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  1. Thanks! I've been trying to find recent advice on the Cheerios, seems like everything I see is from 2015, not more recent. That's a huge bummer! Thanks for the suggestion on Van's I'll have to search for them.
  2. I just bought a big old box of trail mix packages from Sam's Club (first time shopping in there with the kids since diagnosis) it had GLUTEN FREE written all over the box, and it's all over each individual package, but when I got home and looked closer at the box it says manufactured on shared equipment with wheat!!!! How can they have the GLUTEN FREE labeling all over it when it's been on shared equipment? So is it safe to use? Or is it not? Should I donate it to church? Of course I gave a package to each of them in the car to eat on the way home So Frustrating! Also, what's everyone's opinions on Gluten Free Cheerios? I've read so much that says don't do it, but of course my husband told my daughter she could have some. Thanks!
  3. My daughter was just diagnosed with celiac today. She is 7. We have two other children who are younger and plan to do blood tests on all the rest of us now. I plan to go gluten free for the whole household in order to simplify life. . . doesn't seem like there should be any reason to make two meals every time, plus the stress of having to ensure there's no cross-contamination. I have many of the same questions as you.... I've also read that dairy is best avoided in the beginning, as well as other grains. So my plan is to use Pinterest like crazy and implement a paleo type diet, which is mainly whole foods based, as well as gluten, grain, and dairy free. This will keep all those other crazy gluten free processed foods from hanging out in our home. I am curious as to how to travel to see family, too, as are my parents. Hoping more people will reply and give us some tips. Good luck!
  4. Just wanted to update, we did go ahead with another blood test. It came back the same at greater than 2500, normal 15. My husband was adamant that we get the scope done, so we've since done that as well. She has been diagnosed as celiac with her biopsy. Now I'm trying to get my husband to understand the reality of cross-contamination. He doesn't think it would be a big deal for her health. I completely disagree based on what members of this forum have written as well as other articles I've read. How do I convince my husband that I need to get all of the glutened plastic storage items out of the house? I would love articles that I can send his way that shine light on the true nature of gluten and celiac. That it's much more than straight up eating a slice of bread and little crumbs are just as dangerous. How much cleaning out of the kitchen is truly necessary to make the kitchen a safe place for my little girl? We will be getting blood testing done on all of the rest of us soon. Thanks!
  5. Really? Bummer, I was hoping it was more likely just a fluke botched test or something.
  6. So my 7 year old daughter was just tested for celiac using IGA and TTG IGA numbers, her IGA came up on the high end of the normal range. OK. Normal.... The part I'm concerned about is the TTG IGA numbers were ASTRONOMICAL, marked as greater than 2500, stating that normal is less than 15. So with numbers that crazy high should we just re-test the blood work before we go to the GI doctor like the ped. suggested? I mean reading other accounts on here people are saying 200 is SUPER HIGH, so would this even be a realistic number? Thanks for any input!