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  1. Nope, you don't have to go on a gluten free diet. It is a choice everyday what you put into your body. But there caveats to that -- if you continue to eat gluten, you don't know how good you could feel. Eating gluten will eventually lead to malnutrition, osteoporosis, likely gut cancers, other autoimmune diseases, and probably an early death due to your auto immune disease. The only thing on your list that you really have to give up is beer and even then you can drink cider. Gluten free buns, gluten free sausages and gluten free cakes all exist and aren't terrible. They are in the beginning, but you get used to it. So, yes, in the beginning it stinks, but like anything you get used it it and move on.
  2. Holycow


    I was prescribed xifaxin for SIBO and it wasn't covered by insurance. I got it by asking for samples from my MD. Call your MD and explain you cannot afford it and ask for samples. Normally, they have enough to give you the required course of antibiotics.
  3. Blue Lizard is an awesome gluten free, non-toxic, physical sunblock. It is not greasy and lasts forever.
  4. VSL #3 is safe and powerful probiotic. You get it at Costco in pharmacy or online. Metamucil is too hard on my system too. Psyllium husk is easier on the system and I tolerated it a little better. It did nothing for my husband because it was too gentle for him.