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  1. Thanks, I'm very glad to go back to gluten-free. I was lucky I did not need to eat it very long to prep. And yeah......
  2. Thanks everyone. Got the endoscopy today showing mild villous blunting. Biopsy results in 5-7 days.
  3. Update: for most accurate results, I am eating one piece of white wheat bread a day and am hating the symptoms. Less...
  4. I'm not really sure what causes it, but I know mine get better after I go running.
  5. Update: Gemini, you were right! I went to the GI doctor today. I'm still getting scoped to check out the damage (but...
  6. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's skin causing her pain. If you haven't yet, take her to a dermatologist, it could...
  7. Hi everyone, Due to poor bone health and high blood work, I am suspected to have Celiac's (a few more weeks and...
  8. marren27

    Travel to Norway

    If Norway is anything like its next-door neighbor, Sweden, you should be OK. My relatives were recently in a smaller...
  9. Waitwhathm, great to hear you are finding some products--cool that you found chicken like that! Kudos to you being proactive...
  10. marren27

    A happy update!

    Happy news to hear of your daughter's drastic improvements! You must be a proud mom!
  11. Thanks Gemini--you're right, I told a doctor a few years ago I had issues sometimes with wheat and they blew it off and...
  12. marren27

    Moscow, Russia

    Thank you Gemini! I'll look through these. I had already bought my plane ticket so I went for it!
  13. cyclinglady, great idea. I find the people here are generally helpful (they just don't understand cross contamination...
  14. marren27

    Too much sugar?

    If you're ok with some sugar from vegetables, carrots and Bolthouse Farms blue cheese yogurt dressing is one of my favorite...
  15. And any other replacement suggestions are appreciated! I'm looking through the coping forums for ideas.