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  1. Yes, I'm hoping if I do have a food sensitivity that it will be really obvious once I add that food back in that it's the problem.
  2. I haven't heard of selenium before but will look into it. Caffeine is one of the things I eliminated on my diet and I haven't added it back in yet so we'll see!
  3. Thanks for the advice! I will look into the breath test and the fructose malabsorption and pancreatic issues.
  4. My Dr. suggested that I do the elimination diet but certainly didn't give me as much guidance as I would have liked. I've been doing a lot of studying up on elimination diets as a result. I definitely wasn't getting enough calories for a while at the very beginning but I've been able to figure out...
  5. Thanks for the welcome! They haven't run a Celiac panel since I got diagnosed. I'm currently doing an elimination diet to be sure that there isn't another food that's causing the fatigue. My B levels were normal and so were thyroid levels. I had a D deficiency and have been taking supplements to...
  6. Hi all! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about a year and a half ago. My digestive symptoms cleared up quite soon after I began eating gluten free. However, I’m still struggling with fatigue and a few other things. Not sure if this is Celiac related or if something else is going on. I’ve been tol...