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  1. I always have a high positive ANA. Diagnosed 13 years ago. Militant gluten free, I don't eat out at all. My thyroid causes many of the symptoms you describe if it is out of my comfort range, which is individual on a large scale of normal. The normal range is to wide and I feel that is why many are not properly diagnosed. My perfect number is 1.5 but I am best going closer to hyper than to hypo. Have you been checked for Hashimotos?
  2. My research showed me my D3 was derived from lanolin. I have a wool allergy so I buy Bluebonnet D3 I found on Amazon which is derived from fish. I feel much better with no adverse effects.
  3. Hi, I am 15years diagnosed and gluten-free. After a decade of sickness before diagnosis I decided to be militant gluten-free. I called manufacturers and farms to research how food was grown, harvested and packaged for all my purchases. It took 6months for my CRP inflammation to be in normal range as well as my Celiac blood test markers. At first as I was healing, things seemed ok but I began having new food intollerences. Especially to things I ate all the time like tomatoes, beans, dairy etc. I found I had to eat things I rarely ate like eggs, rice, apples. I wish my Dr had done a full blood
  4. After 11 years diagnosis and gluten free clear blood testing I developed sharp lower right abdomen pain 2 years ago. I thought it was either a kidney stone or appendix. It was worse upon waking when the bladder is full. I had a sonogram clearing my theory. I then had Celiac blood testing, colonoscopy and a small GI pill camera. I found mine was a reaction to citric acid and ascorbic acid. I had started eating berries at that time. It seems to be a urinary tract reaction. It comes back if I have citrus fruit, berries and tomato sauce.
  5. I found I had a problem with D3 from sheep/lanolin which most are made from. I now use Bluebonnet fish sourced D3. Also I am not converting folic acid, K2, B6 or B12 so I get the l-methyl folate, menoquinane K2 , p5p b6 and methylcobalamin b12 instead and they are show high in my bloodwork now.
  6. Agree with Admin. My Celiac diagnosis was by blood test and biopsy. There is importance in proper diagnosis and the difference between Celiac and Gluten Intollerence. That said my diagnosis took 30 years so I have needed other specialists to assist in healing and management. Gastroenterologist followups, Family Doctor for vitamin panel screening, Cardiologist for stable tachycardia, Neurologist for neneuralgia, Rheumatologist to screen for other autoimmune diseases, Endocrinologjst for thyroid damage from autoimmune activity, and Dermatologist for skin issues related to Celiac. Even after a g
  7. Silent Celiac as well. Took years of recovery for me. Malnutrition took its toll on my organs and nervous system as well. Getting the right medical help was difficult because of lack of doctor knowledge. Energy came when I found I was not metabolizing many vitamins even though I was supplementing. Once I took the l-methy form of folic acid my energy returned as did my positive mood.
  8. I see your dilemma. I have silent Celiac or so it is called. Not much GI symptoms, none when I accidentally ingested it once after years of being gluten-free. But before diagnosis I had biliary dyskinesia meaning my gallbladder was not emptying and had to be removed. My symptoms were Thyroid being attacked, fatigue, muscle pain, anxiety, kidney stones, weight gain, high CRP and some constipation. A Rheumatologist and 4 Gastroenterologists missed my diagnosis for decades even with biopsies. Many of those symptoms were from malnutrition. By the time I had second biopsies and blood work only 2 ft
  9. Diagnosed Celiac 3 biopsies 2007. Been gluten-free and tested every 6 months since. Lots of nerve pain. Found my folic acid crashed and have the MTHFR gene so 3000k l-methyfolate daily helps the nerve pain. Also on FODMAP helps bloat. Found an inolerance to citrus/citric acid/ascorbic acid. Causes stomach and bladder pain immediately. Read that citric acid can be a dangerous allergy like peanuts/shellfish/sesame/eggs/dairy. Also legumes, poisonous uncooked plants and other plants that have high defenses against pests make me ill. Hope you get relief.
  10. Glutenda. I also have Hypothyroid from Hashimoto's and advise everyone with anxiety/panic to have thier thyroid checked. Here are the 10 exercises for stopping a panic attack. 1. Breathing technique. Breathe in through nose down to stomach ( not chest) at count of 8. Hold for 8. Out through mouth slow for 8. Repeat and lengthen count if you can. 2. Focus on a mechanical object or complex object and take it apart piece by piece in your mind. Or ask yourself lots of questions about its function. 3. Repeat a movie, song, periodic chart or long list in your mind. I love the 50 state
  11. My weight went up to 230lbs before I was diagnosed. I started dropping 5 lbs a week as soon as I stopped eating gluten. Lost 90lbs of inflamation. Kept it off for 8 years until surgical menopause and Gabapentin for nerve pain related to MPS and old car accident.
  12. It took a while before a Dr. Tested me for MTHFR and found I had one of the 2 genes. I had been 9 years militant gluten free ( no eating out either) but still exhausted. I now avoid folic acid foods and take 3000mg l-methylfolate daily. Boost of energy and outlook on life. Check out NIH library site and search depression and folate. Great study results for folate. Some bodies don't convert vitamins well, especially after damage to the GI. There are others like B6 as well that have a methyl alternative. Keep looking, I know CFS is a real thing as well but boosting the bodies nutrients is alway
  13. My gastroenterologist works with me on homemade prep since I can not tolerate citric acid, magnesium, salt, dyed, flavorings. I boiled a huge pot of water with potatoes, peas, green beans, carrots and cooked duck for an hour and everything was mush. Strained it twice until I had an almost clear broth which I refrigerated. I drank a glass every 2 hours for 48 hours as well as apple juice up until the last 12 hours. I also stopped eating certain foods 5 days in advance like nuts, seeds and red colored foods. I took the Miramax and dulcolax on schedule. Yes all that was eliminated was water form
  14. Have you had a vitamin panel done? My bloodwork showed my folic acid was terribly low. I thought it was the Celiac but my gene testing showed I had one MTHFR gene. I now avoid folic acid rich foods and take 3000mg L-methyfolate daily. This helped my joint pain. It has to do with the inability of my body converting folic acid to the absorbable l-methyfolate. I have also been diagnosed with Myofascial pain syndrome (was in a major car accident in 94) and Fibromyalgia (I am positive for the FMa autoimmune test).
  15. I use Gabriel, Zuzu, or Andrea Rose cosmetic concealers, all Gluten Free and Fragrance Free. I have scars from surgery and red marks from hemangiomas. I just dab some on and let dry happy a second coat in those areas. With my age I avoid powders that make skin look more wrinkled.
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