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  1. Grief is natural and something we have to get through and it was a few years for me. First i just stopped seeing fast food joints. To me they were empty lots. I stopped watching tv with commercials. Thank you Roku, Netflix, Amazon and HBO. Those helped. Dietitian didnt give me anything i didnt know. Read some Celiac and Nutrition books. Things got easier when the hubby agreed the house should be gluten free. No cross contamination and no temptation. Love my crock pot and rice cooker ( going to buy an instant pot next). Hate to cook. Love fresh fruit. Steam veggies in glass bowls in microwave. Boil up dozen eggs always on hand. Found gluten free crackers and popcorn on Amazon. Just search gluten free. Key is to make a bunch of food then freeze it in meal sizes. Always having food cooked or fresh on hand helps cravings. And find favorite snacks to look forward to. All said and done the gluten-free non processed food diet has reversed my heat disease and lowered my diabeties risk. All bad numbers are normal and being 50 that is great.
  2. Have you been to an allergist for wheat or gluten allergy? Even a family dr can order a blood test. I have more food intollernces now that i am gluten free. More so things i ate with gluten pre diagnosis.
  3. I would tell myself to get a vitamin panel done. To search gluten free on Amazon. That I am going to be healthier than most because i am cutting out processed foods and restaurants forever. To be my own advocate and best friend because doctors know little about Celiac and they will suggest things that could expose me to gluten. That my dilligent research, calling manufactuers and farms, is not paranoia but responsible protection. That others, friends and sometime family members will not understand my disease and that for my safety i must be impolite by refusing food items. Finally i would say, yes this is a time consuming disease but thankfully one that i can manage.
  4. Very glad you survived. My father did not. He must have been celiac because i did not get the gene from my mother. I am 50 and when diagnosed saw a cardiologist. I had mild arterial sclerosis. After changing my diet i have no signs of it on sonogram. Thanks for putting the information on the sight. The fact that uncontrolled celiac does mutisystemic damage does not seem to get much press.
  5. pikakegirl


    Before diagniosis and gluten-free i could eat almost anything. Now i eat exactly like you. Found it is a common thing. Some theorize your body remembers what you ate with gluten. Other things are just leaky gut problems. I recently read that mushrooms and strawberries are grown in beds of rye or wheat to keep them warm so no wonder i have problems with them. I eat all new foods, ones i rarely ate before diagnosis. Vital choice seafood is my mainstay for quality salt free wild fish like salmon, makeral and sardines which are loaded with good fats for my surgical menopause. Both parents are diabetic so even though i am not so far i eat the diabetic diet.
  6. Start with the blood tests for celiac. Ten days gluten free would not necessarily show improvement. I am silent celiac so i did not have weight loss or diahreaha. However i had anxiety, thyroid and many strange symptoms. Do not be so hard on yourself about being proactive with symptoms. I spent 20 years looking hypocondriac with drs and friends. I complained for 10 yrs about pain before i was diagnosed on a fluke because of an ovarian cyst with end stage endometriosis. I was put in a detox psyc ward after years of benzo drugs for symptoms to find i had hashimotos causing my psyc problems which were fixable. I spent 20 years complaining abput digestive issues before any gastro dr or rheum tested me for celiac. You have to speak up and change drs often to find people to really search for diagnosis. I think hmos discourge expensive testing.
  7. Have been diagnosed for 10 yrs. Only certain foods or vitamin supplements have caused this. Spices in foods, citric or ascorbic acids, vitamins. Try eliminating things. How about yeast infection? Have you tried an antifungal cream?
  8. I was 230lbs when diagnosed and in a panic to find gluten free i ate candy bars and spam. I lost 70lbs the first year. Must have been alot of water from inflamation. As i researched nutrition i began to eat organic and cut out all sugars, corn syrup, brown rice syrup. I lost another 20lbs. I was 130lbs my high school weight. When surgical menopause hit me 3 yrs ago i started gaining. I have gained 25lbs though i have a strict calorie diet. Probably my hormonal imbalance. There was a point i was frightened i would not stop losing and the drs didnt seem to care but it plateaued by itself. Now of course the drs are all over weight gain. Go figure.
  9. pikakegirl

    Did Anyone Exhibit Ocd While Glutened?

    When researching my panic attacks pre gluten-free I read a bit about the Vegus nerve and the GI system. So connected that what happens in the gut can manifest to many types of anxiety, ocd, neurological and psychological conditions.
  10. I use Vanicream sunscreen spf30 fragrance free but it is thick. Have also used Shiseido spf50 fragrance free for sensitive skin which is lite but expensive.
  11. pikakegirl

    COMPLETELY silent celiac

    I have silent Celiac confirmed blood and 3 biopsy. New Drs still question it because my bones are fine. No nausea or gi symptoms. No anemia. Hence silent. The damage was visible on the endoscope and i saw the video of pink turning to grey desert about 2 feet into my upper gi in the recovery room. My Dr. Said in recovery, you have Celiac you can never eat gluten again, do you understand what i am saying? That was the last time i saw him and my only follow up advice regarding Celiac. I have found I am my own heroine when it came to my recovery. Read lots of books, medical papers and research as well as nutrition and cookbooks. I had folowup bloodwork checks every 6 months all clear and nutritional blood tests to supplement my diet. I had a colonoscopy and pill camera last year and my gi is pristine. After 10 years i am confident i will not perish from Celiac or complications like my father and that keeps me going.
  12. Yes, tried enzymes but made my stomach burn terribly. I no longer have my gallbladder. Possibly the issue.
  13. I thought i was lactose intollerant until i tried 0% fat greek Oikos. It was the fat causing all my symptoms. Of course it is gluten-free.
  14. I developed. A sharp pain like you describe but have been gluten free negative blood for 10 yrs. Had colonoscopy and sonogram of appendix with nothing abnormal. It stopped when i eliminated citric and ascorbic acid foids and addituves. No phycisian knows why i have this so no clinical name. Ii seemed gi because gas and bm made it sharper but i suspect it is urinary tract but possibly valve from sm gi to large?
  15. This article seems to understate the consequences of untreated Celiac. I lost a parent to heart failure from complications of undiagnosed Celiac. It may be a slow killer but a killer nonetheless. Also I did not have most of these symptoms. Instead I had obesity, high CRP, kidney stones, malnutrition, arterial sclerosis as well as adrenal fatigue and neuromuscular manifestations. The damage caused by Celiac is multisystemic and more complex than stated. Incomplete information may lead Patients and Physicians to miss crucial diagnosis.