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Diagnosed Celiac March 2017, but positive bloodwork since 2012. 47, married mother of 3. Non-smoker since 2014, mild drinker (gluten free beer and wine only), transportation professional, regular exerciser/weight lifter. Allergic to shell fish, lactose and possibly more things besides gluten now. 


joint pain


chronic sinus/cold symptoms



All of these symptoms have increased since going gluten-free. Currently feel like I'm going out of my mind at times. 

  1. Thank you for your input Gemini! This kitchen will get some new stuff! Thankful that I have good allclad pots & pans. So far Red Mill gluten-free oats work for me. I really still don't feel well in general. Achy all the time now. I will definitely give this healing process more time. I...
  2. Wow! Sounds like you are a good cook and a foodie. I hope you posted those recipes somewhere. I do cook almost daily, but am what I consider a "basic" cook. I have to follow recipes. Now is a good time to eat since it's Passover, lol. I went to a Jewish Seder potluck last night and had LOTS of gluten...
  3. Ennis_Texas, Thanks for your reply! I will take your advice and start my own prep area and maybe even toaster bags, I have a dedicated gluten-free drawer in the pantry already. I went out to Fridays for lunch yesterday and got a really good gluten-free chicken entree....but....somewhere there...
  4. Easterlily,, I'm glad your hubby is supportive, mine is too in that way ;He has even gone shopping with me for gluten-free stuff and will try it with me. Here in Michigan we have Aldi's and so far they have the best prices on bread and some other things. I am now starting to make my own gluten...
  5. Thank you for the advice. Labs completed Monday ruled out Menopause. I have had Thyroid checked so many times I can't count, even had an ultrasound. The itchiness I mostly mild but intensifies at times and I can't pinpoint why. Definitely will get a good multi vitamin and continue with a good probiotic...
  6. Easterlily, I can relate! Diagnosed Celiac 2/24/17 with a horrible endoscopy/colonoscopy! I was 50% awake and it was tramatic. I am 6+ weeks gluten free and am having some withdrawl symptoms too, as well as major anxiety depression. Be sure to communicate to the GI doc and your family Doc. My...
  7. These ear issues are interesting! I, too have had ear problems all my life. I was told in 1996 I had Meniere's disease, which I don't. Very bad Tinnitis in my right ear, like background noise 24/7. And I get random high pitched buzzing that goes away in seconds. I also had chronic sinus infections...
  8. Hello all, Diagnosed Celiac in Feb/2017. Been gluten-free ever since. Overall not feeling any better but worse. Aside from the mental issues, I have noticed random itchiness all over my body; not all the time, but I can't pinpoint when it occurs. My scalp is itchy all the time now and I'm shedding...
  9. Ravenwoodglass: The most recent intense anxiety/depression/can't get out of bed episode happened the day after the prep for the capsule endoscopy. I called the GI doc and he said it is common for mental health issues to be exacerbated by Celiac and to follow up with both my PCP and my Psychiatrist...
  10. Thanks GFinDC! I put a call in to the GI's nurse. She was ambilvalent about it. I felt like yelling, "Hey b****, I'm going outta my mind here, WTF?" I will try to skip oats for a while...but the sudden heart palps, pulse increase and diarrhea is strange and anxiety inducing. I HATE this right...
  11. I got breast implants in 2012 but had tested positive for celiac bloodwork right around that time. I don't think it's related.
  12. Hi all I am Kathy, 47 in Michigan. Celiac disease is confirmed within the last 2 months both via the bloodwork and endoscopy/colonoscopy. After the Endoscopy, I had severe stomach pains so the GI doc ordered a capsule endoscopy which I had Friday 3/31/17. The prep/cleanse is similar to that...