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  1. I never expect them to take care of my diet needs whatsoever but from time to time they claim to cook gluten free which now I can't even trust. I told them I would cook for myself to avoid reactions but like I stated above, it normally starts an arguement and me getting attacked for "not being able...
  2. This is a great idea but I have already tried it. She won't even turn to me when talking about it and if I tell her things that she doesn't want to hear (like my symptoms) then she will simply get up and walk away. It took me a doctor diagnosing me to even go gluten free because to her it was "too...
  3. After 6 years of having many many medical issues (I am now 20), I finally got tested for Celiac and it came back a big fat NEGATIVE. In the past I have been scoped in upper and lower but all the doctors could find was gastritis causing my episodes of acid reflux. Years have passed..a topical ointment...