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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Horrific alcohol reaction

    I live in the Paso Robles (Central CA Coast) Wine Region and know a great many people in the winery business. My wife has always been super sensitive to wines, until we learned what to look for. Sulfates - killer #1 for my wife. Like mentioned in posts above, they give her almost instant migraines. The problem is the wine maker. All wine has sulfates to control spoilage, but look for a wine maker that strives for high quality and as natural as possible. If they pop the barrel, they need to add more sulfates to control it from spoiling. So some wine makers just DUMP sulfates in so they don't have to be careful and worry. 2nd - what is it aged in. We have found that stainless steel aged wine (yes, some reds are starting to be processed that way) or whites are safe. If it is aged in American Oak, the tannins are too much for my wife. French Oak is the safest for her; low in tannins. Since she has learned this info, when we go tasting, she is careful to see how it feels in her mouth & throat; that is the ONLY way she can go to any winery. Funny, but when we eat out (before I was celiac disease), we would order Italian or French reds; we cannot risk the issues I mentioned. So now, if we go tasting, we will ask! Often, we are viewed as wine snobs, but if it's a question, she will taste, but spit it out (proper wine tasting method). For me, mixed drinks are ALL out, I can't risk it. So just stay save everyone, hope this can help a few of you....