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  1. Debbie - Thanks, I agree with you when it comes to an elimination diet, Ive had to eliminate All dairy and Gluten, I have noticed in the past Corn chips, sugar, chocolate give me problems as well, I tend to do well on veggies (Cruciferous and other veggies). Oh yeah GP's (docs) haven't helped me come off, the last doc said that I'm on such a low dose that I can just come off, but they have no personal experience in actually taking this drug for the duration that I have taken it, infact there probably isnt much data on patients taking this drug for 21yrs plus, when I came off this drug in 2000 I found it easy to come off,I was only 4yrs into taking this drug, now its 21yrs in and it is harder, every 0.5ml drop is a major gear change in the brain I found, I don't understand how high carb could make depression worse, I thought carbs give an insulin spike this clears other amino acids that would otherwise compete with Tryptophan which makes its way into the brain to increase serotonin. How is high cholesterol increased by eating carbs? I know that carbs get converted to fat in the liver, i.e. lipogenesis de novo. Thanks for the supplements ideas,I do take VitD3, magnesium Glycinate, and cod liver oil. Yes I know, all processed foods are bad, even those gluten free products in supermarkets. pdm1981 - Yes I stopped the enemas, the fungus is ok, its eaten a s a food in China, very popular there, its stir fried or boiled, I cook it well anyway. I see your point though, some say that mushrooms and fungus aren't good for certain conditions. Ravenwoodglass - The only thing my doc has done is refer me for psychotherapy, :/ I'm still waiting for that letter to arrive, I know more than the doc knows when it comes to withdrawal, Ive been on the drug longer than he;s been alive, hehe, not exactly he's about 25'ish, I've been on it 21yrs. Prilosec isn't OTC in the UK, so my docs have prescribed these drugs for two decades, one ida my doc had was to go onto another drug Prozac which is easier to come off (has a longer half life than the Paxil which I think has a 16hr half life) but I tried that once and it made me aggressive and I said I would never take that again, recently had my colon scoped (horrible and painful) and its in tip top condition Probably the cleanest colon on the planet. Oh, the reason I took Prilosec is cause of GERD/Hiatus Hernia - chronic acid reflux. Thanks for your ideas, Im on a low carb medium fat low carb type diet at the moment, a Mediterranean type diet. Kareng - No haven't worked cause of depression/anxiety, my colon is in tip top condition, the things is the enemas ARE addictive, I realised this years ago and its happened to others as well, I read online a lady who had been doing coffee enemas for almost 5 yrs, charlotte Gerson (Gerson Therapy) has been doing them daily for I think 30yrs, but anyway Ive stopped doing them now thank God.
  2. Jmg, Are you Jewish? I was thinking of learning Hebrew at some point anyway, there is a fungus called Jews Ear which is probably called black fungus in the west, I think the reason was that Judas hung himself from that species of tree that the fungus grows on and it looks just like an ear, anyway I like that and put in the hotpot, I think it supposed to bring cholesterol down, I used to love this in China, I think its like Marmite, Bovril, Coriander etc ... you either love it or hate it. I hear what you're saying mate, I doubt if I could go though 12 weeks, just one mistake and I have night sweats, sneeze my brains out and other goodies, the Chinese doc who told me that she doubt if I can have gluten intolerance may be right, but I have Gluten allergy and definately a reaction, my daughter who doesn't lived with me (and had a different diet to me) who is 19 now has Gluten intolerance or allergy, she can't eat any Gluten or she'll sneeze, have a runny nose and feel ill, she has to take piriton when she makes a mistake but she never had these problems growing up, could it be the roundup that they use on wheat now? I don't know, but I think people can definately become allergic to wheat even though they have eaten wheat all their lives. If you want to try I'll tell you what I ate, we have one of those portable gas hobs/burner, they are very cheap, I got mine for £15 and the gas canisters maybe a few £'s each, and you put this on the table and make a soup base (in the kitchen hob), Gluten Free chicken stock, garlic, s$#&ake/button mushrooms, spring onions cook this and then take the pot to the dinning table on the portable gas cooker, and then add veggies etc in the pot, we used Lotus root (sliced), lettuce, spinach, potato (sliced), chinese yam (sliced), pork or lamb (you buy them ready sliced in rolls in asian shops for hotpot), Tofu (frozen overnight then thawed and cut into thick slices - this changes the structure of the Tofu and makes it rigid, the chinese Tofu not the silken one if Im not mistaken), some people put Chinese Date or wolfberry, you can experiment with any veggies, let me know how it goes if you try
  3. A good diet for avoiding type 2 diabetes

    I'd love to go low carb and higher fat, the problem is that my triglycerides are too high, LDL too high and so want to go vegan, I am on a low carb type diet at the moment but high cholesterol/Triglyceride markers AND high Glucose markers too!!! Stopped all those Gluten free cakes and products, too high in sugar and bad carbs I think
  4. Going Vegetarian?

    Im thinking of going vegan or vegetarian as well, Dr Grieger suggest that meat ups inflammation I used to make bone broths with lamb/fish/chicken and possibly pork bones and had autoimmune type symptoms (Burning red ear - only the cartilage area), I purchased Collagen and tied it only once and had the same reaction (I assume they get their Collagen from carcasses, tendons etc) Greiger also mentions that LEAD has been found in bone broths, I suppose heavy metals accumilate in the bones so this maybe why I reacted Most of what Ive read tells me to go paleo or low carb and eat good fats and never read about vegans/vegetarians healing themselves of their leaky gut problems cause you have to cut out Gluten, in my case also casein, what veggies do you guys eat? Beans could be problematic also. Corn I also have to avoid
  5. That darn corn !

    Ennis-TX, Being Sicilian I miss spaghetti, lasagna and know how you feel, we have to adapt and create a diet that are parents probably didnt eat, I have reached the point of avoiding all processed foods and prepare and cook my own food, for me its the safest way, I can get by without corn but love baked beans, yummy, beansdon't bother me so Im happy at the moment
  6. That darn corn !

    Corn has definitely given me problems and I just avoid it now, I ate Gluten Free corn chips and felt the effects of allergy and the list of food can eat have shrunk considerably.
  7. I purchase kefir grains from wholefoods and use coconut water and after two days its ready to drink, I can't be 100% sure though about another person level of casein reactions, the cheese in gluten free lasagnas make me have terrible mucus, coconut yogurt also can be purchased at wholefoods as well.
  8. GFinDC, Oh definately I agree with what you and Kareng are saying, no more coffee or any type of enema, after 8000plus in 8 to 9yrs, I'm finished with them, they became an addiction and I didnt do them cause of constipation but because I wanted to help detoxify cause I was taking Paxil and Prilosec long term, as well as speeding up a sluggish liver, but no more. I checked that link on eosinophils and various disease connected, bloody hell when you Google this stuff it gets scary indeed, apparently can be connected with many disease from allergies and infections to leukaemia and cancers, there is the one you mentioned Eosinophilic Esophagitis and Eosinophilic gastroenteritis (EGE), I think and hope that the cause is Allergic, cause I have allergic symptoms, I wonder if chronically damaging my gut via coffee enemas could have caused this, as you say forget the past and work on getting healthy now and for the future. You're right about certain quacks and finding a good naturopath, etc. As to diet yeah this is a tough one, had chinese hotpot with lettuce, mushrooms, lamb (homemade), y wife says that lamb is YANG and makes a person feel warm or hot and infact feeling very warm this evening after eating the lamb, I just wonder if this just is inFLAMation. Greiger suggests meat and animal foods cause inflammation, obviously in people with intact gut its okay but those with leaky guts it could e a problem. In my opinion you can't go wrong with low starch vegetables unless you have certain diseases like kidney disease (Potassium, Calcium, salt etc have to limit) so I'll go with 'safe' foods for my own body and health situation, I seem to do well with chamomile tea and slippery elm, almond milk, lettuce, brocolli, cabbage, artichokes, I just have to work out whether ingesting lower or higher % of fats is good for me, and still not sure about starchy carbs as per Mcdougals diet.
  9. Kareng, Thanks Karen for your concern, I'm willing and open to listening to the reasons why coffee enemas may have affected my small intestine and whole digestive system, and how VitC, B complex and various supplements could be detrimental to my health, is this what you are suggesting? I agree, even with the supplements seeing as the liver has to clear whatever you put into your mouth, but because I listened to medical doctors i was put on two drugs that I was supposed to be put on for a month and never did they help me in 2 decades to come off, they never told me that increased Gastrin can cause stomach cancer, i.e. long term PPI use, every few years they say have an endoscopy, if there is something wrong then what? Operate, noway I'm not gonna wait until something goes wrong, actually I waited too long. What do you think of my theory that chronic low stomach acid cause of what docs prescribed for 20yrs, is there anything wrong in the theory that bad bacteria migrates into the gut and can damage the gut, is fed by undigested food cause less pancreatic enzymes are released cause there isn't the same trigger (normal acid level), and doesnt a damaged or leaky gut affect or may affect the gallbladder and cause bile stasis cause CKK messages are interfered with (if the gut is damaged)? Seroxat(Paxil) can and does cause LES relaxation and so I have to come off Paxil before coming off Prilosec so this is my plan, withdrawal and the crying/anger and mental stress I assume will raise cortisol/Adrenalin and raise inflamation in the gut. So maybe I will have to do something to relax, doctors can only do so much, i.e. drugs, operations and hardly advise on vitamins cause they aren't trained in this area, they do prescribe Vitamin D a lot but thats about it. I had arthritic type pains in my left knee and hip for a year and a half, I started taking the vitamins and ate low carb kind of Mediterranean diet, every morning I woke with pain and the pain got better with movement, also in my joints in my left hand (two fingers) ... I have no pain now in my joints, the doc always wanted to give me painkiller tablets and creams, I took them to no avail, so I suppose this is one of the few positives I can take from the supplements Ive been taking, maybe! I only started taking the supplements after the gallbladder/liver diagnoses.
  10. Jmg, I can drink organic chicken bone broth, my wife is Chinese and she told me to boil the whole chicken, what I waa doing was making a meal for the family, i.e. roast chicken and then keeping the bones and making a soup only out of the bones and added organic chicken egg shells and use apple cider vinegar to break down the bone and shell but when I made the chicken soup meat and skin it was unbelievably tasty (the skin is not too good for me, way too much of the wrong fat, but nice taste). How do you make your bone broth and what do you use? I also put ginger, garlic and a little seasalt to taste. Oh, what I was going to say Chicken didn't give me the kind of auto-immune reaction, it was the combo of chicken/Lamb/fish/(And I think)pork (Bones). Wow so if I don't have true Celiac, then for some reason I react badly to Gluten or the Gliadin protein and the casein, man I only made one mistake ate chinese, I sneezed all day, sore roof of mouth and had night sweats and generally ill feeling.
  11. Kareng, You make fair points when it comes to taking all those supplements and various diets, I should go to a qualified nutritionist but I have a sneaky feeling I know as much as they do (Will still go and see one), for example the reason I take L-Glutamine is because it helps to heal the gut and Quercetin is supposed to tighten the junctions in the intestines, hence healing leaky gut. I spoke to a Liver doc (natural one) who has 30 yrs experience in treating patients with liver problems and advised the Vitamin C, NAC, Selenium, slippery elm, DGL, B complex etc for Liver/Gallbladder health. I would agree with you that coffee enemas may have damaged my intestine by releasing bile in an unnatural way, kind of like having diarrhoea for 9yrs, coffee sits in the colon and via the portal vein reaches the liver and stimulates bile to be expelled, the enemas create a kind of vacuum when expelled and this may suck out bacteria from the small intestine, coffee also passes through the colon into the body I heard via small capillary or veins, increase Glutathione as well, Im not sure if bile is sent into the colon via portal vein or hepatic vein OR the normal route and into the small intestine, either way the small intestine is being affected, many times after an enemas I'd need a warm milk because my duodenum area was aching. I hear what you are saying that some don't have true Celiac disease but have a problem to Gluten, Its interesting - could be that people have damaged intestines for whatever reason - round up used in wheat production etc, either way I could not do the 12 weeks of eating Gluten, just think about it makes me feel ill.
  12. Hello GFinDC, May I ask you (and others) I did coffee enemas for 9years DAILY (I know, thats over the top) but was thinking that bile is released and flows into the duodenum/small intestine, bile is slightly corrosive right? And so the enemas may have damaged my duodenum/small intestine?, as well as bad bacteria possibly migrating from a chronic low acid stomach environment into the gut to further damage it. Lol, I think Im starting to realise they are 'rubbish' at diagnosing this thing (by the way are you a Brit?, cause we say rubbish, I'd thought you'd say garbage, maybe Im wrong) 12 WEEKS? No way, seriously if I ate Gluten for a week I'd be in real trouble, I'd be exhausting from night-sweats, and sneezing my brains out all day, nose would be irritated and red cause of having to wipe a runny nose all day, I think even 2 weeks would be torture for me, seriously. Even Gluten Free foods (processed ones) give me problems such as GF Lasagna (has milk and so the protein casein must get through my suspected 'leaky gut'), GF chicken nuggets and salad I can eat - no problem, eggs never gave me a problem allergy wise, the only thing that did give me problems was bone broth particularly lamb, fish, chicken mix - this gave me the red burning ear symptoms and I noted that stress/sugar and potato peals gave me this symptom, months later I took Collagen (the sales lady at wholefoods swears by it) As soon as I took it I got the burning ear symptom, I figured that collagen is taken from a similar source, carcasses, bones, tendons etc (Non organic) and the broth I made with organic ingredients still gave me this problem, according to Dr Grieger LEAD (and other heavy metals I think accumulate in bone) has been found in bone broth, so my sensitive gut rightly reacts to this heavy metal. Oh, I also used to love Art, painting and drawing
  13. Hello JMG, Thanks for your reply, you are right about the long letter, when I showed the Chinese doc she was overwhelmed and I'd emailed her the morning of my afternoon appointment The reason I stopped eggs (I love eggs and one natural health doc told me eggs are very good for the liver - i.e. Choline, Glycine, B Vitamins etc., but could be problematic for gallbladder) The problem is not with Cholesterol itself but how my body deals with it, the gallbladder has become saturated with bile (Cholesterol/bile salts/sludge) possibly due to bile stasis, i know already that I have Gilberts syndrome and so a sluggish phase 2 liver detox which may have predisposed me to liver/gallbladder problems. I did check my patient access(online blood tests results medical history etc) which shocked me, the markers that I'm concerned about are Blood sugar, Cholesterol, Full blood count. 1) Glucose I think Im prediabetic HbA1c levl - IFCC standardised 39 mmol/mol, i think this is 5.7in old measurements2) Serum cholesterol 6.19 mmol/L (0 - 5mmol/L), Non HDL cholesterol level 4.84 mmol/L (0 - 4mmol/L), Serum LDL cholesterol level 3.91 mmol/L( 0 - 3mmol/L), Serum HDL cholesterol level 1.35 mmol/L( > 1mmol/L), Serum triglycerides 2.04 mmol/L (0 -.7mmol/L) in brackets are within normal range I believe.This is the comment.Comment: (CHF) raised chol and trigly, JBS Guidelines treatment targets: HEART 2005:91 Sup.V, High CVD risk goal Minimum goal, Total Cholesterol <4.0 <5.0, Non-HDL Cholesterol <3.0 <4.0, *LDL (Calculated) <2.0 <3.0, See CVD risk prediction charts in BNF for primary prevention.3) Full blood Count all okay apart from one marker, Eosinophil count 1.1 10*9/L (0 - .510*9/L)From what I gather the eosinophil count has something to do with white blood cells in the bone marrow? One reason they could be raised is Allergy/Gluten intolerance/leaky gut? There lots of other reasons, some genetic. Have to look into these. I'll put the long letter into shortened version of the most important points, I suppose it would be good for one of those 'functional medicine' docs, just don't know who to go to apart from my own GP.
  14. Hello Kareng, the Gluten and dairy problems are elf diagnosed but Im sure I have a problem in this area, maybe leaky gut or SIBO etc, cause when I eat Gluten (Wheat, Rye, Barley etc) I sneeze my brains out, the roof of the mouth hurts, runny nose, itchy red eyes and sometimes night sweats. I do have actual diagnoses for GERD/Hiatus Hernia, Gallbadder polyps, Mild Fatty liver, Depression/Anxiety. It could be that what the Chinese doc was right? That its not Gluten intolerance and yet the allergic reactions stop when I stop Gluten and dairy, the reason I feel that I could have a leaky gut or damage to that area is cause, I have reactions or have started to get reactions to other foods such as dairy which started about a year ago, or maybe im getting better at realising what not to eat and what to eat, dairy gives me wheezing and mucus, I stop and the mucus and wheezing stops, but you are right I should go now to my GP (doc) and demand some tests, what kind of tests I don't know, maybe a stool test, allergy tests?
  15. Here's a history of my problems 20yrs ago started taking Paxil and Prilosec for depression and GERD/Hiatus Hernia Round about the same time doc told me I have a benign condition called Gilberts Syndrome which means bilirubin levels are higher than normal in liver function tests (sluggish phase two detox I think) About 9 years ago started doing coffee enemas because I wanted to keep my liver clean cause of the years of taking the two medications and also to speed up a sluggish liver (Gilberts) About 4 years ago started become intolerant to Gluten/Dairy and sometimes Soy Last year started having auto immune type symptoms when eating potatoes with skin, sugar and stress - these gave me red ear burning symptoms that burnt only the cartilage area and not the lobe which resemble the autoimmune disease Relapsing PolyChondritis, I did read about a lady who reversed RP by adopting the Mcdougall diet (Vegan, high starches diet and no fat/oil) 2 years ago was diagnosed with Cholesterolosis (gallbladder polyps) after having pain in my liver area and righ shoulder blade, I was eating junk foods like potato chips (Crisps) chocolates but also healthy foods like salads, carbs, meat etc. Not exercising and having lots of stress with my wife and the kids and my father with dementia, having to deal and look after all of them, my wife seems to think a man should be a man and just get on with his responsibilities, she doesnt understand that I'm not response - able, or able to respond and this creates even more stress for me and frustration/anger, I have felt many times I want to walk away and never come back, my health is suffering and people seem only to care about their needs and not mine. After the diagnosis I changed my diet and stopped eggs and used cholesterol reducing yoghurts (Benecol) and lecithin and tried to eat slightly healthier, I also stopped doing coffee enemas which I got addicted to doing longterm. 8 months later I had another ultrasound (cause the polyps in the gallbladder can become malignant if they get to bigger than 1cm) I was then diagnosed with fatty liver, I thought what happened here?? Initially I thought that the enemas may have a negative affect on sludge/bile in the liver/gallbladder, but I always thought coffee enemas get rid of toxins directly into the colon, anyway this is why I stopped the enemas, but after 8months I get fatty liver disease, what the hell!! So then I thought maybe my liver got so used to daily exporting of bile by coffee enemas that when I stopped doing them then my liver not only went back to being sluggish but slowed down even more, like what happens when you stop acid reflux meds and then you get rebound acid, which is worse than the problem you initially took the meds for. I did do some research and found that coffee does stimulate the liver AND gallbladder to get rid of bile and Italian scientists have found that fatty liver can be reversed in rats by using the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee per day. But coffee also irritates the intestines and that may not be good for the gallbladder RE: damaged gut affects CKK messages to Gallbladder. (also coffee, chocolate etc weaken the L.E.S. so that doesnt help me fix my GERD problem) I was thinking that the decades of taking Prilosec reduces stomach acid and created a 'leaky gut' by first of all allowing bad bacteria to thrive and migrate to my duodenum/small intestine, also food arriving there won't have enough acid in order to trigger release of pancreatic enzymes to breakdown foodmatter (my point is the acid triggers the pancreas to release digestive enzymes to further breakdown food and so food in my small intestine arrives undigested, ALSO the fact that I did all those enemas I thought that the barrier between the colon and small intestine there is a valve and this valve may have weakened due to the vacuum type action after thousands of evacuations (like having diaorreah for 9 years I suppose), thus bad bacteria could migrate into my small intestine? And the enemas releasing bile into my intestine, this may have damaged the intestine as well. I think my problems stem from GERD/Hiatus Hernia AND depression/Anxiety and the medicine that Ive taken for these diseases, and so have to reduce these meds and fix the original problems and here is the problem, each disease can be fixed via low carb or high carb diet (many say online), it seems this way - depending on which website you read, or Guru, 'functional medicine' doc you happen to come across. I tried tapering off the meds, what a mistake, I reduced both paxil and prilosec. Within a week I was nervous, angry, shouting, crying, and depressed and had constant duodenal ulcer like pains, after 3 weeks of hell went back on to normal dose for both meds and wait until I stabilised on those doses, i.e. let my ulcer and brain heal from the last taper attempt. In the meantime I cleaned my diet and decided to reverse my fatty liver by doing the things that science has shown work, losing weight, exercising. Also adopting a mainly low carb diet using some Cocconut oil and other good fats like olive, avocado, flax. Some say go vegan, high carb low fat some say do the Ketogenic diet, Ive done both, with the Keto I always have palpitations as I need some carbs (maybe electrolyte imbalance seeing as bananas seem to stop the palpitations), the high carb low fat I put on weight and after doing my own research feel that high carb will convert to fat in the liver, the liver seems to be great at doing this, The liver has the highest density of glycogen storage in the body, but once these stores are full, further excess dietary glucose leads to progressive hepatocyte triglyceride accumulation (fatty liver) via “ de novo lipogenesis”. I want to via diet and supplements (and other) to fix my two main problems which Im taking meds for (anxiety/depression and GERD/Hiatal Hernia) but now I have to deal with fatty liver and gallbladder polyps, its as if my body warned me and then said okay I'll give you something else to think about now :/ By adopting a low carb diet I can get enough Tryptophan during the day and in the evening have a carb meal like potato to release insulin so that Tryptohan which can't compete with other amino acids, will then be released and get into my brain thus effecting serotonin Also I will make sure I get the nutrients that my liver needs in its phase I and II detox (my phase II is sluggish – Gilberts syndrome) also use choleretic and cholagogue foods which will aid in keeping liver and gallbladder functioning well and bile flowing, have stopped doing the enemas and use herbs and foods to do the things that the enema did, coffee I can drink in small amounts maybe?, I use milk thistle/dandelion/artichoke and other herbs to keep those organs healthy. For my small intestine/duodenum 'leaky gut', obviously avoid gluten /dairy/soy and sugar, take L-Glutamine to tighten the junctions in my small intestines, (Quercetin also does the same), increase good bacteria by taking 100 billion pro biotic supplement daily, sauerkraut and kefir?. I'm not sure if I may have S.I.B.O. (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) For my GERD/hiatal Hernia problem, I need to lose weight and get to my ideal weight so I started exercising daily by jogging for 25 minutes a day and create a calorie controlled diet of about 800cal if its not too low, Dr Micheal Mosley showed how a man on 800cal reversed his fatty liver in 2 months by slashing his weight. Do you have any ideas on my plan on healing? Forgive the long letter. I currently do IF (Intermitent Fasting) by reducing my feeding window to 6 hrs in the evening and then fasting for 18hrs, my plan is to deplete Glycogen stores in the liver - liver fat gets used or burnt up as fuel at approximately 15hrs in fasting state and then body goes into a state of autophagy, which may help 'munch' or shrink the polyps. I was thinking in order to spped up Glycogen deletion I could jog in the morning and then use apple pectin to absorb some the cholesterol released by fat burning, I have read beets are very good for this and Fibre such as Psylium and vegetables of course. I was wondering whether Serrapeptase or Selenium can help shrink the polyps? Hiatus Hernia/GERD - I have done some research on healing GERD, from massaging the LES or pit of the stomach area downwards with my hands, drinking water early in the morning and jump up and down to bring the hernia down, losing weight, squatting when going to toilet, eating fibre to avoid constipation and avoiding any straining at stool , abdominal breathing to bring down the diaphragm, not wearing tights belts, sleeping on an incline, I did also see a Brazilian study that showed that Melatonin can tighten the LES sphincter muscle. Depression/Anxiety - Stress reduction techniques like relaxation sessions, prayers, Massage, meditation, self hypnosis, hot baths. For both diseases vegans and low carbers have their various success stories and studies to back up their claims, so diet wise is where Im stuck, do I do a low carb diet with good fats or high carb - low fat diet? Online you'll find stories where vegans will say they healed the very diseases that I'm trying to heal, at the same time you'll also find paleo or low carbers saying the same thing, one conclusion that Ive come up with without rejecting the experience of any one camp, is that the danger is the combo I mean the combination of FAT and CARB, if you avoid this combination then the body can be healthy and heal ... Maybe? I suppose we are all different and there is no size fits all diet, all the time. Dr Mcdougal I like his work but annoyed when he refers to Gluten intolerance as a RARE problem cause he wants to push grains I assume, its just not true, I know many people who have problems with wheat and Gluten, I have lived in China on and off since 2000 and I hardly ever heard of allergies, they eat rice not so much wheat, Rye, possibly some barley, corn yes, but wheat is not that popular, Rice is of course. The methods of making more money by wheat growers may be a reason why wheat is worse for us now (roundup) I don't know. His no oil/fat and high starchy veggies like potatoes, yam, breads, corn seems do'able but I found it gets boring after a while with no fat I suppose its a question of willpower, I found that with low carb diets and keto that my brain didnt like it, I would get palpitations in the evenings (maybe interferance with Paxil) maybe GABA is effected by carb intake or lack (maybe potassium issues), definately you need or I need carbs or I'll feel down, carbs raise insulin and allow Tryptophan to pass into the brain without competing with other amino acids hence it can effect serotonin production, 'without carbs people with depression/anxiety don't do well' (Neurologist Dr Amen) I have to agree from my own experience. So I thought I'll do high carb low fat, problem is that the liver has its 2 phase detox system or pathway and certain amino acids (Taurine, Glycine etc), B vitamins are required for this to work, eggs for example contain cysteine, choline, B vitamins and other ingredients that are crucial for liver health and yet has also cholesterol, and then we move to other arguements, is cholesterol good or bad, is LDL necessarily bad for me in my situation? I just don't know, seeing as I have a Cholesterol problem I have avoided eggs,but eggs are good for the liver and yet I dont want to overload my body with more dietary Cholesterol. For my disease I looked at fatty liver, Mcdougal shows one person (a doctor) that followed his plan and healed his fatty liver, on another video you'll see another doctor funnily enough, both doctors who recovered from fatty liver disease, one healed via a hige starch low fat diet and the other with a low carb diet with eggs, lean meats good fats etc. There is another problem (The main one that I want to deal with), my gallbladder problem which is a build up of sludge/bile/cholesterol in my GB, well low carb diet would help by introducing good fats like olive oil, flax, cocconut etc, when fat is ingested the GB squirts out old bile/sludge to emulsify the fat and this allows old bile to be ejected hence keeping the old bile moving and avoiding bile stasis in the GB along with eating liver healing veggies such as cruciferous, sulphur, the onion family, artichoke, Milk thistle, dandelion etc that help detoxify the liver and gallbladder and help with phase I and II detox. The fatty liver problem actually I know how to solve, lose weight, by reducing 10% of weight you reverse fatty liver. But I want to fix my GB problem also, if I do the Mcdougal diet then I worry about Bile stasis, although by eating no fat/oil my body would compensate and adapt to create less bile/sludge/cholesterol, but Im not sure about this, the body controls cholesterol production either way to stay in homeostasis so possibly if you reduce all cholesterol your body picks up its own production and if you up your dietary cholesterol then the body makes less, I don't know for sure. Coffee (many bitter substances are good for detoxing the liver, radicchio, chichory etc) in some studies showed that it can reverse fatty liver in mice, Italian study. When I stopped doing the coffee enemas - 8 months later I was diagnosed with fatty liver!! I realised that possibly my Liver was so used to this flush, coffee helps release bile from the liver and speed up phase I and II detox?, (actually this could be a reason I got GB polyps in the first place if each time I was doing the flush I was exporting bile to the GB then this excessive exporting if bile created an unnatural build up?, And so when I stopped then the system slowed down and fat built up in my liver seeing as the process of detox slowed down (eggs help the detox process of the liver and I stopped eggs too) I also used plant sterols added to 'Benecol' spread to reduce my cholesterol (I was tested last year at the GB polyps diagnosis and it was slightly high but nothing remarkable and has always been this way. If I do the Mcdougal plan then adding too many carbs will convert to fat, again we are all different and because I have a sluggish liver and a fatty one it could be that MY liver will convert excess carbs to fat real quick, just to give an example I switched the Mcdougal for a week or even less I gained 3.5kg and immediately switched to a low carb and lost that weight in a few days, I was 115kg 2 years ago at the GB polyp diagnosis, fatty liver diagnosis 8 months later was 108kg (ideal weight should be 73kg), now am 104.5kg, but need to slim down to 80kg at least to stop this fatty liver problem, it should help my hiatus hernia problem too and then hopefully can come off the Prilosec, cause a fat belly causes intra abdominal pressure upwards and puts pressure on the whole hiatal hernia/LES area by reducing weight I could stop this from happening, even reducing my Prilosec meds to 10mg from my normal 20mg dose would be a success for me, I tried this recently and after a week my throat was burning and in pain and so I know Im not ready yet, need to reduce my weight and try again when Im about 80kg. So as you can see my problems are GERD/Hiatal Hernia for which I take 20mg Prilosec, Depression/Anxiety been taking Seroxat 20yrs only take 6mg daily, Fatty liver and cholesterolosis, EDS hyperlax joints due to collagen problems, oh I also have scoliosis and the relapsing chondritis I seem to have under control (red ear pain) if I don't indulge sugar, coffee, stress. In the last one and a half years I have also experienced arthrits pains in my left knee and hip and left hand finger next to pinky, I searched and found a book by Giraud Campbell its a bit old (1970's), he shows with xrays how he reversed patients arthritis in the hips and other joints in 8 months, some took 3 months - he used mainly raw foods diet, a kind of raw paleo, no flour products or bread or grains some starchy veg allowed like potato but meats were mainly organ meats and raw or scalded some with veggies, first day he would fast his victims, I mean patients And so reading all these books has confused me SO much, again you look up arthritis and Mcdougal and the other vegan guys say that meat causes inflammation and this is the problem and yet the other side says that carbs are the problem and YES you will have success stories from both camps, and so a person who has researched will come to the conclusion of WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?? Meat consumption immediately INCREASES inflammation (Dr Greiger) and yet look online for leaky gut diets and you'll find low carb, bone broths are good, eggs, I did make bone broth soups using only organic bones and had the red ear symptoms, I later found that Bone broths have Lead (Pb) in them (Greiger) and so for me for whatever reason either inflmmatory response or Lead or some other reason it created an auto immune response. The only way to see if one diet may work is to do ONE and have tests done, blood tests, Stool tests, Ultra sound, and other tests regularly and tweak a particular diet to suit MY own body and situation, Dr Ornish for example is mainly on the vegan side but allows fish oils and some fish. Back to my deadly duo or combo idea. If you look at foods that may create disease if you ingested them longterm - they have that carb/fat mix, chocolates (bad carb+bad fat), all the foods I loved growing up like Tiramisu, Lasagna, pastries (sweet and fattening), it seems you can't have one without the other, take a bowl of cream and a bowl of sugar taste each one and they are too overpowering but add them together you get icecream and BINGO you have the deadly combo cause that icecream you can eat it without you feeling overwhelmed its been tricked in a way, your brain I mean, to indulge. So the Mcdougal works by not ingesting fat so you feel full eating bland carbs, the other camps like keto you ingest fat and so your body gets the message Im full the COMBO is the problem, because it is delicious, I tried make lasagna without fat, I tried making Tiramisu without sugar, bland as hell and your brain gets the message Im not eating any more of this stuff and tells you to stop hence both diets help you to lose weight this way, and weight is a contributory factor in many diseases.? It's true we are all affected differently, with my situation I don't know how to get rid of gallbladder polyps (cholesterolosis) I figured that cholesterol has accumulated on the GB wall and so I should avoid cholesterol (eggs, meat etc) I ate Benecol which is a cholesterol lowering butter/spread but didnt completely cut out junk, fast forward 8months to my next ultra sound BANG! diagnosed with fatty liver, and the polyps stayed the same? My sluggish phase II detox was speeded up possibly with enemas but when I stopped I didnt go back to normal speed but back to sluggish or even super sluggish speed and this caused me to get fatty liver (being fat also doesn't help but Ive been overweight for 2 decades) The only thing that changed that I can think of is stopping coffee enemas and eggs. So after this fatty liver diagnosis I spoke to a natural doc and she said that eggs are good for liver and certain veggies and supplements and so I listened to the advice and started eating low carb type of diet using good fats, cause good fats trigger the gallbladder to release its stored bile to emulsify the fat, certain veggies also help promote Glutathione production (I say this cause some do enemas for those two reasons) In 9 yrs Ive landed in hospital maybe 4 or 5 times and mostly cause of severe palpitations possibly adrenal related but was ok, but scary whilst I had the episodes all after an enema, once I was tapering off paxil and did my usual enema and had niacin and this sent me overboard actually this happened 3 times, once my blood pressure was 200 and mine is never that high, I was trembling but my sitution as you say is a particular one, when you tapering off paxil you can get super jittery, the niacin flush stresses you AND the coffee in an enema than BANG, the combo sent me overboard! Im not sure which diet to go on for gallbladder polyps and so far have not found anybody who has healed their polyps and so I figured Selenium could do it, but diet is the thing that is numbing my brain, some say vegan, some say paleo/low carb, I can understand how low carb could help by eating good fats to stimulate the expulsion of old bile and keep things moving, BUT how about cholesterol? If one eats more cholesterol foods like eggs and meats then aren't you adding to the problem? That is - Cholesterolosis!! And so I thought possibly Vegans have it right, by eating less cholesterol the body adapts, but I wonder if by reducing cholesterol from the diet would the body UP its own production to stay in homeostasis?? I have no idea. At mealtimes NOW I take supplements for my liver/Gallbladder -: Vitamin C (Ester C) 1000mg, D3, B complex 100mg, Vitamin E, Selenomethionine (Selenium), NAC, Digestive Enzymes, Zinc+Carnosine capsules, Pro Biotic of 60 Billion. In the daytime I have 5gm L-Glutamine powder also Taurine capsule, in the afternoon a Quercetin capsule, during the day lots of water (I try to drink but actually 1/2 litre) in order to keep bile fluid and not concentrated, Turmeric tea, also Ginger, mint, milk thistle, chamomile teas during the day to keep bile moving in my Gallbladder. I realise that you can't go wrong with veggies and water, but now I don't know which side do I choose, the low carb (LCHF) or the Vegan type (HCLF) like the McDougall diet or similar, its truly a maze for me and confusing. A last point. In order to get rid of the Cholesterol polyps I am doing IF Intermitent Fasting where I fat 18hrs and eat 6hrs, my reasoning is that after 15hrs Glycogen stores are depleted in the Liver and the body starts to use fat as fuel and at this oint goes into a phase called autophagy were the body start to 'munch' tissue that isnt needed, so possibly my body could target the useless polyps and 'munch' or shrink them. During the daytime I fast and was worried about bile stasis in the GB - I thought about this and drink lots of warm teas during the day, the water will make the sludge/bile etc more fluid and I make the teas out of either Turmeric, Nettle, Milk thistle, Mint etc, which I hope can stimulate the GB to keep bile moving and NOT stagnate. Recently heard that Serrapeptase can shrink growths and so, tried some but after two days my stomach hurt, I did read the label and it said if you suffer from ulcers you shouldnt take it. Im not sure if Im doing the right things, and if there is something else I can do or possibly what Im doing is wrong, Im fed up of being sick and want to be healthy again and will do anything to achieve this goal. Thankyou for reading my long letter, I need to find someone who can help guide me in the right direction. Forgive if I repeated somethings. Gerald (Thankyou moderator for allowing me to fully explain my problems in such a long post)