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About Me

I haven't been tested for Celiac Disease yet, but I'm highly gluten sensitive at the least.

Other conditions: IBS, lactose intolerance, prone to Gastritis, Asperger's, Misophonia, mild depression and anxiety, and Reactive Airway Disease.

My Story (symptoms in bold):

I first started noticing symptoms in the summer of 2015. I used to eat Pasta Roni all the time, and that summer I started getting headaches and feeling really full for hours after eating it. Sometimes I'd still have the headache the next day

Then that fall at school, on days my cafeteria had a pasta station, I'd get headaches, stomach aches, bloating, and I'd look four to even five months pregnant. So I started asking for the gluten free pasta, and I was able to eat more than just five bites of food and not go to acting class feeling like a bloated zombie.
I'd still eat breaded chicken strips a lot before rehearsals because it was a quick food, but I would have a lot of sharp gas pains and bloating. I  started taking a lot of GasX and cut the chicken strips out of my diet.

In the spring semester, I continued to cut down on gluten, but I'd still have it in things like muffins because I figured they were less processed so they wouldn't hurt me as much. Sometimes the brain fog was so bad I couldn't do homework, or do anything on Tumblr, or enjoy a Youtube video. Meanwhile, I kept getting headaches so frequently I attributed it to stress because I was busier than I'd ever been. I started popping Advils all the time - never exceeding the daily dose on the bottle, but still - my headaches were so frequent I would take an Advil "just in case," before going to class! 

Well finally as we approached tech week for Oklahoma! (I was playing Aunt Eller), I started getting horribly sharp pains in my upper abdomen. I was diagnosed at age 9 with IBS after a year and a half of testing, and was used to sharp pains in my large intestine, but this was too high up to be IBS and particularly alarming given the recently aired episode of Downton Abbey where Lord Grantham's ulcer burst at the dinner table.

The pains came and went twice, but it was two nights before opening night that I was hit with such horrible pain toward the end of rehearsal that I couldn't stand up straight anymore. I was doubled over and I wished we could just stop practicing curtain call and call it a night! 

The next morning I went to Urgent Care and the doctor said I had Gastritis. He told me I couldn't have fatty foods, acidic foods, spicy foods, caffeine, Ibuprofen, or alcohol (no problem there; hate the stuff). I knew I had to give up gluten, too. It took four months of various treatments to get the gastritis to go away. I'm 5'3", and at the start I weighed 112lbs. I dropped down to 96lbs.

My mom has been doing the gluten free thing for a few years, but she always cheats for Costco cake. It messes her up a little, but not a lot, so following her example, I cheated twice with the gluten free thing last summer. Since I'd only just given it up, my reactions weren't horrible. But now if I have so much as a little cross-contamination, I feel it. It starts with a very full feeling in my stomach while I'm eating. Then for the next three days I have sharp gas-like pains all over my abdomen, and even my left ovary. Then following the three days of abdominal symptoms, I'll experience neurological symptoms for two days - headaches, brain fog, and sometimes even migraines

My mom doesn't believe I can be that sensitive and she refuses to de-gluten her kitchen. I'm home for a month for Christmas break and I've already gotten myself my own non-stick pot, spatula, strainer (I likes me some gluten-free pasta), sponges, and Smart Balance butter. I already have my own ketchup and mayo. Hopefully these measures will keep me from getting glutened. 

  1. Dairy-induced acne actually runs in my family, so it definitely happens. My mom would always break out with dairy, especially cheese. My brother would (maybe he still does? I dunno) and I always knew I did. I majorly cut back on dairy for a month before my brother's wedding to clear up my face for...
  2. Great ideas! Today I bought myself two glass tupperware containers and a set of Mason jars. Now I just need to eat something out of the jars with a spork that normally belongs on a plate and I'll be one step closer to fitting in with the other young'uns of my generation. lol I never liked the...
  3. I definitely need more healthy fats. Maybe I should have some avocados. And everything I've heard about coconut products sounds amazing. I should look into that. I've given up most processed foods now, though I admit I do still eat plain Rice Chex (dry) in the morning. I've found hey're the most...
  4. I haven't talked to my doctor about that. I did a little research after I saw your suggestion and it doesn't quite sound like what I have. The page I found says the symptoms are like untreated Celiac disease, though more severe and disabling. While I notice anything in my body that's even slightly...
  5. I felt pretty good after the sorbet. I checked their website and saw the thing Karen found about how only the flavors with chunks of cookie or brownie or whatever else have gluten. I even clicked a filter on their website for gluten free and dairy free and the 4 sorbets were the only things that...
  6. Thanks. I'll see about the Newbie 101 section. Eating at my school's cafeteria will have to be a must this next semester. My dorm wing doesn't have a kitchen... and even if it did I'd be sharing with 30 other girls. The little microwave we have already scares me... and the crumbs all over the...
  7. This is getting confusing... people on here say you need a diagnosis if you want anyone to take you seriously, and that you should never cheat on a gluten free diet, but people also recommend I poison myself for weeks just to get a diagnosis? I have to nearly kill myself just to get help from a doctor...
  8. Oh gosh... a gluten challenge? That doesn't sound like a fun thing. If I still feel bad though, and get glutened occasionally, isn't that enough for a test? Do I really have to ingest gluten deliberately? At school I eat in the cafe. It's a 4 star restaurant and they try to be really careful...
  9. I actually haven't been tested for Celiac yet. I know gluten messes me up a lot, so I joined the forum to get answers from people who know about living gluten-free better than anyone, but I don't know if I have Celiac or non-Celiac gluten sensitivity. I was going to the doctor all summer to...
  10. Thanks for the replies! I'm getting a little scared, to be honest... I've avoided dairy for the last two days and now I feel really weak and tired and sore, and like I'll get dizzy if I try to go about my business. And I have veeeerrrry slight chest pain. Like if I wasn't listening to my body...
  11. I've been lactose intolerant since I was little, and I started taking lactaid pills or generic brand alternatives at age 18. I always did really well with them. Now I feel icky when I eat a lot of dairy. It's like a gluten reaction, but milder. I get pains all over my stomach, and bloating, and my...
  12. Thanks so much! Trying to figure out all this kitchen stuff is a headache in and of itself!
  13. My gosh! Ennis have you tried to call the cops on that jerk? If he's trying to hurt you or make you sick on purpose, he should get in trouble with the law! I mean you have a legitimate medical diagnosis, you warned him several times, he kept doing things like this and you got sick several times,...
  14. Mmmmmm furniture... haha jk. Nah, I'm just concerned because of all this stuff I've read about getting glutened from touching something and then touching your mouth, because I sometimes eat finger food while doing homework or I put the side of my finger up to my lips when I'm concentrating. It...
  15. I have some plastic tupperware containers I bought before going to college that I've barely used. I think the only time any of them have had gluten in them was my first semester before my symptoms started and one was full of cookies. They've all been washed since, but with the scrubber in my mom...