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  1. I turned 50 this month and have decided to start the new year with a better diet to lose my weight. When I asked about diet pills before, I know they are bad but couldn't think of anything else. I am not trying to be a "skinny minnie" but a size that I don't have to by "PLUS SIZE" clothes. Does anyone know of a weight loss plan that works with people with celiac disease? (ex: Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc) I am not good at putting one together myself. I have Hasimotto's thyroid disease and yes my levels are fine. I also have Narcolepsy which seems to be getting worse. I have bad arthritis in my knees (currently awaiting knee replacements) and my right foot needs a bone graft. I can not walk far due to the foot and knees. As for swimming - PLEASE....................... I would not subject anyone to that.

    I have purchased an excersise ball to start doing some floor exercises etc.

  2. I have been on the gluten free diet for 1 year and I have gained about 20 pounds. I was overweight before being diagnosed and now gaining more. I also have hashimotto thyroid and bad arthritis in knees and feet. I was thinking about trying one of the over the counter diet pills to help lose some weight.

    Has anyone tried any of the over the counter diet pills and have they worked?

    Has anyone gotten a prescription for diet pills that worked?

  3. I am also gaining weight. I also have diarrhea. I try so hard to make sure the food I am eating is safe. It is so depressing, hard to find comfortable clothes, and don't want to see people I know because I am so embarrassed how I look. I have arthritis in both knees ( need to have knee replacement surgery) and my right foot "has issues" (tolong to describe but have already had 2 surgeries).

  4. I have Hasimotto's Thyroid Disease since 1987. I also have Narcolepsy, cataplexy, arthritis, Restless Leg Syndrome and Celiac disease. It is awful. I can't seem to lose weight, my legs and feet hurt, so tired all the time, no energy, sensitive to heat and cold, always thirsty and just don't want to do anything. :(

  5. I have Narcolepsy, Cataplexy, Hasimotto's thyroid disease, Restless Leg Syndrome, arthritis in both knees and right foot and Celiac Disease.

    I take Pramipexole Dihydrochloride for RLS. It helps alot but doesn't take away the feeling totally. I am sometimes awaken at night with really bad cramps in my calves or feet. The only thing that seems to help is for me to get into the shower and let as hot of water as I can take run on my legs. It usually takes about 10 minutes then I dry off and go back to bed.

  6. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in November 2005. I am still trying to learn how to "eat" with this. I found this website and have learned alot.

    I found this website and thought I would share. There are two - the first one you enter information and it breaks down the food with what is in it etc. The second one - explains what those "ingredients" in foods are and what they do. Hope this helps others.

    1. http://www.nutritiondata.com

    2. http://www.nutretiondata.com/food-additives.html

  7. Well I have had my thyroid scan and ultrasound this week and now I am just waiting for the results. When the tech was doing the untrasound I felt like I was choaking (sp?). I didn't realize how tender my neck was! Guess my thyroid is enlarged after all. For those who have had to have the treatment for Hashimoto's (sp? again) what was it like? I am worried. I am starting a new job and going back to college. I am worried that something will have to be put on hold. What is difficult? Time consuming? I don't want to sould like I don't care about my health, it is just bad timing for something else to be going wrong!!! LOL.

    I have Hashimoto Hypothyroidism, Narcolepsy, Cataply, Restless Leg Syndrome, anemia and arthritis.

    My Dr. told me some of these things can be related. I've been told it is genetic but I am not aware of any other family members with the things I have with exception of arthritis.