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  1. The reason I am asking is for myself and my Son. who is 10 years old. He is showing the symptoms.
  2. Hello, I need list of tests to be done by any doctor to Identifying Non Celiac Gluten Intolerance. Are there any tests which doctor can do.? Any suggestions regarding these are always welcome. Thanks, Aspirant.
  3. Now My situation is how to Satisfy my Hematologist to conduct the bone marrow biopsy / aspiration to find out anemia. Because blood test look normal and I am still feeling fatigued, low etc.
  4. Yes I was already taking iron during the tests. Here are the ranges with the results. Iron Bind Cap TIBC 352 ug/dL 250 - 450 UIBC 253 ug/dL 111 - 343 Iron, Serum ...
  5. Please share the name of Clinic or doctor who has experience in it. I am looking for some one who has expertise in it. I am anemic. You can message me to give the details.
  6. Thanks !!! I want to boost my hormones specially Testosterone, LH ,FSH. I have received the Iron IV in the past but overseas.
  7. Hello, I have received Cyrex test results and I have gluten allergies according to them. Tested June 2015. I have become Gluten free from Dec 2016. My Iron studies are always normal. Here are they. as on 11/28/2016 Iron Bind Cap TIBC 352 ug/dL UIBC ...
  8. Hello All, I suspect I also have Low stomach acid. May be because of H Pylori gastritis or hidden wheat allergy. Has anyone suffered any situation like this.? Any suggestions for boosting the stomach Acid. or other. Thanks,
  9. Hello, Did you see any improvement in your health.. I am in the same condition. Thanks,
  10. Hello, I am in the exactly same situation like yours. Did you see any results of being gluten free.? I may have some solution to your situation.
  11. I am sharing my personal Experience. I met a Doctor called Jeff Rocco in Ogden UTAH. He believes in Sports nutrition. He analysis the patients iron levels. Based on results if the patient levels are low due to Allergy to wheat or H Pylori. He gives Iron IV from 100 mg to 200 mg from 1 to 5 times...
  12. The cyrex test was done in 2015 June. It was positive for most of the gluten protein in Array 3. but I was unable to stop gluten because it is staple food for me. Now I have stopped it completely a month ago. How many months I have to quit Gluten to see some results.?
  13. Thanks, for your response. Yes I have autoimmune disorder too. Anti-tpo was high range 200 or so as per my memory. What should I do to increase my testosterone? Has anyone restored his hormones on this forums.?
  14. Hello, I am new to these forums. I am 36 years old male. Here is my story. I have suffered from H Pylori in the past and received Iron Infusions. Now recently Fecal Anti-Gliadin IgA was done and Here are the results. Result...