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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Refractory Sprue

    Thank you so much! I will contact her
  3. I know exactly how you feel. I have headaches all the time too, although I have celiac disease and have been gluten-free since 2003. I'm only 22 and have felt like a total guinea pig the past few months as the doctors do test after test on me to eliminate certain things. So much of my money is being wasted on these tests and procedures that don't turn up anything. I have constant bloating and most of the time irregular bowel movements. I don't have any gluten contamination, so that's not it. First my family Dr. said it's not IBS because the bloating does not go away after a BM. Then the gastroenterologist that did my colonoscopy said that's not necessarily true. I just could have not totally emptied my colon. So....what in the world am I supposed to think and believe from these people? I suggested allergen testing for at least soy, dairy, corn...the common stuff....but my family Dr. said the tests "are expensive and inconclusive". She suggested an "elimination diet" instead. Well...I've tried it and I can't tell a difference no matter what I eliminate...I could be so messed up inside that taking it out for a little while wouldn't help. Who knows. So like you, I have felt like I'm on a wild goose chase with Dr.'s that may not really be listening to me. I'm so sorry you are struggling...hang in there and try to keep hope that you will figure it out. I know it's tough....but we've gotta hang onto something don't we?
  4. Refractory Sprue

    I have been gluten free for four and a half years. I have been careful! My symptoms (mostly bloating that NEVER goes away and irregular bm's, almost constant fatigue and feelings of weakness) have not been relieved. Needless to say it's really frustrating me. I have been getting test after test and procedure after procedure done searching for answers. I have been tested for deficiencies and malnutrition and now I'm on TONS of iron each day among all the other vitamins I already took daily without fail. I have had an ultrasound done to look for tumors or cysts--they only found a very small uterine fibroid, nothing to worry about. I've had my bone density checked, I got tested for gluten contamination--negative, I had a colonoscopy (I am only 22) and they found not much of anything, nothing to explain my symptoms. I'm going to suggest to my doctor, for the second time, that I have allergen testing. I tried to do a food diary for over a month and could find no real pattern or specific food that caused my symptoms. I tried cutting out dairy, then soy....not much of a difference. I have had so many blood tests it's ridiculous...no answers! My real question is....could it possibly be refractory sprue? I know it's rare and I could be way off....but has anyone else been diagnosed with it? If so...how did you feel? What were your symptoms? I am in need of some real direction and I have been doing research like crazy trying to find some answers of my own to bring with me to the Dr. when I go back on the 12th.... Can anyone help me?
  5. I had an absolutely delicious salad dressing at a restaurant recently....it had balsamic vinegar. I read it's made from grapes....so it's gluen free right? I just want to be sure so I don't keep eating it and for some reason it's not gluten free.
  6. I have been taking the same type of Calcium supplement for a long time. It's also got added vit. D...it's the Spring Valley brand at wal-mart. Well, recent health issues has finally made something click in my head and I checked the ingredients of my supplements. Well...it's got maltodextrin. I've heard different things on maltodextrin as far as whether it's allowed or not. Does anyone know for sure? I want to find out so I know whether I need to find a different brand or not. If this has been contaminating me everyday twice a day...it would explain a lot. But if not, then I'll have to keep searching. Can anyone tell me whether maltodextrin is gluten-free or not?
  7. Bloating

    I go to the doctor this Wednesday to get a bone density scan and to check up with my doctor on everything (recent blood tests, adding phosphorus and LOTS of iron in supplument form, etc.). I will be talking to her more about the bloating. I will bring up some of the suggestions all of you gave me, so thank you! I'm going to ask to be tested for at least dairy, corn, and soy allergies. It stinks when you take such good care of yourself and you still feel like poo. I think God gives Celiac Disease to all the strong people It takes a lot of patience and strength and will to get through every day life at times. This morning I woke up and felt wonderful! I got up even though my son hadn't woken me up yet and I exercised. It felt great. I took all of my supplements, went shopping with my son, went to the park, and when I came home, still feeling pretty good, I laid my son down for a nap and began making my first meal of the day. (With my iron supplements, I have to wait at least an hour to eat). I had bean salad wraps consisting of corn tortillas, black beans, a red pepper, hellmann's mayo (it's gluten free! I called), lime juice and lettuce. It tasted wonderful and very soon after....DUM DUM DUUUMMMMM! (Doom-souding music there) I got bloated. There goes a good chunk of my good feeling. I know I shouldn't get so down about it...but it's incredibly frustrating. I have trained myself over the years to keep my stomach flexed at all times to make it much less noticeable...so I have great ab muscles...but sometimes I just want to let go and not look pregnant. I know you all can understand, and I am sorry you go through it as well. So many uncertainties when dealing with one's gut. So many exceptions to every single rule. You try to deal, but can never live a "normal" life again. The difficult search to cure the bloating, upset stomach, etc. is well worth the effort if it helps us live a better life.
  8. Although Hellman's Mayo has vinegar....I read in a gluten-free book that it is gluten-free. Does anyone know if this is true?
  9. I got my results today from my lab work. Calcium is fine, but phosphorus and iron are low. This means I still need the bone density xray. My doc is putting me on supplements, so hopefully that will relieve my headaches, fatigue, and irritability. As far as my bloating and whatnot, I have spoken with my husband and laid down new rules to help keep the contamination at a minimum. I appreciate all of the support and suggestions you all have given me. Thank you!
  10. Bloating

    Thank you all for the suggestions, I greatly appreciate them!
  11. Those are the lab results I am waiting on. I got them done last Wednesday, so hopefully they call me soon! They're also testing for Calcium intake. I am supposed to have a bone density xray in a couple weeks to check for bone loss.
  12. Bloating

    Well, I had an ultrasound done a couple weeks ago...ovarian cysts and cervical cancer run in my immediate family. But, they didn't find anything except for a small uterine fybroid, which my doctor said wouldn't be the source of my bloating. I was definitely glad to rule out that stuff, although it puts us not much closer to the answer. I'm glad I'm not a doctor...searches like this for the source of the problem and cause of symptoms for many people would drive my nuts!
  13. My grandmother recently told me she read in the paper (she lives in Texas) that Kroger's Private Selection line of foods is supposed to start making health foods and gluten-free foods! This is so exciting. I hope that they will be totally gluten-free though, and not processed in a facility with wheat. We shall see! Just thought I would let everyone know. It might be awhile before the products come out, but keep your eyes open Kroger shoppers!
  14. I live in Lebabon, Indiana...it's just about a half hour or so northwest of Indianapolis. I am looking for a great support group fairly close to home. If anyone lives near me or knows of any support groups that would be close, please let me know!!!