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  1. I finally caved and tried Daura 2 weeks ago. I miss beer like crazy, and now that summer is here I was really craving a cold 'normal tasting' beer. Andddddd...got glutened. As much as I wanted to believe it was celiac safe it definitely (and very sadly) is not. I read many online threads to weigh the risk before trying it out and there were reports of some celiacs having no reaction - I really think the people who don't react to it are the less sensitive ones (or asymptomatic ones) but the gluten is likely damaging them internally. I'm gonna stick to Bard's, Nickel Brook,
  2. I can completely relate! The horrible mental effects that I have been living with for years is the absolute worst side effect of eating gluten, HANDS DOWN. Worse than the endless tummy aches, worse than the constant diarrhea, worse than the week long migraines, worse than the daily fatigue and body pain.... I honestly though there was something seriously wrong with me and hated my life because of how I felt mentally. I always felt like I was drowning, not in control of my thoughts, trapped in some unexplained misery. My head was always so cloudy, and I was mad because I always felt so slo
  3. I was just diagnosed in March and I totally feel you. I'm having a hard enough time with determining which lip glosses are safe, let alone all my face products etc. I feel like this 'grey area' is the biggest annoyance with Celiac. So many foods/cosmetics I thought were safe after reading the ingredient list are actually not safe at all! One website says it's safe, one says its not. All these unfamiliar ingredients and even after googling term after term still so many grey areas!! I'm sure in time it gets easier and second nature and you learn by trial and error but holy this constant unc
  4. Hi guys! I'm newly diagnosed (just over a month ago) and before my diagnosis booked a trip to Nepal and Tibet - both of which are bound to be super NOT gluten free and likely not gluten aware. I know when travelling elsewhere it is recommended to get fresh produce etc from the grocery store and bring your own food. However, grocery store shopping will be next to impossible (in Tibet especially - I will be on a small tour driving through some very remote places!) and though Nepal may be slightly easier, I think it will be a challenge. I am fine to bring my own staples but note this t
  5. Hi all! I am new to this Ceilac thing and am so thankful for this site! I was diagnosed just this week and have since been reading post after post trying to comprehend the road ahead of me. Like others when newly diagnosed, I am actually happy since I now have an answers to all of my health problems that have been running my life the past 10 years! But I am also really really sad that I will have to change my eating habits so drastically - I think I am in the mourning/denial stage right now. Of course I will do it - health comes first! But still very sad. My biggest question/concern
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