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  1. I haven't been here in a while. I recently (Monday to be exact) started B-12 shots and Vitamin D and Folic Acid supplements after my yearly endoscopy, blood work and a bone density test revealed major deficiencies in these areas along with elevated ferritin levels. I have always heard that B-12 shots give you a boost of energy but I seem to have gone in the opposite direction and am more tired than before. Is there anyone out there who can explain this or has had the same reaction? Thanks so much.

  2. I love Nana's No Gluten Cookie Bars but they apparently don't love me! I am miserable at the moment. I usually have one for my mid- morning snack and I had been noticing for the past few days that I'm feeling extremely nauseated afterwards. At first I thought it might be something else but after the elimination process I'm sure it's the cookie bars, I just don't know what ingredient it is. Has anybody else out there had any trouble with them?

  3. I have been following this all day. It's been very entertaining and after the week I've had I even have a few things I "dislike" that I need to vent:

    I dislike my frustration with others for not understanding that one day or one week without gluten does not immediately "cure" me forever

    I dislike my impatience with myself for expecting the same instant cure

    I dislike living a backward tourist town obsessed with fried and breaded fatty food.

    I dislike being stuck in the office on a beautiful Friday afternoon when I'd rather be at the barn or the beach

    I am grateful I have managed to survive a whole week without glutening myself

  4. I get my hair cut/colored at Aveda!! :o

    This is veeerrrry bad news for me :(

    I guessed as much though, since all of thier stuff is all natural.

    That explains why my scalp always goes through a molting period after coloring...

    I wonder if this is true for Rediken color. I had color done a week ago and my scalp has itched since then not to mention my hair if falling out more noticeably than usual. This was the first time I had colored since my diagnosis :(

  5. Ha ha--that was funny :) But I'm sure it wasn't at the time! (You have a barn--and animals?)

    For me, my MAC lip conditioner was a source of hidden gluten.

    My dh didn't want to believe that it could be him. Ha Ha. I don't have a barn. I ride horses and I sometimes help my trainer feed when I'm at her barn. I do have a red merle Australian shepherd by the name of Boomer...and of all things he's bit wheat sensitive. Good to know about the MAC lip conditioner.

  6. Sorry for the delay on the Chicken Fried steak, sick child.

    My dh uses the gluten free all purpose flour with salt, pepper and a dash of garlic salt. He coats the meat in a mixture of skim milk (or Lactaid for me) and two egg whites then coats the meat with the flour. He lightly fries in frying pan over medium high heat. For the gravy he uses the flour mixture with the milk and the drippings from the fried meat or substitutes chicken broth for the drippings. He's still working on the consistency of the gravy b/c it seems to thicken up quicker than a traditional gravy but man oh man is it tasty!

  7. Nothing new to add, just my thoughts about it after seeing the story covered on Fox News in Orlando and reading everyone's posts. Having worked in the legal field for almost 20 years I can honestly say a lawsuit isn't the way to go. The only person responsible for what you put in your mouth is you. I realize we all get tripped up now and then but in all honesty if you keep getting sick after eating a certain item you should figure out it needs to be eliminated. Granted, I don't like the way McD handled the situation and I do feel a little bit betrayed but it's up to each of us to make the correct choice. I feel bad for this little girl and her family. I hope they start making responsible food choices for their daughter since she depends on them for this at her young age.This is only going to be dragged out for years and no one but the attorneys are going to see any big bucks. This reminds of the lawsuit where the lady sued McD b/c she spilled hot coffee on herself while driving.

  8. your numbers look pretty darn elevated to me...

    a lot of people do seem to become more sensitive the longer they are gluten-free... more sensitive to gluten, more senstive to other things like dairy, nitrates/nitrites, soy, msg, on and on...

    stick with a diet of whole organic foods that are naturally gluten free and you will have your best chances of success. don't go out and spend a ton of money on gluten free replacements. there are a lot of foods that are naturally gluten free, and healthy!

    once you are feeling tremendously better, then you can start to add in some of the replacement foods like gluten-free breads, crackers, donuts, bagels, things like that.

    if you would like me to e-mail you my newbie survival kit (it's a very large zip file) please e-mail me at nisla@comcast.net

    Thanks for the advice, I can use every bit I can get! I've had the dairy issue my entire life so it wouldn't surprise me if I am never able to handle that. Interestingly I've been craving fruit, which I find strange since I've never been a huge fruit eater. I'll take it though with no complaints.

  9. I just received a copy of my lab results and I'm not sure if I'm reading them correctly. Any help / comments / or suggestions on interpretation is greatly appreaciated.

    On the IGG the number is 22 H

    On the IGA the number is > 100 H

    On the Endomysial AB (IGA) screen it says Positive

    My biopsy was positive.

    I know I have celiac even without the lab results b/c once I went gluten free I felt like a human being again. I just want to understand what the numbers mean. I'm sure I'm correct in assuming that a person isn't a little bit gluten intolerant, you either are or you aren't.

    My other concern is increased sensitivity to minute amounts of gluten after being gluten free. It appears from what I have been reading on this site that people tend to become more sensitive to smaller amounts. Is this correct?

    I thought I had this all figured out but now I am beginning to think I have been in shock and now reality has set in and I want even more information!

    Thank you all who respond for any information and words of wisdom you have to share.

  10. A little side-tracked but anyway....my thought is this, what is the value of adding barley malt to every stinking cereal on the store shelves? I had eaten Rice Chex my entire life...until my diagnosis. Before GM bought the line from Ralston/Purina it didn't have that additive. In my personal opinion you don't gain much by adding barley malt. Just a thought. I'm sorry the Corn Pops didn't work out for you and I hope you are feeling better soon!

  11. I have to say in response to your concerns about giving up the things you love...pasta, sauces, etc. I thought I was going to have a hard time saying good-bye to those but once I got gluten free and started eating safe I found I craved the fruits and veggies over the sweets! I do have my set backs and I'm still trying to figure things out but all in all it's been a very positive thing for me. I have to say too that this board has been VERY helpful to me in my search for all things gluten free. Hang there, you can do this!