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  1. Talk to the tour company operator about the tour and your dietary restrictions. They may have already encountered the issue and know how to take care of it. See if you can get in touch with the actual tour guide via email before hand too. It helps immensely. Take gluten-free bars like Kind bars and don't arrive at any meal hungry. Not being hungry makes it easier to be careful when selecting food.
  2. After all this testing and different diagnoses that have not helped you, I think you should take control and this point and find out if gluten is the culprit. I am not a medical person of any sort but had the pleasure of ending 10 years of misery involving rashes and hives by accidentally going gluten free by going on the Atkins diet. There is nothing to stop you from trying a gluten free diet for 3-4 months or longer to see if your symptoms start to clear up. I also did not have what would be classified as classic celiac symptoms. But when I went gluten free in 2002, there was not much inf
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