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  1. Every time I get exposed to gluten (4 times this year) my Dr wants to test me. I have always been seronegative. I was confirmed celiac through genetics ( I have two genes and considered extremely high risk) plus endoscopy after a three week exposure. Do your Dr's have you tested every time you get exposed? I think for me its a waste of time and money since I always come back negative. I am going in tomorrow because I ate two slices of pizza that was either full gluten or had A LOT of gluten cross contamination one month ago. I am STILL recovering from this. Nobody else was sick during that time I got sick and we have 6 of us in our home. I am just curious if that is standard for Drs to test again after exposure? If it takes months to get a positive test while eating a lot of gluten then why would they request this test after someone has be gluten-free for 5-1/2 years and just exposed to it? It just doesn't make sense to me.
  2. Thanks for the recommendations. Usually I make my own pizza dough out of my flour but that day I decided to try the restaurants pizza crust at home. No good. I will never do a take home or eat there again. I've only eaten there twice in a year and the first time I did not get sick. Never again. I'm sorry you had cross contamination issues too. People outside of the celiac community really don't understand how painful it is when we get cross contaminated or even worse, get a full dose of gluten! I never want to feel this bad again.
  3. On Dec. 8 I accidentally ate gluten. I am not sure how much but I know the restaurant. I don't eat out often and actually I bought two pizza crusts and two breads there. One of those two things had gluten in them. I started out just not feeling right that night then woke up at 3 am with stomach pains and diarrhea. yay! From there is just got worse. Over the next week I have severe GERD develop to the point prilosec wouldn't even help (anybody else with that weird symptom?), exhaustion, severe anxiety, joint pain, body weakness, and a new one, muscle cramps in my legs and feet (anybody have that symptom?). Oh and I lost 7lbs in one week! Its been two weeks and the diarrhea stopped 7 days later. The GERD subsided drastically but is lightly there. At least I can eat a low acid diet now. The muscle cramps have subsided as well. What a ride! Whats most frustrating is now I cannot eat corn and soy. I went gluten-free 5 years ago and when I first did I couldn't eat corn, soy and egg for about 3 years. I literally just added it back in over a year ago. Have any of you experienced this? Also, I should say, this is my 4th major glutening this year.....First was from a medication(which then I couldn't tolerate any dairy anymore), second was from the preschool I worked at ( I no longer work there), third was totally my mistake from a cross contaminated hard cider, and then this from a certified gluten free restaurant (don't worry I won't be going back there). I rarely eat out. And now I will only go to the totally gluten free restaurant when I do. This is so frustrating. AND on top of this I see a new GI on Tuesday. I really hope he isn't dismissive.
  4. celichris

    Confused about stools....

    I get floating ones especially before going gf. Today I had them and earlier I had them this week and I suspect I am getting gluten somewhere. Once I saw that was "normal" for celiacs I was relieved.
  5. Thank you for your response! My job is not my practicum job but it is a permanent job. I am their music teacher for two hours in the mornings and then the rest of the day I am the co teacher or assistant teacher in the preschool room (3-4 yr olds). I did tell them I have celiac. I am going to approach it again, they are super supportive so I think I can make our room GF. I may have to buy the GF oats (what brand do you get yours for your child's class?) And I think Costco might have flour I can use to make GF play dough for the kids. Yes my preschool is nut free and that is a good thing too because I have a tree nut allergy as well. We are also mostly GF. Our chef is GF, not because of celiac, and she cooks most of the food GF but there are a few gluten dishes like our sandwich thin sloppy joes which was yesterday. I wear gloves at all times when I handle any food.
  6. Thank you! I also have memory loss and cognition problems which were diagnosed by a neuropsychologist before my celiac diagnosis but AFTER I had been gluten free for two years. I am a preschool music teacher part of the time and the rest of the time I am a assistant preschool teacher. I am almost done with school. The music teaching part is nice because I do not have to touch food and have minimal exposure. My problem is when they use oats in their sensory. It gets everywhere! So does the play dough. I know how to make GF play dough but my directors, though supportive, cringe at the cost of GF flour. We luckily provide the children's food. And most of it is GF. But some of the snacks are NOT. Like pretzels, animal crackers and crackers. Some teachers are very sensitive to my condition and they ask me if I would like the GF crackers in my room instead of the Gluten crackers but that cannot happen with all the snacks.
  7. Thank you for the info. I do know the difference between Celiac and true allergies. I do have a high positive blood IgE to wheat. PLUS celiac. I also have a tree nut allergy. Unfortunately, I don't have any DH rashes now. If that is what it is. I am pretty good about staying away from gluten. The rashes I had prior to going GF went away except when I get exposed in a very bad way, like over that 3 weeks. I know I shouldn't have been working in the kitchen. I didn;t work with flour but breads, crackers and such. I know about hand washing practices and was/am diligent. I should have worn a mask or something. I also live in a home where we still have wheat in the house. My food prep areas are separate as well as all of my cooking gear. My husband also eats GF for me.
  8. Hi all, I am newly diagnosed celiac, last Friday, and my brother was also diagnosed the Monday prior. I am not new to the gluten free community as I was first diagnosed with a wheat allergy 4-1/2 years ago. So I bet you are wondering how I got a celiac diagnosis being gluten free for that long. Well, I have had multiple exposers with not so typical allergic reaction type reactions. I was diagnosed through genetic test plus past symptoms prior to going gluten free in 2012 and my most recent major exposure from work. I am a preschool teacher and I am almost done with college to go into this field. I worked at my college preschool/ child care. Despite the school knowing I had several food allergies ( tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, egg) they made me work in the kitchen. I got very sick. Nausea like no other, an itchy blistery rash on my arms, lots of D, and I lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks and ended up in the ER. It was terrifying to say the least. Once they took me out of the kitchen I started feeling better after a couple weeks and was myself after a month. MY GI immediately suspected celiac but didn't test (via my endoscopy) for it since I have been gf for several years. Once my brothers first test came back positive via blood and endoscopy, my GI decided to do the genetic test which came back extremely likely. So here I am. BTW I also have another autoimmune disease, Sjogrens Syndrome. I have lost my teeth in my 30's to both of these conditions I believe. I get gluten probably fairly often at my job. I work at a new preschool who is mostly gluten free but not completely. They use oats in the sensory bin, I know yikes! I am pretty sure that was the last minor gluten I got in the fall. They also use wheat playdoh. Some of their snacks are gluten snacks like pretzels, animal crackers or other crackers. I am worried that I spent all this money on my education only to not work in this field. I cannot go back to the field I worked in before due to sitting too long ( I also have Ehlers- Danlos which causes me severe pain if I stay in one position too long). Are there any preschool teachers on this board who have been successful in the classroom without problems or minimal problems? I LOVE my job and already work part-time so I cannot cut hours.