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  1. I still get pins and needles in both my hands and feet on a regular basis and I've been gluten-free for 13 yrs. I'm on B-12 shots and my GI doc is monitoring everything else. I'm healed as much as I'll ever be so, I guess, this is something I'll die with. Hope you don't end up in the same boat.
  2. I've been using shared utensils, pots and pans and dishes for the past 14 yrs and haven't had a problem. I wash by hand and make sure they are squeaky. Forget what I just read, I will never feel safe with any of those scenarios
  3. Cycling Lady is correct and I'd like to add that before I was diagnosed I had a malignant melanoma on my leg and was lucky enough to catch it early. 6 yrs later I was so anemic my doc thought I was bleeding internally. Nope Celiac Disease. I consider gluten to be poisonous to my body. Why would I intentionally poison my body? Good luck. Hope you can figure it all out.
  4. I took a statin for 3 months but had to stop because it felt like a truck hit me and I couldn't wake up. I have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol. My triglycerides are so high right now they can't even measure my LDL. I exercise, eat healthy but eat a lot of red meat. We hunt and the meat is very lean. I refuse to give up eating meat. Giving up good bread and pizza was enough for me. That's my high cholesterol story.
  5. I had plenty of childhood trauma (molested by father at age 4 and more). I have severe constipation now. I had anorexia as a teen. Yup, I'm a walking celiac diagnosis. I even quit smoking around the time my doc thinks I developed Celiac. Yikes.
  6. I have mucus problems, too. I've had it most of my life. I was diagnosed in 06 and still have mucus in my stool at varying times. Definitely when I'm cc'd. If you have a GI doc you could give them a sample or ask about a colonoscopy. My doctor doesn't seem to think it's anything to worry about.
  7. Chex cereals have never made me sick and I've been eating them for years. gluten-free Multi grain cheerios on the other hand made me vomit twice.
  8. Thanks for the warning. I started reading EVERYTHING, produce included, once Trump won the election. I don't even trust bags of lettuce or spinach. I know I'm being paranoid but better safe than hugging the toilet. ?
  9. I am having the same problem right now. I can't eat and when I do my abdomen bloats and I don't know why. It doesn't matter what I eat or drink. I also burp, or try to, a lot.
  10. I just Googled it and an unfertilized egg is a byproduct of the chicken. Not meat, dairy, vegetable or whatever. Avoid the cholesterol and eat more whites but otherwise, an egg is an egg.
  11. Hi Meg, Your symptoms sound like mine before I was diagnosed except for the weight loss. My doctor thought I was bleeding internally I was so anemic. My advice would be to keep eating gluten, get the full celiac blood panel and go from there. They did a colonoscopy on me in 2006 and it was clean so while I was still out they did an endoscope biopsy and found my villi were flat and I was getting very little nutrients from my food. I still have a little inflammation and have been diagnosed with other afflictions but knowing I had Celiac was a blessing and a curse. You sound prepared t
  12. I would kill for a thick gluten free pizza crust. Every crust is thin, watery and tasteless. If there is a thick gluten-free crust out there, please let me know!
  13. I have neuropathy. Mine is worse with cold. My hands and toes get so bad I cry. I don't know what to do to make it better but just wanted you to know you aren't alone. I hate feeling alone with this disease.
  14. I agree. Never buy Great Value anything that you eat. Their diced tomatoes even have wheat in them. Make sure you check every label. I've been reading every label of everything I buy so I don't get contaminated and I never eat anything that was processed someplace that also processes wheat. Don't believe Cheerios either. They make a lot of Celiacs sick. I got really sick when I ate Multi grain cheerios that were supposedly gluten free.
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