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  1. I think I'll be around Adelaide for now and than maybe eventually down to Melbourne, Wow thats interesting, I too would feel better knowing its 0ppm.
  2. Wow those sound amazing! Thanks for the info thats really interesting. I agree with easing into it, plus i dont think I'm ready to give up everything yet. I'm a little worried since I have trouble getting enough iron but I take a b-12 supplement since thats one of the ones I've been deficient in from celiac. Also as a side note/question where in AUS do you live? I think I will be moving there within the next year. At first a was a little concerned what my food options would be there (restaurant wise) but it seems like you guys have even more gluten-free stuff than I do here in New York!
  3. Thanks for the article i will make sure to watch out for that and maybe get some supplements.
  4. Hii, thanks for all the great ideas. I never thought about jackfruit I'll have to try that. Not eating sugars and carbs must be really difficult. I'll check out your recipes thanks! (garlic knots sound so good right now :b)
  5. Lol, No one said we all need to go vegan. I said "I have been thinking about going vegan since about march" from this information I have found over the past few months and did anyone have tips for me. I also never exaggerated anything, I reworded what the article said "WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION did research and actually classifies processed meat as a "GROUP 1 CARCINOGEN" right next to CIGARETTES." Also, I mentioned how I watch these documentaries skeptically because I know they are bias but everything they said made sense. Also I looked up the articles/research they mentioned seem legitimate and peer reviewed. I never got "too upset" I was just shocked and thought maybe others would want to know about the new information. I was literally just asking for helpful tips from others about going vegan while being gluten free.
  6. Hello everyone! I haven't been on the forum in awhile hope everyone is doing well! After about almost 3 months of being gluten free I'm finally feeling quite a bit better. I have so much more energy and just a better outlook on life. I'd say my good days are finally outweighing the bad! So I had question (I wasn't exactly sure which topic to classify it as though). Is anyone on here a vegan as well as being gluten free? I have been really getting into eating healthy and working out and I've been watching many documentaries on food. Almost all the ones I've watched say a plant based diet is really the best route to go. So I had been thinking about going Vegan since about March I'd say, I for the most part, am almost a vegetarian (meat is like an occasion). After watching another health/food documentary last night called "What the Health?" on netflix it really made me want to go vegan. In the doc. they explain how the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION did research and actually classifies processed meat as a "GROUP 1 CARCINOGEN" right next to CIGARETTES!!! They also explain all the cancer, diabetes, and heart disease risks that go along with animal products and how genetics only really play a role about 5% of the time. Now believe me I go into these shows open minded but skeptical since I know there's a lot of bias information out there but this documentary really blew me away. I have a decent background in science (having a bs in animal science pre-vet studies) and everything they say makes scientific sense (to me at least). How would one go about even being vegan if there is so many grains we cant have? Is there anyone out there thats done this? Thanks in advance!
  7. Yes! Well I was. I ran out so I need to buy more but I do think it was helping. Thanks for reminding me to get more!
  8. Also another note. I did drink alcohol on saturday - the juice was gluten free I know- I drank New Amsterdam Mango vodka. I noticed for the past 5 or so months the next day after drinking I have a horrible hangover. Could this still be the hangover? * I decided to add this bit because I just read someone else posted this weekend about their alcohol reactions which are the same I get. I wonder if it's related to the whole celiac thing or a coincidence?
  9. Hey guys. These last two days anything I eat makes me want to vomit. Yesterday I was so sick with uncontrollable diarrhea and I felt nauseous all day with really bad stomach pain/cramping. I also had a Drs appt (unrelated to celiac) and my blood pressure was through the roof. Today anything I eat makes me want to vomit. Can this be part of a recovery? Why is eating making me sick? I woke up feeling relatively fine ate breakfast today 2 organic eggs, spinach, raspberries, cashews, and coffee with almond milk than had horrible diarrhea. I was able to get some work done but by 3pm I needed to lay down for a nap I was exhausted. I passed out for TWO HOURS (mind you I slept 9 last night). I made chicken, asparagus, and a beet salad for dinner and now I feel sick again. I dont know if my insides are just not reacting well to food or where the cross contamination could be coming from?!?! This is so frustrating because I feel like I may be improving and now this. I know its only been a month but I feel like I keep hitting road blocks. Yesterday was just really rough and I had this deep in the stomach anxiety/wanna cry feeling. I just want to start feeling better and someone who really understand this.
  10. KathleenH


    thanks guys =]
  11. Hey all. So today I was trying to figure out a nice place for me to study and my "go to" places are always starbucks or panera. Panera is kind of out of the question because I'm afraid of airborne flour. So I was wondering is there any safe coffee options at starbucks? I looked on the website for allergy information but I feel like there's so much room for cross contamination. Is there any safe coffee there? I prefer flavored coffees and I prefer coconut milk. I feel like I cant trust a lot of the online information because they all look like they are talking about people who are fad dieting and not wanting to eat gluten not people with a real disease/allergy to it. I feel like I cant really go there and study if I dont purchase something. Thanks again!
  12. Haha todays cheat day and I cant decide if i want pizza or mac and cheese lmao oh the struggle.
  13. Ive seen that one at stop and shop I'll have to give it a try!
  14. Good to know! I have one near me! Their pizza is yummy too.