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  1. I haven't been here in a while. I recently (Monday to be exact) started B-12 shots and Vitamin D and Folic Acid supplements after my yearly endoscopy, blood work and a bone density test revealed major deficiencies in these areas along with elevated ferritin levels. I have always heard that B-12 shots give you a boost of energy but I seem to have gone in the opposite direction and am more tired than before. Is there anyone out there who can explain this or has had the same reaction? Thanks so much.
  2. pumpkin

    Question With Menstuation

    I have gone in the opposite direction. Still cramping but not as severe, fewer migraines, very, very short cycle with very little flow. Going gluten free definitely does something to your body.
  3. The Hidden Valley dry dressing/dip mixes are gluten free...but as always, double check the label.
  4. pumpkin

    Johnny Rocket's Is Celiac Friendly

    The milkshakes should be fine as long as they don't make them in the same container as the malts.
  5. I guess I will have to keep an eye on the Tapioca flour. Thanks for the heads up on that. So far I have been lucky by not having "other" food sensitivities but maybe I have jumped the gun as far as that goes.
  6. Thank you. I just found the list of ingredients: no soy but there is tapioca flour, brown rice flour and gluten free whole grain dextrins. I've never had a problem with brown rice flour or tapioca flour... so far. Don't know exactly what the last one is.
  7. It was 5 days ago. I never have the same recovery time when I get glutened. Don't know if that is normal or not.
  8. I always eat the Nana Banana, sometime the Berry Vanilla. I didn't always have a reaction to them. I have no idea what ingredient it could be. Maybe my tummy is very sensitive right now due to a recent glutening disaster. Very frustrating.
  9. I love Nana's No Gluten Cookie Bars but they apparently don't love me! I am miserable at the moment. I usually have one for my mid- morning snack and I had been noticing for the past few days that I'm feeling extremely nauseated afterwards. At first I thought it might be something else but after the elimination process I'm sure it's the cookie bars, I just don't know what ingredient it is. Has anybody else out there had any trouble with them?
  10. pumpkin

    Itchy Ears

    I am convinced it's the celiac disease. I suspect I have DH b/c I get the itchy rash across the top of my cheeks whenever I accidently ingest gluten. I take allergy shots, Allegra D, Nasonex for seasonal allergies and my ear will still itch. Sometimes a Benedryl will ease the maddening ear itch but not enough for me to use it all the time. The itchy ear goes away when gluten gets out of my system.
  11. pumpkin

    Itchy Ears

    Yes. My allergist said it was just dry skin....NOT. I only get it after I have been glutened and I have not yet found a remedy for this maddening itch.
  12. The Reeses peanut butter easter eggs are not gluten free! I am so bummed about it....
  13. In flipping through the April issue of Real Simple magazine I came across a section where they were comparing Mac & Cheese. All of the picks were organic and there was mention (small blurb in the corner of page 267) of the gluten-free variety! Cudos to Real Simple for making mention of this.
  14. pumpkin

    I Hate I Hate I Hate...

    I have been following this all day. It's been very entertaining and after the week I've had I even have a few things I "dislike" that I need to vent: I dislike my frustration with others for not understanding that one day or one week without gluten does not immediately "cure" me forever I dislike my impatience with myself for expecting the same instant cure I dislike living a backward tourist town obsessed with fried and breaded fatty food. I dislike being stuck in the office on a beautiful Friday afternoon when I'd rather be at the barn or the beach I am grateful I have managed to survive a whole week without glutening myself
  15. I subscribed to GFL in February and haven't received an issue yet. Patiently waiting..... I subscribed to LWO in January and just got their latest. I love it. I wish I had known about these magazines before the holidays!!