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  1. Test result help ??

    Thanks both! I have cut it out again .... I don't think I can face another challenge! I will try to be as strict as possible and see if I improve over the next month or so while waiting for gi and let that be my diagnosis. Just really grateful for the internet and googling as this process has been realtivy short. Relieved the numbness seems controllable - just need to get the gi symptoms together
  2. Hallo could anyone help interpreting these results?? I know everyone on here must get asked this question a lot... so sorry to repeat! They appear negative but I understand they can often be misleading, especially after only a two week gluten challenge (since being gluten free for a month prior) - I wasn't gluten free for very long so would that still produce a false negative??? Results are: tissue transglutaminase igG level = negative tissue transglutaminase igA level = 1.6 U/mol There doesn't seem to be a normal reference rate or the full panel of tests others refer to... my symptoms were numbness in hands, face and legs since Jan. Gave up gluten and sugar in February and the numbness went away but gi problems which were not very noticeable before increased. After one month gluten free, I completed 2 week gluten challenge and at the ends of two weeks was noticeably worse gi wise. That's was three weeks ago and still feel like I am not improving :(. Doctor has referred me for a gastro but any encouragement that it still could be gluten would be welcome. Thanks for for you help xxx
  3. Thank you for the alien reference that made me laugh much needed! Yes it's hard not to tailspin into anxiety when I thought I had the numbness covered. Managed to convince myself I have ms so now I'm just prepped to fear the worst . Mornings always seem particularly bad for some reason. i will have a look at magnesium... I have been taking vitamin d which I understand can lower magnesium levels so will have an explore. Its been a week since I had gluten so I'm hoping my symptoms will calm down soon! Prevoisly while gluten free I was just avoiding the obvious but still having dairy so very possible that explains why I was still feeling worse. Thanks everyone for the support. It's tricky not to feel like I'm losing my marbles. X
  4. Do you know how you react to refined sugar? I have had very similar experience, started noticing numbness which spread, with low/ normal blood levels. Giving up refined sugar and gluten removed all numbness after about three weeks. Now if I eat something sweet by accident I feel it almost immediately in my mouth I'm still trying to explore what, if any, relationship this has to gluten. Xx
  5. Hello everyone, I'm hoping you can help with making me less anxious about possibly having bowel cancer. any information would be very helpful. around Christmas I noticed numbness in my face which spread to my hands and legs as well as a sense of dizziness. There was also increased gi problems mainly with bloating but this wasn't bad enough to make me go to the doctor as a primary concern and I didn't think to mention it. I had a general blood count and vitamin blood test which came back normal apart from low iron ferritin level 11 and was referred to neurologist and have had an MRI - awaiting results. After googling, the numbness subsided following giving up sugar and gluten, & taking a low mtivitin since mid Feb. Which is great but HOWEVER the gi issues have continued- feeling very constipated since giving up gluten /so that I can only pass very small, sometimes pencil thin stools or d which was often green and slimey in colour. I have recently completed a two week gluten challenge for a celiac blood test and didn't notice a dramatic change in gi symptoms when eating gluten again. Possibly bloating / constipation returning more vigorously but no immediate obvious reaction when eating gluten rich foods. UNTILL the last day of the challenge My gi problems are intense. I feel constipated but can only pass d. Like my insides are swollen. ?? Have been feeling these intense symptoms for five days with no gluten. Usually worse at night where I wake up sweating. Im worried this is just showing increasing bowl problems irrespective of gluten which means it could be cancer positves are: I have had half the second blood test results back and since giving up gluten / sugar my iron is up slightly To ferryin = 17 and numbness hasn't returned which is good. I also have historically always been low on iron/ skinny kid/ problems with anxiety ( you may be able to tell!) and headaches, which looking back fits with a gluten sensitivity. Im not sure where sugar fits it but the numbness seems to return more dramatically / instantaneously If i have any refined sugar. is it possible I'm just having a delayed reaction to the gluten challenge? And I still had gi problems after giving gluten up as my body was adjusting to different diet? Has anyone else first identified a problem with gluten following numbness rather than gi issues mainly. Othet postives are i feel like I put on weight during not eating gluten, I haven't noticed blood in my stools, no marked abdominal pain. possibly an increased feeling of swelling im the upper left hand side ( maybe I'm just paranoid) I have been to the doc and she couldn't feel and lumps / tenderness. the doctor wants to waiting until celiac bloodtest results are back before referring me to a gastro but I'm scared to wait and I feel increasingly weak. My only symptom really regards cancer is increasingly actute gi problems over the last 4 months but I'm still very worried so any thoughts gratefully received. I'm 30 years old, female. Thanks everyone fiona