detoxing/retracing. I'm not getting worse ... it's like I'm going backwards through all my symptoms. Last time I relapsed/declined when I got off meds, I just got worse all over.

    Though I am starting to feel bad. After I worked out I ate a little and now hurt all over ... I took a Norco and tanned (sunshine helps sometimes, but there's no sun today). I think I'll be able to push through and get done what I need to do today. If I weren't getting ready to go out of town, I'd lie down.

    Yeah, Donna, hairspray is WAY more important than disease! Gosh wish hairspray was all we had to worry about. Nonetheless, it was fun to talk to her about something non-sickness related, rofl!

    This came to me yesterday ..... the three times I previously was sick with Lyme (1982, 1986, and 1991) .... all three times I had mold exposure. In 1991, we moved from an apartment that had a water leak, the leak was one of the reasons we moved. In 1986, we had a leak in our bathroom.

    The only questionable one was 1982 .... I lived in the KD house at IU. I got really sick to the point my roommate took me to the doctor. After Christmas break, I moved to another wing of the house built at a totally different time than the one I lived in first semester (the house sleeps 90, so it's huge). I lived in the other wing the other three semesters I lived there and was never sick. So, this one I'm not sure about ..... but the bathroom was ancient, so was the furniture in that wing, the other wing had new furniture.

    Just an interesting revelation.

  15. It sounds like you have something systemic going on. I would test for the whole celiac panel and don't get off gluten until you do. :)

    If that isn't it, it can still be a toxin problem .... gluten can be a toxin for many of us who do not have celiac. www.biotoxin.info is a website that talks about toxins - mold, gluten, Lyme Disease.

    Also, you might check this out - http://www.glutenfreeforum.com/index.php?showtopic=36163

    Whatever, you do, keep looking until you discover how to fix the problem. :)

  16. Sorry you're still feeling bad, Paula.

    Sherry, I'm still taking Theralac, which is once per week. I was taking it daily when I was on abx. I'll take some VSL#3 ... I still have two or three packets of it. I don't have D ..... just pain .... not just stomach pain either, it just wipes me out to eat. I guess I could live on berry stellas, lattes, and smoothies till I leave, LOL. Oh, as always, I can also eat potato chips with no problem. If it weren't for potato chips I think I would have died first time this happened! I'm not losing weight even with all this, so that's good.

    I feel good again today .... will have to have a smoothie. :)

  17. I'm really excited, too. :)

    Rachel, I'll get to meet the better health guy while I'm there. :)

    Sorry Paula.

    My GI issues are still flaring when I eat. It's exactly the same as it was when I first got sick and for a while after diagnosis. There is no reason for this to be flaring. Otherwise, I am not declining. I did a lot today ... in fact, I went to Whole Foods, Kroger, Borders, and for coffee with Adam .... then I came home and cleaned the refrigerator before I put everything away. I was remembering how before one errand was all I could manage.

    But then when I finally ate something, I felt horrible.

    I heard from Kassandra yesterday ... she wanted to know a good hairspray ... we were talking about important stuff, not health! LOL

  18. Do you think the mold could so upset my digestion though?

    I was free from any digestive symptoms until I got rid of the mattress a couple weeks ago, so I do think mold detox can cause severe digestive issues. I still am feeling sick whenever I eat solid food. I think I'm going to have to go back to smoothies, lattes, etc.

    Also, from what I've read, if you're mold toxic, mold allergy shots can be counter-productive. If you already have mold toxins in your system the allergy shots can be harmful. http://www.mold-survivor.com/symptoms.html

    If you go to the bottom of that page, there is a return to menu option .... it's kinda hard to figure out where "home" is at that website.

    Mold toxicity is often the end result with constant exposure to mold of a toxic substance. A common misconception among allergists who are untrained in this type of toxicity levels in humans, which is technically not their area of expertise unless they have trained specifically in environmental medicine with their background in immunology, is to do general allergen testing. Most tests usually result in an unequivocal result, a 2+ or less. This induces some physicians to order allergy shots, regardless. These shots are absolutely worthless (and could possibly be harmful) to a person who has been heavily exposed to these mycotoxins as they are already in a state of toxicity. If anything, this could exacerbate the problem. Because many doctors are not trained in this field, they may try to "guess" at a diagnosis.
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