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  1. I finally caved and tried Daura 2 weeks ago. I miss beer like crazy, and now that summer is here I was really craving a cold 'normal tasting' beer. glutened. As much as I wanted to believe it was celiac safe it definitely (and very sadly) is not. I read many online threads to weigh the risk before trying it out and there were reports of some celiacs having no reaction - I really think the people who don't react to it are the less sensitive ones (or asymptomatic ones) but the gluten is likely damaging them internally. I'm gonna stick to Bard's, Nickel Brook, and my new fav - Schnitzer Brau. All do the trick and are available in Toronto!
  2. JesLin

    Gluten & mental/emotional effects

    I can completely relate! The horrible mental effects that I have been living with for years is the absolute worst side effect of eating gluten, HANDS DOWN. Worse than the endless tummy aches, worse than the constant diarrhea, worse than the week long migraines, worse than the daily fatigue and body pain.... I honestly though there was something seriously wrong with me and hated my life because of how I felt mentally. I always felt like I was drowning, not in control of my thoughts, trapped in some unexplained misery. My head was always so cloudy, and I was mad because I always felt so slow and stupid. I would feel so lethargic and sad and empty while at the same time be raging inside, wanting to rip out of my own skin. I was mean, terrible, would snap at the people closest to me for no good reason and just felt like I hated everyone and everything. Think of how crappy you feel when you have a terrible cold and flu - I felt that crappy, but mentally. Some days were really bad, some were mild. I always thought it was because I was getting a migraine, or because I had a migraine, or because I had just overcome a migraine, because I didn't sleep well, because....always a random reason to justify why we have all these weird unrelated symptoms before we get diagnosed. I'm happy to say that I have been gluten-free for about 2 months now and though I am not symptom free, the first thing that improved was my mood. I no longer feel foggy and miserable. For the first time in years, my head is clear, I can actually think, and I feel positive and like I am in control of what's going on in my head. I don't hate the world. I don't spend every day bawled up on the corner of the couch depressed and angry. The release of these horrible symptoms is enough to never make me want to cheat, no matter what I have to miss out on. So insane how a little minuscule amount of a stupid protein can wreck such havoc.
  3. I was just diagnosed in March and I totally feel you. I'm having a hard enough time with determining which lip glosses are safe, let alone all my face products etc. I feel like this 'grey area' is the biggest annoyance with Celiac. So many foods/cosmetics I thought were safe after reading the ingredient list are actually not safe at all! One website says it's safe, one says its not. All these unfamiliar ingredients and even after googling term after term still so many grey areas!! I'm sure in time it gets easier and second nature and you learn by trial and error but holy this constant uncertainty is super annoying haha.
  4. Hi guys! I'm newly diagnosed (just over a month ago) and before my diagnosis booked a trip to Nepal and Tibet - both of which are bound to be super NOT gluten free and likely not gluten aware. I know when travelling elsewhere it is recommended to get fresh produce etc from the grocery store and bring your own food. However, grocery store shopping will be next to impossible (in Tibet especially - I will be on a small tour driving through some very remote places!) and though Nepal may be slightly easier, I think it will be a challenge. I am fine to bring my own staples but note this trip is backpacking style and I will have barely enough room for (non-food) necessities so I unfortunately cannot bring an extra suitcase filled with food. I also doubt I will have access to microwaves for the Tibet portion of the trip. Can anyone offer the following advice: - have any of you traveled to these places or somewhere similar and how did you manage? - with limited space what would be the best staples to bring/what will stretch the farthest but take up the least space (I'm thinking a big bag of gluten-free oats? should be easy to get boiling water in most places) - CC issue is gonna be huge but what do you think is the safest bet to eat in this part of the world? Should I just live off steamed rice for the two weeks and take lots of vitamins and hope I can survive with the lack of nutrients? I'll try and add safe fruit and veg at every chance I get obviously.. (Note: fresh veggies are very scarce in Tibet - main diet it dumplings/momos, rice and yak meat - I assume the meat has a high chance of being marinated in unsafe soy sauce) - are there any pills/supplements/natural remedies to help me cope if I do get glutened (which is likely)? I heard of GliadinX - anyone have success with this? Also thinking maybe this would be a good time to invest in a Nima? Thank you so much! Any advice will be really helpful! (Also, please no comments on how I should cancel the trip, how getting glutened once will re-damage my intestines, how I should pack less clothes to fit more safe food etc! I know there is no beating Celiac and all the crappy consequences to eating gluten (I've been addicted to this website since getting diagnosed and have learned so much from you guys!) and that this is probably the worst vacation for a celiac lol. But this trip has been a life dream of mine and we actually booked it in lieu of having a wedding so for this reason I can't (won't) cancel it I know I'm taking a huge risk and many would disagree with my decision but please positive comments on how I can be best prepared and reduce the risk/reduce the symptoms will be really appreciated!) Thanks Jes
  5. Hi all! I am new to this Ceilac thing and am so thankful for this site! I was diagnosed just this week and have since been reading post after post trying to comprehend the road ahead of me. Like others when newly diagnosed, I am actually happy since I now have an answers to all of my health problems that have been running my life the past 10 years! But I am also really really sad that I will have to change my eating habits so drastically - I think I am in the mourning/denial stage right now. Of course I will do it - health comes first! But still very sad. My biggest question/concern centers around eating out/travelling. I am fine to skip the bun, get the gluten free pasta, order a salad without dressing and eat out a whole lot less but this whole cross contamination thing is making my head run in circles! I understand that even the slightest trace of gluten is harmful for a Celiac. I know that if there is gluten in the kitchen and the restaurant doesn't have strict rules surrounding the handling of gluten free items I could be in for some trouble. I have read in some posts that some Celiac's won't eat the potatoes in a breakfast joint cooked on the same grill as the pancakes whereas other Celiac's are fine with it. I have seen other posts and blogs where Celiac's eat out quite regularly and celebrate when a 'regular' resto has gluten free options (tho I am sure that many of those places don't guarantee or even try to avoid cross contamination!). I feel like since cc is such an issue for a Celiac then we can logically never ever eat out unless at a strictly gluten free place. So does this diagnosis mean I can never eat out again?? Never attend a wedding and eat the dinner? Never attend a work event? I am fine with a restricted diet but seeing as though I may never be able to eat at a social function again is what is really making this hard. Am I safe to eat out and just order a salad all the time (no dressing) or is this also a risk? Can I pick the veggies off my plate at a social event or is this a cc risk? Do I never step food in a regular restaurant again? Can I ever take a vacation again? Are Celiac's able to travel? Language barriers and cultural differences would make cc avoidance impossible! All these things are making me feel like this disease will have me under house arrest :/ Help!