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  1. I knew the nut bars from Nature Valley were gluten-free, but I don't see the Fruit Trail Mix being gluten free. The ones they have listed on Amazon have oats and malt extract listed as ingredients. Am I looking at the wrong bars? I would love to find another mainstream bar to eat. http://www...
  2. Most sausage/kielbasa/hot dogs do this to my stomach even though they are gluten-free. DS also has Celiac and can eat all of the above and be fine and he is super-sensitive.
  3. Yes, they are. It has been a while since I contacted the company, though. My son eats them and loves them!
  4. This happened to me after going gluten-free. I had been very regualr, then started having 18 day cycles, then 35 day cycles. There is no rhyme or reason to my cycles now. I have my tubes tied, so I am not pregnant. My OB/GYN ran all kinds of tests, nothing was out of the ordinary. I also have...
  5. I hope you are feeling okay. Let us know. I was one of the ones who posted about possibly being glutened by the bowl, but I also have numerous other food intolerances that could have been the culprit that I wasn't fully aware of at the time (soy, onions, garlic, peppers). That being said,...
  6. Aunt Jemima Original is gluten-free, not sure about the Sugar Free version. If it is, it could be the artificial sweetner you are reacting to. I know that I have a problem with splenda and nutrasweet. I am going to give 100% pure maple syrup a try once I run out of this bottle of AJ.