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  1. Ennis, thanks for the reply and info. I've done a lot of reading and I must have missed the info on eating no oats. I purchased Bob's Red Mill gluten-free Quick Cooking Rolled Oats (Whole Grain) and some Udi's gluten-free Original Multi Grain Hot Cereal. I mix about 1/4 cup of each with hot...
  2. I hope I don't get other food allergies because of Celiac disease!!!! Egg allergy?!?.......Sigh Just from the short time I've been connected to this Web site, it seems that there are many symptoms people have that can "show their ugly face", and those symptoms vary. Thanks for the...
  3. Since last October 2016, my stomach has been feeling like it's full all the time (or constant pressure may be a better word here), and it seems like it's constantly rumbling and I have more gas coming out of both ends. I was diagnosed with Celiac a couple of weeks ago and since I've changed my eating...
  4. Knowing my luck, the fish would get Celiac disease and I'd have to stop eating them too!!! lolol Thanks.......
  5. For years, we have composted most everything except meat products. All things like flour, bread with wheat, rolls, etc...., have been going in that compost bin. That compost has been going in the garden where we grow the vegetables that we eat. Should I be worried about the veggies I'm growing...